The Significance of Sujit Choudhry’s Research in Comparative Law

Comparative law is one of the most important units of law, and it has been focused on examining various legal systems that are used across the globe. The discipline is focused finding the similarities and differences between the laws of different nations. Researchers in the sector have been working to determine how the legal systems of various countries connect to each other. The field has been studying different law structures that already exist, and they are common law, Hindu law, civil law, Jewish law, Islamic law, socialist law and Chinese law. Comparative law is made up of sections that deal with constitutions, business organizations, criminal activity, and administration. Understanding and unifying the laws of various countries is necessary since the world is dynamic and several international communications and interactions are involved.  Continue to read on

The study of comparative law has significantly assisted in bettering economic globalization, internationalism, and democratization. Individuals who have majored in the field have always been striving to ensure that the laws of various nations across the globe work efficiently. The discipline ensures that legal systems that are used across the world are harmonized. The efforts that have been made in the field have greatly assisted in simplifying activities such interactions and business. Comparative law will be essential in unifying laws in various countries, and therefore, multinational enterprises will be able to function without breaking laws of foreign nations. Harmonizing laws will also help in bettering how people different parts of the globe interact with each other.

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Sujit Choudhry is among the internationally recognized law scholars. He has majored in comparative law and has conducted a lot of research in the sector. Choudhry has a degree in arts, which he was awarded from the University of Oxford. He pursued his law degree at the University of Toronto and later got his masters in law at the Harvard Law School. Sujit Choudhry is highly informed on the legal sector, and this made the University of Oxford name him as a ‘Rhodes Scholar.’ He works at the University of California as a law professor. Choudhry was one of the founders of the Center for Constitutional Transitions and has been serving the organization as a Faculty Director.  Read more on

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The law expert has been actively carrying out research in the sector, and he has made several publications on his work. The studies that Sujit has been conducting have been based Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. He has been striving to ensure that communities across the globe interact in a diplomatic manner.  More on


EOS vs Chapstick

There are several different options for lip balm but there are a few things that have stood out through the years. You may be wondering what EOS has done to catch up to Chapstick and even surpass it.

What Chapstick does Right

Chapstick is a brand that has been around for a long time. They used to be what people thought of when they had chapped lips. Now when you look at the brand, it really hasn’t changed. They have made a name for themselves and kept their brand on top. They don;t have the best things in them. They usually have something simple like wax as most of the stick itself. That is why it may not help you heal your lips. Chapstick is great for those that want to keep lips from chapping, but if you are dealing with already chapped lips, then you might want to look at EOS lip balm.

What EOS Does Right

EOS lip Balm Company has a lot going for them. They have a great brand that is soft and that has more than just a couple of flavors. This way when something happens to the lips, EOS can most likely heal it. If you have chapped lips already, then EOS is great to help you heal them. It has Shea Butter in it and that is what keeps the lips feeling soft and better.

You should take your time and find the right one for your needs. You should try both and see how they feel on your lips. You may have used chapstick in the past, but you want something that will help your lips to feel better. That is where EOS can help. It has some great ingredients for your needs. You should give them a try and see what you think. EOS products are available on Walmart and other retail outlets nationwide. You might be surprised with. EOS.


Robert Santiago Model of Success

Robert Santiago is a multitalented and passionate go-getter. He has produced over 9 films, 27 books, and ten theaters. He has worked as a film director, Spanish writer, and playwright. Robert attended Complutense University where he studied Image and Sound. He has also earned a degree in literary creation from the School of Letters of Madrid. Robert has a long history in directing films, which makes him a highly experienced icon in the world of film. He started his career in 1999 where he directed the film called Roulette. He also came up with another classic film that brought him, even more, fame from across the world. The film Happy Men made it to the Spanish Premier Festival in 2001. His screenplay labeled the longest penalty in the world also attracted more than one million viewership. He has also directed other films such as the club of suicides, at the end of the way, are you there and the harvest.

Robert has also touched the hearts of many through his creative mind and passion. He has worked tirelessly to ensure every piece of work he puts together brings a clear message to the society. He has remained creative in the ideas he selects about his films. The idea has seen him attract the sponsorship of Unicef due to the El sueno de Ivan film he released. Over the years he has also produced content worth the attention of television stations. Robert has previously made humor programs, which has increased his popularity.


Nurturing Novelist

Over the years of exercising his talent and passion, Robert Santiago has written books for children and the youth. His focus is to nurture them to understand different aspects of life when they are still young. The different collections for young people include; the thief of lies, Jon and machine fear, the world according to Claudio, and Alexandra and the seven test. As a best-selling author in Spain, his books have been translated into different languages to serve the demands of the people.

Investment Portfolio

Robert is the owner of Manaira Shopping center in Brazil located in Joao pessoa. It is the largest commercial place and mall in Brazil. It started in 1989 and it was later expanded in 2013. It has a food court, 8 cinemas, gym, banking halls, college, golf strike and a park where parents can relax with their children during a weekend out. It has a space that can hold eight thousand people. The shopping complex has also been used for different events and exhibitions.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Thorough Research

The work Mikhail Blagosklonny has done regarding target cancer therapies has allowed people to go into environments and situations where cancer patients did not feel like they could go in the past.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has helped people learn about different aspects of cancer and how it advances with age. Why do cells die and how do you differentiate between good cells and bad cells? These are the crucial matters that Mikhail Blagosklonny learned about at the University of Saint Petersburg. He is part of the editorial board for Cell Death and Differentiation.

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Through his scientific research, Mikhail Blagosklonny believed that aging and cancer resulted from TOR signaling, which in the cell metabolism is a central regulator. Drugs such as rapamycin could treat aging and help a person live a longer life in the future. During treatments that are diagnosed, healthy cells would not be damaged but cancer cells would be. This method was tested in animal lab reports.

How can cells be shaped in a proper direction to make sure patients are happy and healthy? How can cells able to handle different long term treatment? Cell Cycle is a peer reviewed journal that people can gain a wide variety of crucial information. A quality publisher like this benefits from the work of Mikhail Blagosklonny, as we try to see where the future of treatments is headed.

Scholars all over the world would benefit from this research as they learn about how diet can have an impact on cell formation and potential duplication.

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UKV PLC Is The Wine Supplier Of Choice For High-End Wines

UKV PLC is a wine company in the United Kingdom which supplies high-end, investment grade wines that are very hard to its customers. UKV PLC is headquartered in Croydon, Surrey and maintains a retail space in London. The company is also privately held.

UKV PLC is not tied to any one particular supply chain so they are able to obtain wines that others sellers simply don’t have access to. The wine they sell can be used either for drinking or held as an investment asset, for which UKV PLC offers brokerage services for. The company also employs a team of fine wine consultants who can meet with clients either at the London location or at the clients home or office. These wine consultants are well versed in wine and can guide their clients to the most appropriate wine or champagne that best fits what the client has in mind for it.

UKV PLC maintains a large selection of luxury, high-end bottled wines and champagnes. Among the bottles and prices they offer are a Dom Perignon 2002 at £1175, a Lafite Rothschild at £7350, a Margaux 2009 for £7200, and a Mouton Rothschild for £6000. UKV PLC is able to source from the very best vineyards in France, Spain, and Italy.

UKV PLC maintains a social media presence, and keep their Facebook page fresh with new content on a regular basis. The articles that they write or link to are meant to educate and entertain their clients with wine facts and opinions. Some of their latest articles include the “14 Surprising Health Benefits of Wine”, “Wine Tasting Tips from a Seasoned Veteran”, and an article on how to assemble a wine gadget box for all wine accessories.

Whitney Wolfe Makes Dating Online Fun

Whitney Wolfe knows that innovation is going to be the best way for her to build a successful app. She has been able to successfully bring an app like Bumble into the mainstream because she focused on something different. She wanted to put some time into creating an app that was going to get the attention of women.

The great thing about Whitney Wolfe is that she is not afraid to take risks. She decided to add a Snapchat like feature to her Bumble app in 2017. This is something that is going to give her even more of an edge in the dating app world. What she has been able to do thus far is give people the ability to make connections quickly through the Bumble app. She implemented a 24-hour period for matches to come together once a woman decides to respond to a message. This was already something that was new and innovative, but Whitney Wolfe is taking things even father with this SnapChat type of feature call the wheel.

“The founder of a popular dating app wants to see more people committing the ‘ultimate sin’ in romance”

This is what makes Whitney Wolfe such a great CEO for Bumble. She is someone that has stepped into the dating app world and instantly realized that it was too routine. There were no differences between most of the apps that were out there. So many executives would create new dating platforms but there was never any marketing expertise put in place to differentiate one app from another. That may be the thing that has led Bumble to gain the attention of more than 10 million users. Whitney Wolfe knows how to conduct business and bring this app into a place where it actually shows that it is different from other applications in the dating app industry. Whitney Wolfe has actually made the concept of dating fun.




Tips From A Party Planner On Hosting A Stress-Free Event

Hosting an event is supposed to be fun rather than stressful, and you do not want the tasks that come with hosting a event to feel overwhelming. This is why a professional party planner is sharing several secrets to hosting a stress-free event.


Make Lists: Stay organized by making a shopping list, guest list and to-do list for your event. It is best to update the list throughout the planning process, from adding supplies to crossing off tasks.


Come Up With A Theme: It is easier shop for supplies, decorations and even food when you are basing it on a theme. A theme sets the tone and increases the festive vibe of your event.


Mail Out Invitations: Mailing out your invitations instead of sending them online is a great way to set the mood for your event. Your guests are sure to feel excited when they receive their invitation in the mail. You can use pre-made invitations or create your own with card stock.


Keep The Tables Simple: You do not have to go overboard with your table settings to make a splash. Handwritten place cards, colorful napkins or natural elements are just enough for your tables.


Serve Simple Appetizers: You can also keep it simple by serving appetizers to your guests. The appetizers may include cherry tomatoes with basil, bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella or toasted pita wedges with hummus. Your guests are sure to enjoy sampling the different flavors at your event.


When hosting a party becomes overwhelming, it is best to hire a professional event planning company such as Twenty Three Layers. You can find the company right in New York City, just steps from the Ground Zero Museum Workshop. The team has been planning successful events since January of 2011.


Twenty Three Layers specializes in planning, design and production for various events, from gorgeous weddings to corporate banquets. The services include printing the invitations, building a menu, taking photographs and selecting the venue. The company also offers branding, production and workshops.


It is easier to plan an event when you get organized, keep it simple and enlist in help when you need it.


The Concept of Comparative Law

One of the tenets of law is universality. People argue that the notion of human equality demands that there be a set of standard rules and regulations guiding the conducts of all human beings. But this is not possible. Equality is disillusioned for it presupposes that all men are the same. Men are defined by varying social, political, economic, as well as cultural systems. As such, people are characterized by varying legal system that governs their mode of operations.

Legal experts on the contrary argue that equity acknowledges the natural tendencies of human differences. This means that equity proposes independent and fair treatment of each and every person. Comparative law emanates from this argument. It recognizes the varying legal systems of each country and the importance of rationally comparing these systems.

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Comparative law mainly entails studying differences and similarities between laws and legal systems of different states. It involves deep analysis of the constitutive elements of different legal systems, how these systems differ from one another, and more importantly how these constitutive elements fold into a working system devoid of legal crisis. Comparative law has developed several sub-disciplines, each drawing great interest from different scholars. The branches include Comparative Constitutional Law, Comparative Criminal Law, Comparative Administrative Law, Comparative Civil Law, and Comparative Commercial Law. From these branches, one would say that comparative law is complete for it offers all round comparison between laws governing different states. In its comparison, this law traverses all the components of human life that require legal protection.


Purpose is what drives a good law, and so is comparative law. Comparative law is mainly purposed to provide a deeper understanding of the legal systems in scrutiny. The comparison may also be directed towards finding a common ground for unification of the legal systems under question. But whichever the purpose, all one needs to understand is the importance of human differences and varying legal systems.  Read related article here


Comparing international legal systems is not a lackluster endeavor. That’s why internationally recognized authorities are exclusively mandated to delve in comparative law. Sijut Choudhry is one of the highly recognized individuals that command such authority. He is an internationally recognized authority on comparative constitutional law.


Professor Sujit Choudhry is the Dean and Professor of Law at Berkeley law. He is also the Faculty director of the Center for constitutional Transition- a global expert body in constitutional matters. He has law degrees from Oxford, Harvard and Toronto universities.

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Salerno Protective Services Perfect Example Of Online Reputation Tarnished In A Day

Many businesses take on a laissez-faire approach when it comes to their online reputation, not giving it a second thought. That method all came crumbling down for a uniformed security company, located in New Hampshire. According to the Concord Monitor, Salerno Protective Services terminated one of its employees last week — Lamar Austin — and upon hearing from the fired employee, the world wide web responded — negatively.

Apparently, Austin who was not scheduled to work, was called in to take the spot of another employee, however, Austin’s pregnant wife was on baby watch. He was fired by text message from Salerno Protective Services for choosing the birth of his son over his job. Within days, the internet posted numerous ratings on Yelp and Facebook.

We’ve seen it before. The online reputation of a company slammed because of something an employee, customer, or bitter rival posted. Whether it’s true or not, negative postings turn nothing into something pretty quickly. So what should a business do about a tarnished name? There are a list of items a business can perform to repair their name, yet it’s tedious and most organizations end up hiring a reputation management company. However, if you’re looking to tackle this project on your own, start by posting news that’s informative to the web.

News For A Tarnished Reputation

Writing news that’s relevant is only the first part to cleaning up your reputation. The second part to that newsworthy info is optimizing it for the web, more commonly known as SEO. When planning your content make sure you consider not only the user who will search for your content, but the search engines as well.

Public Relations to repair an online reputation can be time-consuming, especially for a novice. And creating content that compels the user to click and read is even more of a challenge. While not impossible, following the proper techniques and processes are terribly difficult. The good news is, when it’s done methodically and effectively, the first page of Google can be yours.


Julie Zuckerberg – A Talent Acquisition Virtuoso

In an age of cutthroat competition across various sectors and industries, Julie Zuckerberg has managed to shine brightly among the many talent recruiters out there. Currently, Julie is employed as an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. At Deutsche Bank, she is responsible for laying the outlines and provisions for various talent recruitment procedures of companies. Her work has led to a number of collaborations with various companies across different sectors. She has worked in industries which deal with finance, asset management, technology and global communications.


At Deutsche Bank, she is also responsible for handling the negotiations of various agreements and is involved with the managerial and high-level activities of the company. She advises the executive committees of the company regarding the measures to be taken while recruiting.


Julie currently leads her own team of expert recruiters who undertake the tasks of on-site recruitments for various companies. Over the years she has had the privilege of working with some of the best professionals in the field. As a person who is always looking for opportunities to grow and expand her knowledge, Julie was able to take these experiences and implement them into her own work, making her what she is today.


Julie Zuckerberg didn’t initially plan to enter the world of recruiting. When in college, Julie pursued a degree in philosophy from the City University of New York. She then decided to seek a major in Law from New York Law School. Her knowledge about the world of talent acquisition is solely based on experience and a keen urge to learn. Julie is also a firm advocate of the research and implementation of technology that can be used to help make recruitment processes more efficient.


Prior to being appointed as a talent acquisition lead, Julie was the executive recruiter for Deutsche Bank. Through her role, she was responsible for the hiring process of various managerial and top level positions in companies across various sectors like Finance, Investments and Risk Management.


With a career spanning over fifteen years, Julie has had a large amount of work experience which has helped shape her career. Before she was employed at Deutsche Bank, she worked as a Corporate Vice President and Recruiting Lead at New York Insurance Company. There she worked with numerous companies and helped out with their recruiting seasons. Before this, she worked as an executive recruiter for Citi.


Through countless instances and demonstrations of her sheer brilliance in her field, Julie has risen to the position as one of the top talent acquisition leads in the country. When she isn’t too busy achieving the goals she sets for herself, Julie focuses her energy on some of her many passions. She is a firm advocator of human rights and believes in helping people from underprivileged portions of society. She also loves partaking in various cultural programs that New York has to offer, as well as standing up for the protection of wildlife and helps out animal shelters in whatever way she can.