Eva Moskowitz Strives to Reform New York City’s Education System

Eva Moskowitz is a committed reformer and a passionate educator. She is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Success Academy. Through Success Academy, Dr. Moskowitz has managed to bring together parents of charter school students across the United States to support education reforms and school events. Eva served at the New York City Council as the education committee chair. This was where she started working towards improving education. Her leadership at the city council earned her recognition countrywide. Eva Moskowitz attended the University Pennsylvania, where she earned her B.A degree. She also holds a doctorate in American History from the Johns Hopkins University.


Dr. Moskowitz has had remarkable success with underprivileged children. Many parents and teachers support Eva Moskowitz‘s work because she fearlessly advocates for high education standard and accountability. Eva once said in an interview that backlashes would not stop her from defending her work. Part of Eva’s goals is to improve the performance and leadership of public schools. She believes that the government, as well as the society, need to work together to give all kids a better education. Eva Moskowitz established her first school in 2006 using the funds she got from donors.


Success Academy includes 34 schools that have more than 11,000 students. The institution ranks highly in terms of performance. It’s a good example of how good leadership can help a school grow and achieve at its bests. In May 2016, Eva Moskowitz was awarded the 2016 Savas Award. The Reason Foundation gave her this award to honor her efforts as an academician and a reformist. After the award ceremony, Moskowitz had an interview with Reason Magazine to discuss the role of the media in education. She also touched on a few things about Success Academy and its leadership.


Eva Moskowitz believes she knows what New York City needs to boost the education sector. That’s why she founded Success Academy. According to Eva, the failures of 20 years ago are still affecting students in the state of New York. So, change cannot come from within the city council’s education committee. Ms. Moskowitz also believes that the best way to help children succeed academically is to develop a robust curriculum.



Dry Food By Beneful For A Playful Puppy

My dog has enjoyed Beneful products since she was a puppy. She is now almost a year old and continues to thrive on the foods and the treats that are offered by the company.

Healthy Puppy Dry Food

We started with the Healthy Puppy dry food. This gave her the support she needed to develop her brain and muscles. I also noticed that her coat was shiny. Farm-raised chicken is used in the food, which is a benefit as I only want her to have the healthiest ingredients. There are also vegetables included with the food, giving her the vitamins and minerals she needs.

Playful Life

Our dog is very playful, and this wet dog food gives her the energy she needs to make it through the day. There is a large amount of protein in the food from beef and whole grains. Eggs and blueberries are also used in the food. The morsels are small, making the food easier for her to eat.

Originals With Beef

Now that she has come out of her playful puppy stage, we have changed her food to the Originals. It is made with beef, peas and carrots. I enjoy giving her the nutritious foods that Beneful has available because I can read the ingredients that are listed on the bag instead of trying to guess at what they say. The food agrees with her stomach, and she seems to be growing at a healthy rate.

Healthy Weight

As my dog gets older, I know she will probably become less active, which means that she could gain weight. I have used this dry food with another dog, and he seemed to maintain his weight instead of gaining. There are fewer calories in this brand than there are in others from the Beneful line. Apples, carrots and peas are among the ingredients.

Todd Lubar: The Real Estate Expert

Todd Lubar graduated from the University of Syracuse in the year 1995 with a degree in speech recognition. It was at that moment when he kicked off his new career in real estate. Todd worked at Crestar Mortgage as a loan originator and acquired the survival skills of a perfect mortgage banking an experience he highly values.

By this time Todd Lubar wanted to know all about the real estate industry, and so he made relationships links with financial planners, CPAs and insurance agents who gave him some managerial skills. In 1999, Lubar accepted an equity position with a legal, financial group that helped him gain more financial lending knowledge that helped him lend loans like the mortgages and even broker loans from outside investors.

By the time Lubar had spent 12 years in the real estate, he had realized that there was a group of some under-served clients and hence, he had the reason to start up a legendary financial firm. By this time, Todd had been involved in more than seven thousand loan lending and real estate transactions hence, he could comfortably lend loans without any risk fears. Later in the year 2007 and 2008, Todd ventured into other businesses such as recycling of scrap metal and commercial demolition. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Todd Lubar serves the legendary investments as the VP and also the president of the TDL Global Ventures. From the year 1977 to 1987. Mr. Lubar attended a school in Washington DC by the name Sidwell Friends School and later went to high school at Peddie high school in Hightstown.

Currently, Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda Maryland with his wife and two children. He values spending time with his wife and children as well as traveling during holidays. Todd’s greatest goal is being better than he was yesterday and adding value to whatever or whoever he comes across. Currently, Lubar is 44 years old and has an estimated wealth income data of around $90k. Mr. Lubar is driven by the spirit to help the people around him and making the world a better place for everyone.

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Sujit Choudhry – Recognized Law Expert

Prof. Sujit Choudhry is an influential contributor to the field of comparative constitutional law. He serves at a number of positions among which is Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law, He has served as Dean at Berkeley – School of Law as well. Among his previous teaching positions are at the New York University where he worked as Professor of Law, and he was also Scholl Chair for the University of Toronto. Check blogs.law.nyu.edu for fresh info.



When it comes to legal research, Prof. Sujit Cho

udhry has studied a variety of the fields in Law but has mostly focused on comparative law and more specifically on comparative constitutional law. He has acquired his reputation of an expert on comparative law due to his successful participation in constitution building. Prof. Sujit Choudhry was an advisor over the long processes of building constitutions for countries such as Nepal, Ukraine, South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and many other nations as well. Open this site.



Prof. Sujit Choudhry has attended many a renowned academic institution over the years. He has earned the degree in the field of Law from the University of Toronto, as well as from the prestigious Oxford University and Harvard University. Prof. Sujit Choudhry was also a Rhodes Scholar. Click works.bepress.com for more.


Read more, https://ideamensch.com/sujit-choudhry/.


Among his many professional highlights in his career is his time serving one of the members of the Supreme Court of Canada – Chief Justice Antonio Lamer. Prof. Sujit Choudhry occupied the position of law clerk few a few years.



Up to date, Prof. Sujit Choudhry has conducted research and has studied a wide variety of topics of Law. He creates bridges between the different topics which allows achieving a better and deeper understanding. Soe of the fields that he has studied include official language policy, bills of rights and proportionality, the smooth transitioning from a violent conflict to peaceful democratic politics, minority and group rights, basic methodological matter in comparative constitutional law, authoritarian to democratic rule and how to have a smooth transition from the first to the second and how to incorporate it into a constitution, etc. There are many other fields that he has studied.



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The Product That Really Does It All

Everyone wants a product that does it all, and WEN Cleansing Conditioner may just be that product. Consumers will be pleased with the all-in-one formula that WEN by Chaz has created. But first, what is a cleansing conditioner?

A cleansing conditioner is meant to essentially replace the traditional shampoo followed by conditioning method of washing. By using a conditioning cleanser, consumers will effectively remove the day-to-day debris and product build up, but will not over dehydrate hair. Not dehydrating the hair is crucial because the natural oils produced by the scalp are by far the most nourishing and hydrating. A conditioning cleanser is meant to preserve these natural oils, and still leave the consumer feeling fresh.

The hairstylist, Chaz Dean, birthed the idea of the conditioning cleanser and created the WEN product line. He did this because he realized how shampooing actually breaks down and weakens hair, causing consumers to have to invest in even more products to try to equalize the damage. So, what is so special about the WEN Conditioning Cleanser in particular?

WEN Hair product has full capability to replace not only the shampoo and conditioner duo, but also any other maintenance hair-care products. This means no more deep conditioners, detangler solutions, or leave-in conditioners! Consumers will be able to cut down the time of their hair-care routine to just the time they’d normally spend in the shower by simply using the 5-in-1 WEN Conditioning Cleanser.

Find more about WEN Hair at http://www.beautyandgroomingtips.com/2017/02/wen-cleansing-conditioners-latest-in-hair-care.html

Your Online Reputation Is Important

Do you have a good online reputation or are you trying to rebuild your online image? What do people see when they search you or your organization online? You can hire online reputation management experts to improve your online presence.

Your reputation is extremely important in today’s business world, where unfavorable or negative reviews can have a damaging impact on your brand image. There are many ways an organization or company may have their credibility or reputation ruined.

Sometimes the negative information is due to product complaints or customer service issue. When a customer complaint occurs, strive to have the matter resolved in a timely manner. Always remember that resolving valid complaints is something is never a waste of time but an activity that may turn the customer into your brand advocate.

Whether you’ve been trying to get rid of a negative review or dealing with a crisis, bad press, or simply want to protect against unexpected obstacles or impending attacks, enlisting the services of qualified online reputation management professionals is the most reliable option for rebuilding and taking control of your online credibility and reputation.

Having a negative information spread out can adversely affect your reputation on the Internet. So, to prevent it, you need to track conversations and get rid of adverse gossips and defamatory remarks.

Apart from guarding against rumors, negative reviews and malicious attacks, there are several other reasons why the services of professionals should be a top priority in your quest for good reputation. First, their services can improve your company’s image, and build trust.

The use of social networking sites has changed tremendously. Although it was designed to encourage networking and connecting with one another, nowadays many people use it express their opinions and experiences about a particular product, service or company.

Reputation management is absolutely essential, and you can hire professionals to help improve it. Reputation management professionals can tailor their approach based on each client’s specific goals. Take proactive measures to protect your company’s image by signing up with a team of experts with top notch resources and industry connections.

Nationwide Title Clearing Company Revamps Website, Online Ordering Now Available

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the most popular providers of support services for the real estate industry. Despite the fact that they always strive to offer excellent services, there are times when issues like title defects happen. The company is trying to address this issue using the best ways they can manage, and one of the ways has been creating an online portal where ordering takes place. The issue of title defects has been thorny for some of the clients because it has led to consequences such as foreclosures. The title defects have also complicated the efforts of transmitting property from one person to another.


The Nationwide Title Clearing Company has responded to the claims by revamping their website. They stated that it is vital for proper records on the property to be kept especially where the conveyance of the title will have to be done at some point. They added that when the buyer gets all the relevant documents, such as the title deeds, issues such as foreclosures and buybacks will not happen often. The website, which went live a few months ago, has made it possible for customers to access all these documents.


Combinations of factors usually lead to defects on the titles. There are cases where people try and lay a claim on property that does not belong to them at all. The second case scenario is where a person makes a mistake when writing the document. In yet another case, the document may fail to comply with the standards of the particular area and lastly, there are those cases where documents need more than one signatory, but one of them does not append their signature to the document.


These issues have been common in the past. There have also been cases whereby the property had previous liens and encumbrances. The creation of the online portal is to not only provide these relevant documents but to also offer information on the entire history of the property. Other information accessible on the site includes tax status reports, verification reports after assignments and information regarding the current owner of the property. The company states that all the information shared on their site is verified.


Nationwide Title Clearing


Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately held company. It mainly deals with the processing of real estate documents. The company has been operation since 1991 and has their headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida. They are a great asset to property owners.


How Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory are Improving Startup Businesses

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur who is on a mission of helping young and willing Swiss to start their Startup ideas with a vision of transforming them into big corporation and companies in Switzerland.He emphasizes on the digital transformation and encourages small business to incorporate the modern business model into their businesses to facilitate growth.

Baur attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern in 1997 and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Banking and Finance in 2000. In 2007, he enrolled at the University of Rochester and graduated with an MBA. He joined the Universität Bern in 2007 and graduated with an Executive Master of Business Administration (E.M.B.A) in 2008.

His career in the banking industry lasted for over 20 years. He has worked with both UBS and Clariden Leu, which are Swiss leading financial institutions. He started off as a commercial apprentice and worked his way to top level management. He later joined the executive board of the Swiss Private Bank.

In 2014, he ventured into a different path by co-founding Swiss Startup Factory. The company’s objectives are to help finance and advise new startups in Switzerland. The company has been involved in several startup projects ever since its formation.

Through their pre-accelerator services, they offer professionally taught pitch training and coaching. They also provide assistance regarding marketing team, IT and account support, product development and introduces your business to an ecosystem of global startups. Through the Growth Accelerator Service, they mainly focus on matured startups. They help them get access to finance through investors, and business development process where they help a business to build, measure and learn from its experience, throughout the process. Through this service, they help a company attain its goals and identify any barriers that might hinder its progress.

Baur’s belief in startup businesses has fueled his ambition of spreading awareness and importance of starting, owning and operating a business. Through Swiss Startup Factory, he envisions a future Swiss economy that will be run by sharp and dedicated entrepreneurs. He invests a lot of his time and skills on the Swiss Youth Entrepreneurship. He is also known to support numerous Swiss startups by offering his knowledge as a mentor, and by providing financial assistance. He co-founded the Swiss Startup Association and is serving as its Director.

He hopes to use the knowledge he acquired in the financial industry to mentor and help transform ideas into businesses.

Sujit Choudhry – Known for His Excellence in Comparative Law Knowledge

Comparative law is one of the most important laws today because it helps the countries to understand the differences and similarities in the legal systems that exist today, which includes Socialist Law, Cannon Law, Islamic Law, Civil Law, Hindu Law, Chinese Law and Jewish Law. Analytical study of different legal systems is essential because it helps the countries to know what can be done to make legal, trade, economic and other nature of transactions easy and efficient between the countries without any legal hassles. Comparative law acts as a platform on which different countries build a transactional framework so that no legal disputes are occurring with the legal systems in effect in their respective countries.  Check pluralism.ca.

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Even though the comparative law is in existence for centuries, its importance today is more than ever before, because of the rapid globalization and modernization of laws across the globe. Partnerships between the countries are only possible when the laws of these countries promote such exchanges and do not act as a hindrance to such transactions. The comparative law also promotes peaceful democratic politics and helps with the constitutional transition from authoritarian regimes. Many countries that are facing turbulent times due to internal conflicts and unstable political situations have used the comparative law as a medium for a peaceful transition to democratic politics and bring stability to their countries.

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Sujit Choudhry, one of the prominent names in the field of comparative law, based on crunchbase.com, has helped with the formation of constitution of many countries, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, South Africa and Egypt. Over the years, Sujit Choudhry has written over 70 book chapters, articles, and papers that are published in international and national law journals, which are referenced by authorities as well as students from across the globe. He has years of experience in the field and is trusted by his clients for his knowledge. Sujit Choudhry holds law degrees from the top law colleges in the country which includes Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto. Coming from a family that regarded academics to be an important part of life, Sujit Choudhry and his brother both excelled throughout their school and college life.  Source: en.wikipedia.org

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Importance of Studying Kabbalah

Kabbalah wisdom, also known as the knowledge of reception was introduced into the world more than five thousand years ago. Human beings started asking about their purpose in the world. The individuals who were experts in Kabbalah, known as Kabbalists had all the answers everyone was looking for. Kabbalists understand the meaning of life and the role of human beings to the universe they live in.

In the ancient times, however, the desires of the people were not enough for them to strive for this essential knowledge. Kabbalists realized that a vast population of human were not interested in this wisdom, so that chose to hide it from the world. They decided to secretly prepare the knowledge for the time when everyone would be ready. Humanity was focused on other important aspects such as science and religion, and they had no time for Kabbalah during these times.

In the modern times, a vast number of people have understood that science and religion do not have the answers to the profound questions of life. This is why they have started to look for answers in other platforms. Kabbalah had been waiting for this time, and it has begun to appear to serve its purpose.

According to Kabbalah, nature is synonymous with the Creator. According to Kabbalah wisdom, it is important to understand nature. People from different parts of the world have decided to embrace Kabbalah teachings. There is also Kabbalah jewelry used by individuals for protection, prosperity, and good health. These ornaments are worn by people who believe in Kabbalah teachings. Some of the jewelry is very expensive

The Kabbalah Center is a well-known nonprofit making center that passes this valuable knowledge from one generation to the other. The Kabbalah Center has been in existence for so many years, and it gives its information to various generations through online courses, booklets, and many other platforms.

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