The Trend of Healthy Dog Food in the Marketplace

This is the trend of healthy food options for dog owners. These different options are becoming much more available to individuals who are shopping on a regular basis for top quality dog food. There are many different companies now competing against each other for a piece of this new premium dog food market. Only the best companies will pass the test of time when it comes to their premium dog food products. Beneful is one of the leading companies in the premium dog food market that has been giving dog owners amazing options for premium dog food for many years. Beneful  has many different options for premium dog food focus on the different types of dogs out there and their needs. From healthy puppy blends to blends for the more active dog, there are great natural ingredients that will help any pet owner with their premium dog food needs. Beneful has been at the forefront of the premium dog food market since the beginning. There are many options out there for healthy dog food, but Beneful continues to create some of the top of the line products that really keep moving the industry forward. The great addition to the premium dog food market that Beneful has added really has raised the bar for dog food companies all over the world.


Success is and will, never be the key to happiness. Happiness is, in fact, the actual key to success. If you love what you do there’s a significant leeway, you will be successful in it. At one point in life, almost everyone dreams of owning their own home. The best investment on earth, as they say, is earth. This is probably one reason real estate is as big as it is today.

One quite successful real estate player today is Greg Hague. The law professor has accomplished more in his life as a youth than most people will likely achieve in an entire lifetime. At 18 years of age, Greg already had a real estate license. The Miami University graduate has a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Juris Doctor degree from the American University Washington College of Law. In his twenties, Greg took up Hague Realtors, his family real estate business, and by 1978 had already branched out to form his own real estate firm.

In 1981, Greg moved his family to Scottsdale, Arizona. He was a founding member of WHY USA Inc, which he later sold to his management team. Among his many achievements, Greg has served on the Publications Committee of the National Assembly of Realtors and received the leading bar exam score in the state of Arizona in 2010 from the Arizona School of Law. Greg founded Real Estate Mavericks, which serves as a real estate coaching company. His prowess in the field has led him to become one of the most sought after real estate entrepreneurs with some even referring to him as the quarterback of real estate.

In a recent article on Forbes, Hague took to the stage to give his views on the present-day state of the housing market. He criticized the market for sticking to older sales strategies that cost the home seller about 3-8% reduction in selling prices of real estate. Hague regarded the current sales strategy as hope marketing where sales are entirely dependent on the sellers luck. Hague briefed on his plan to introduce a whole new system of sales that follows a strategy similar to Apple and Amazon’s.

Hague believes building anticipation is a vital part of sales and hopes his new system will change the way sellers market real estate. Instead of putting up a yard sign and placing the home in MLS on availability, Hague’s strategy aims at building anticipation for the home first then putting up the sign when the buyers demand will be unbearable.

Hague also debates that the MLS system put in place shouldn’t make known the number of days a piece of property has been in the market as it only lowers the market value. Greg Hague’s new implementations will revolutionize and shake up the real estate segment. Here’s a man who has made hard work a habit and gotten satisfaction from pushing himself to the absolute limits knowing all his efforts will pay off.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Campaign – Susan McGalla

When it comes to gear, Pittsburg Steelers fans want to be able to wear things no matter the occasion. Whether they are sitting at home, tail gaiting, going to the game, out running errands or even going to work. Fans want to show they support the team no matter what. And just before the first home game of the season, The Steelers organization has launched a new line of gear along with a new website with multiple ways to interact with the team and even other fans. Susan McGalla is the new Director of Strategic Planning for the Steelers. She says, With the newly launched website, you will find merchandise that suits your personal style. And we wanted to make sure if was quick and easy no matter what device you access it from. McGalla says on ireport you can dress up or dress down. McGalla has the knowledge of cutting edge styles that fans are looking for. With her background as CEO of Wet Seal and President of American Eagle, we are certain that Susan McGalla will bring our fans what they want in a manner they can utilize in their wardrobes. We have even teamed up with Pandora Jewelry this year with Steelers charms. Other big label companies include Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf and even Victoria’s Secret. We have even included a line for young ladies who love the Steelers, so we have lots of pink items plus neon yellow and metallic gold. We are always constantly innovating around our fans by bringing in focus groups to talk about how we can get the organization to become more vibrant. We are even including social networking in ways to make it happen seamlessly. However, many men we spoke to said they wanted something they can wear to work, and now those options are available. Women on the other hand want something a little different.

Stephen Murray’s CCMP Capital Firm

CCMP is a private equity firm. They focus their attention on four major sectors of the business world and make sure that they only have the best of the best when it comes to the people who are running the firm. They work in the chemical venture field, with manufacturers, with capital firms and they also have business partners.

Chemical ventures involve the use and manufacture of chemicals within the field of manufacturing. CCMP works with these manufacturers to ensure that they are meeting their monetary goals as well as goals that they have for the company. They work to always make sure that the companies who have the chemicals are within guidelines and are working to make sure that they are not crossing any boundaries when it comes to the way that they are using the chemicals. They also work with government agencies to ensure the chemical companies are within code.

They are a company that is dedicated to the building of businesses within their own sector and they work to make sure that the businesses that they work with have the right amount of money. The essentially function as a bank within the capital company that they are a part of. Stephen Murray, the former president and CEO of the company, chose to focus the majority of his efforts on Chase Capital. He did this because he knew that this would flourish. Stephen Murray was a business expert who knew the best practices for CCMP Capital.

This sector of the CCMP company does not focus on manufacturing chemicals because it chooses to leave that portion to the experts in the chemical part of the company. Due to the strong influence of Stephen Murray, the former M in CCMP that stood for J.P. Morgan was overshadowed by the Chase Capital portion and the M now stands for the manufacturing that the company chooses to do and help others with.

Partners play a major role in the way that Wall Street‘s CCMP Capital is able to perform. Many partners donate their time and money to the firm for a small portion of the profits that come from the firm. Not only are they able to help CCMP monetarily but they also work to help make it a better business. Stephen Murray focused a lot of his attention on partners, building new business relationships and cultivating ones that made the company a better place. He was revolutionary in the way that he handled all of CCMP capital’s business relationships and partnerships.