Venezuela Trying to Cope With Food and Water Shortage.

Many Venezuelans have been hit hard by falling oil prices and need to come with new and inventive ways to put food on the table.
Inflation in Venezuela has hit more than 64 percent based on Jose Manuel Gonzalez’ computation and basic necessities such as food, cleaning products, diapers and clothing have simply become out of reach for the average citizens of that country.

According to expert Manuel Gonzalez, Venezuela is 95 percent dependent on the export of oil. And with oil prices staying stubbornly low, it does not appear that relief is on the horizon. In an attempt to try to stabilize the situation, President Nicolás Maduro is traveling the globe seeking help from other countries such as Russia where he was able to get financial investment money that should help the precarious situation. (

Venezuelans are fed up with having to deal with their crippling economy and have resorted to fending for themselves by starting to grow their own crops. Many people have started little backyard gardens in an attempt to assuage their food shortage.

In addition to the economic instability, Venezuela has now also been hit hard by a major drought. This further complicates the food shortage problem. President Maduro has declared for the next couple of months a four-day work week for public employees and encouraged everyone else to save on water and electricity. (

It is unclear how this country will overcome these trying times, but it is clear however that Venezuelans are fed up with their President and have taken to the streets in protest and want their leaders to come up with real solutions and fast.

Talk Fusion Announces the Launch of Its 30-Day Free Trials

One of the pioneers of video marketing, Talk Fusion, just announced the inauguration of their 30 day free trial offer.

Many people prefer to try things out before they buy. New snack foods, cars and software.

Now people who are curious and interested in having the ability to send videos to friends, clients and business associates can try Talk Fusion’s video services for free for 30 days. They don’t even need to supply personal details or payment information, so no credit card is required, just a name and email address.

That displays a high level of confidence in their product. Most companies would demand payment information upfront so they could begin charging on day 31 even if the prospective customer just happened to forgot to cancel the service. Talk Fusion is taking a higher road than that. They don’t want accidental customers. They want people and businesses who understand the value Talk Fusion’s emailed videos provide to them.

Talk Fusion is betting that once people try out the service for thirty days, they won’t want to go without it. Once they understand its effectiveness through hands-on experience, they’ll understand Talk Fusion’s charges are small in comparison.

Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina said as much in a statement from the company. When people try Talk Fusion’s video products, they want to buy them.

Once customers sign up on Talk Fusion’s website, giving just their name and email address, they have full access to the company’s full range of video marketing services: Video Email, Sign-Up Forms, Video Newsletters and Live Meetings. The Video Chat won WebRTC’s award for Best Product of the Year.

Bob Reina has felt driven to succeed all his life. He earned his degree from the University of South Florida despite having to work several jobs. He graduated first in his class at the police academy.

In 2004 Reina wanted to send a 10-second video of a house he toured to his family to get their opinion. However, AOL told him that was impossible. He decided to figure out how to do it, and that was the start of Talk Fusion.

Kyle Bass’ Philanthropy Could Be Skullduggery

Kyle Bass let slip information about a transaction between Goldman-Sachs and Bear-Stearns. The journalist he slipped this information to asked a leading question on CSPAN which indicated Bear-Stearns was considered unstable by Goldman-Sachs. This wasn’t the case; Bear-Stearns and Goldman-Sachs were two of the five most prominent investment banks on Wall Street at the time. But the way stocks work, by the end of the week Bear-Stearns had imploded and been absorbed by J.P. Morgan Chase. This was in March of 2008. By September, the sub-prime lending market had completely collapsed. Was this the first domino in the tumble? Well, maybe, and maybe not. What is absolutely sure is that it would not have happened that way had Bass not have let slip the information he did.

Kyle Bass had previously been employed with Bear-Stearns, making the information he gave to CSPAN even more suspicious. It seems like the kind of parting expletive a sub-par employee might level at an employer he’d been fired from. But it could be part of something much larger, and that’s what is concerning.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is the current president of Argentina, and she has financially defaulted the country two times in only thirteen years. That’s a remarkably bad track record, but Kyle Bass continually supports her. He himself is an Argentine, though his hedge fund is based in Dallas, Texas (front organization, anybody?). Bass as a financier should know better than to support Kirchner’s strange behavior in economic climes, but he does support her, and that’s really telling. Bass’ claim to fame is also quite telling. He predicted the sub-prime lending market would fail; after an off-hand comment he had made initiated the collapse of a major bank. It’s kind of like he set a line of dominoes running, then jogged around the corner and said: “They’re going to come falling down!” And lo-and-behold, the line collapsed right as he said it.  Of course the original article describing that event is available on UsefulStooges.

The worst thing about Bass’ underhanded tactics, though, is his false humanitarianism. His pseudo-philanthropy. Bass runs the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which is a front organization to a stock market manipulation scheme. Bass uses the group to pressure big-ticket pharmaceutical companies into lowering their prices on drugs, then short-sells his holdings with them when their stock value drops on Wall Street. Bass is lying to the sick so he can financially gut major economic American institutions, and he’s doing it in a way that is technically legal. That’s perhaps the scariest part of all of it.

The Slyce and Shoe Carnival Partnership Reveal The Future Of Shopping

Slyce has developed one of the best apps for online shopping. Buyers and sellers of retail merchandise find the process of using visual recognition search programs to be hugely beneficial. Buyers do find the ability to use an image to match a product on a website to make shopping a lot easier. Sellers do appreciate the increased sales this type of program delivers. Slyce truly did a great job with the venture capital raised to create this app, an app that builds on original work of the Amazon Flow program.

Slyce and Shoe Carnival have launched a partnership that shows the mutual benefits to be found among the relationship between the app provider and a top retailer.

The partnership focuses on the release of “fully automated 3D visual search technology” to take an image from anywhere and use it to search through the entire product line of Shoe Carnival. Customer can take a digital photo of footwear or copy something off a website. No matter where the image comes from, the image can be used to search through the online catalog.

Things become a lot easier for the consumer with a program of this nature. Taking a picture of a pair of shoes in a window and running a search is a lot easier than trying to type a prose description based on memory.

Shoe Carnival is a massively huge retailer. Likely, the company sells what the buyer wants. The trouble is the buyer may have a hard time actually being able to locate an item. Through using the outstanding mobile app produced by Slyce, things become a lot easier.

Slyce has acquired and developed other apps. A recent NASDAQ article covered a host of the new programs slated for release. All of the programs such as a universal barcode scanner and a coupon app reflect the future of online shopping. The Toronto-based startup is sure to be changing the face of online shopping.

Soros Speaks Out On The EU And Russia

Although George Soros is in his eighties, his mind is still quite sharp. This is demonstrated by the fact that the financier has so many insights into the U.S economy, the global economy and the political events that influence both. This celebrity investor didn’t earn recognition simply for brashness or a confrontational style. Instead, he earned his vaunted status on by combining thoughtful investments with spot-on economic commentary.

As with many of the world’s wealthiest men, George Soros’s financial wisdom was influenced by a very difficult early life. Growing up in Hungary, Soros faced a major test when that nation was invaded by the Nazi regime. Surviving the Nazi occupation, Soros faced further challenges when Hungary fell behind the Iron Curtain immediately after the end of the war. In 1947, the young George Soros moved to England where he achieved a degree in economics. From these early years, Soros had developed his firm belief that only open and free societies could aid the forward development of mankind.

By 1980, this financial wizard on had already amassed a fairly impressive fortune. By 2012, Soros ranked No. 22 on the list of the world’s richest people. In so many ways, Soros has proven his financial good sense. In his much-dissected interviews, Soros explores how developments in Russia and Syria have the potential to cause global economic disaster. Russia’s encroachment in Ukraine created a major test for the EU, a test that Soros believes the EU failed. According to George Soros on bloomberg, the EU’s inability to respond to crises has consistently undermined the future of the union. Instead of dealing with crises directly, the EU has a habit of simply pushing issues down the road. This makes minor problems fester and become serious. With this and other insights, George Soros has earned his place as a go-to political and financial expert.

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The Debate on the Penny with US Money Reserve

The debate on the removal of the penny is getting to be an active debate. The interview with Philip Diehl that aired on Retail Menot has dealt with the topic on the elimination of the penny. People on both sides do make a convincing argument about the issue about US Money Reserve.

There is the concern that the lack of a penny is going to result in the rising of prices. However, there is the idea that eliminating the penny is going to save the government a lot of money. One would think that would allow companies to reduce their prices.

There is one point that people opposing the elimination of the penny make. They point out that while the penny costs a lot more than its worth to make, the nickel is also more costly to produce.

They suggest that if the government removes the penny from the press that they might as well remove the nickel from the mints in order to save more money. However, Glass Door states that the nickel is different from the penny. There is hope for the nickel. The penny has longed outlived its worth according to Philip Diehl. There are still things that could be done with the nickel.

It is true that it has gotten tot the point that the penny is losing its value. At this point, it is no surprise that they are looking elimination of the penny as a way to save money.

No matter how anyone looks at the issue, the penny has become too costly to produce. The fact that most products cost way too much to pay for with pennies has also presented a compelling point in favor of removing the penny from the mint. As to the consequences of taking such action, that remains yet to be seen.

Does Wen By Chaz Really Work On All Types of Hair?

Have you ever watched the QVC infomercials of women of all sizes, shapes and colors who all have one thing in common? Great hair. We all have and if you have seen these commercials chances are you are familiar with Chaz by WEN Hair products. As we have all watched these infomercials we have all wondered if these products really do work for everyone. It seems almost hard to believe that one product could work on thin, kinky, straight and tangled hair. What’s the secret behind this product? Does it really work or does it only work for the models who use it on television? One beauty blogger recently put the products to the test.

Wen Hair Care products are most commonly known as an all inclusive hair system that combines shampoo, condition and treatment.While there have been a few negative reviews floating around a popular beauty blogger decided to risk it all on her very thin hair.

After trying the sephora marketed product for 7 days the beauty blogger reported that while the product did not give her the best hair she has ever had it did in fact work and probably would have worked better had she spent more time on her hair each morning.

Day by day analysis of the bloggers journey with the hair product can be found here:

About Wen Care

Wen Hair is the inspiration of hair icon Chaz Dean. Chaz is no stranger to the industry. He has been studying cosmetology for several years after walking away from his career in photography.His stellar products can be purchased nationwide.


Doe Deere: It Is Okay To Break Some Fashion Rules

It is very common for magazines and other publishers to print many articles for women, stating the rules of fashion they should stick to. The people who write these fashion rules only know the importance of following the rules, but they do not know that is not a crime to break some of them every once in a while. Someone can break these famous rules, rock something else different and still look great. It is very true that the magazines in the modern times want the best for the modern woman, and when people follow these rules, they look very classy and good too. They are also very helpful when an individual has a hard time trying to come up with the right makeup or the right clothes.

The fact that these rules were made for women doesn’t mean that they should remain slaves and follow them every time they are wearing makeup or choosing their clothes. Some individuals believe that a woman can only look good when all the rules are followed, but for people like Doe Deere, a beauty queen a founder of a Lime Crime, women can be beautiful without some of these rules.

Doe Deere is a famous person when it comes to the beauty industry. She is the founder of the well-known beauty company that is known as Lime Crime. She is very talented in beauty and make –up issues, and she has always proved that she can play around with colors and shades and still maintain a beautiful look that can impress anyone. She was born in Russia, but she moved to the United States, and this is where she has managed to raise her famous company.

According to the beauty queen, it is not a big deal or a sin to forget some of these rules and even break them once in a while. She is always breaking some of these rules in her own makeup line, and the world can clearly see that she remains beautiful. In her makeup line, the beauty queen has some cruelty free, colorful and glittering cosmetics that many fashion magazines do not advocate for. She advise all women and even encourages them to break some fashion rules and enjoy life.

Many women believe that it’s not ok to mix different colors when choosing makeup or clothes. Colors have a very crucial role in an individual’s look, and many people believe that wearing too many colors make people look scary. However, the lime crime beauty queen has a different opinion about this. She believes that it is ok to rock different colors, provided someone is doing the right coordination. She advises women to choose different colors and wear them together, just like her.

Fabletics Spring & Summer Collection for 2016


Celebrity entrepreneur Kate Hudson has mastered the art of selling workout clothes to millions, and she is just getting started. Her athletic brand of clothing has become something that a lot of women have become interested in buying. Women that like to work out and look stylish at the same time can bet that they find something that they are interested in. Kate has created a line of clothing that has been very helpful for females that are working out.

Many people have worked out in their own home, and they never paid much attention to what they were wearing. People that make the decision to jog through their neighborhood will want to acquire some workout gear that is flattering to their shape. The same thing goes for females that are working out in the gym along with that opposite sex.

Fabletics brands are making women look good when they step into the gym. Kate Hudson is in great shape, but she knows that this is hard work. Staying in shape is not easy. There are a lot of excuses that can get in the way. What women do not need is the excuse of not having the clothes they need to work out on a regular basis.

The Clothes Maiden has reported that there are a lot of clothes for women to consider for their workout routines in 2016. The Fabletics spring line for summer and spring 2016 is a fabulous line of yoga and gym gear.

It is evident that the Fabletics brands is gaining a lot of appeal because there are more stores that are opening. More people are seeing this brand and they want to get the opportunity to try this clothing before they buy. The internet makes it easy to see this selection for the spring and summer, but the physical stores makes it easier to actually try the garments on.

One hundred stores are opening, and tons of people are excited about Fabletics stores that are hitting various parts of the United States. Kate Hudson has done an excellent job of marketing these garments, and the quality is a mark of how she had improved the athletics brands that are out there. Hudson and her team and providing some cutting edge garments that are changing the cliché gym gear vibe. Hudson believes that you can look good while working out and her fans agree.

Thor Halvorssen Addresses Sanders’ Socialist Views

Fox News recently aired an interview with the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen has made quite the name for himself as a strong advocate of individual rights, civil liberties and democracy on an international level. He has very personal connections with the consequences of authoritarian regimes violating the human rights of their citizens, especially in Venezuela. In 1993, Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned by the Venezuelan government because he essentially ruffled the wrong feathers while investigating an extremely powerful drug cartel for money laundering activity. Halvorssen’s mother was also shot during a political protest in Venezuela. Even today, Halvorssen’s first cousin sits in a Venezuelan jail as a political prisoner.

Keeping these real life experiences in mind, Halvorssen’s perspective on the dangers of socialism taken to an extreme, is extremely enlightening. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been very outspoken about his support of democratic socialist principles while on the presidential campaign trail. Even though Thor Halvorssen has donated the maximum amount allowable by law for an individual to the Sanders presidential campaign, he warns that we should all be leery of any democratic socialist principles taken to the extreme.

Halvorssen explains that what makes human rights violations so prevalent in socialist regimes is their inevitable tendency towards authoritarianism. While Halvorssen does point out successful examples such as Denmark and Sweden, he cautions that expanding the role of a national government to allowing it to exercise control over formerly private property or even set prices and fix supply of certain goods can give the government entirely too much control over the economy and individual rights. When the government is not kept in check with adequate safeguards, it can eventually loot property, which should rightly remain in the hands of private citizens. This is, in part, why Halvorssen generally supports the role of the free market and private property in allowing people to prosper economically, although he does see the potential appeal, especially for classes of people of lesser means, with some prominent socialist principles. Even with all of this in mind, Halvorssen is far more concerned with the dangers of actual dictatorships than democratic socialist regimes.