Doe Deere: It Is Okay To Break Some Fashion Rules

It is very common for magazines and other publishers to print many articles for women, stating the rules of fashion they should stick to. The people who write these fashion rules only know the importance of following the rules, but they do not know that is not a crime to break some of them every once in a while. Someone can break these famous rules, rock something else different and still look great. It is very true that the magazines in the modern times want the best for the modern woman, and when people follow these rules, they look very classy and good too. They are also very helpful when an individual has a hard time trying to come up with the right makeup or the right clothes.

The fact that these rules were made for women doesn’t mean that they should remain slaves and follow them every time they are wearing makeup or choosing their clothes. Some individuals believe that a woman can only look good when all the rules are followed, but for people like Doe Deere, a beauty queen a founder of a Lime Crime, women can be beautiful without some of these rules.

Doe Deere is a famous person when it comes to the beauty industry. She is the founder of the well-known beauty company that is known as Lime Crime. She is very talented in beauty and make –up issues, and she has always proved that she can play around with colors and shades and still maintain a beautiful look that can impress anyone. She was born in Russia, but she moved to the United States, and this is where she has managed to raise her famous company.

According to the beauty queen, it is not a big deal or a sin to forget some of these rules and even break them once in a while. She is always breaking some of these rules in her own makeup line, and the world can clearly see that she remains beautiful. In her makeup line, the beauty queen has some cruelty free, colorful and glittering cosmetics that many fashion magazines do not advocate for. She advise all women and even encourages them to break some fashion rules and enjoy life.

Many women believe that it’s not ok to mix different colors when choosing makeup or clothes. Colors have a very crucial role in an individual’s look, and many people believe that wearing too many colors make people look scary. However, the lime crime beauty queen has a different opinion about this. She believes that it is ok to rock different colors, provided someone is doing the right coordination. She advises women to choose different colors and wear them together, just like her.

Fabletics Spring & Summer Collection for 2016


Celebrity entrepreneur Kate Hudson has mastered the art of selling workout clothes to millions, and she is just getting started. Her athletic brand of clothing has become something that a lot of women have become interested in buying. Women that like to work out and look stylish at the same time can bet that they find something that they are interested in. Kate has created a line of clothing that has been very helpful for females that are working out.

Many people have worked out in their own home, and they never paid much attention to what they were wearing. People that make the decision to jog through their neighborhood will want to acquire some workout gear that is flattering to their shape.

Fabletics brands are making women look good when they step into the gym. Kate Hudson is in great shape, but she knows that this is hard work. Staying in shape is not easy. There are a lot of excuses that can get in the way. What women do not need is the excuse of not having the clothes they need to work out on a regular basis.

The Clothes Maiden has reported that there are a lot of clothes for women to consider for their workout routines in 2016. The Fabletics spring line for summer and spring 2016 is a fabulous line of yoga and gym gear.

It is evident that the Fabletics brands is gaining a lot of appeal because there are more stores that are opening. More people are seeing this brand and they want to get the opportunity to try this clothing before they buy. The internet makes it easy to see this selection for the spring and summer, but the physical stores makes it easier to actually try the garments on.

One hundred stores are opening, and tons of people are excited about Fabletics stores that are hitting various parts of the United States. Kate Hudson has done an excellent job of marketing these garments, and the quality is a mark of how she had improved the athletics brands that are out there. Hudson and her team and providing some cutting edge garments that are changing the cliché gym gear vibe.

Thor Halvorssen Addresses Sanders’ Socialist Views

Fox News recently aired an interview with the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen has made quite the name for himself as a strong advocate of individual rights, civil liberties and democracy on an international level. He has very personal connections with the consequences of authoritarian regimes violating the human rights of their citizens, especially in Venezuela. In 1993, Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned by the Venezuelan government because he essentially ruffled the wrong feathers while investigating an extremely powerful drug cartel for money laundering activity. Halvorssen’s mother was also shot during a political protest in Venezuela. Even today, Halvorssen’s first cousin sits in a Venezuelan jail as a political prisoner.

Keeping these real life experiences in mind, Halvorssen’s perspective on the dangers of socialism taken to an extreme, is extremely enlightening. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been very outspoken about his support of democratic socialist principles while on the presidential campaign trail. Even though Thor Halvorssen has donated the maximum amount allowable by law for an individual to the Sanders presidential campaign, he warns that we should all be leery of any democratic socialist principles taken to the extreme.

Halvorssen explains that what makes human rights violations so prevalent in socialist regimes is their inevitable tendency towards authoritarianism. While Halvorssen does point out successful examples such as Denmark and Sweden, he cautions that expanding the role of a national government to allowing it to exercise control over formerly private property or even set prices and fix supply of certain goods can give the government entirely too much control over the economy and individual rights. When the government is not kept in check with adequate safeguards, it can eventually loot property, which should rightly remain in the hands of private citizens. This is, in part, why Halvorssen generally supports the role of the free market and private property in allowing people to prosper economically, although he does see the potential appeal, especially for classes of people of lesser means, with some prominent socialist principles. Even with all of this in mind, Halvorssen is far more concerned with the dangers of actual dictatorships than democratic socialist regimes.

The Truth About Donald Drumpf

With the election season in full swing, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of Donald Trump. Between the television debates and interviews in magazines, he’s honestly everywhere. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that HBO host John Oliver decided to poke some fun at him recently. On his show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, Oliver called out Trump for really being Donald Drumpf.

What does this mean exactly? Well, Oliver believes that there was a time when Trump’s ancestors had the last name of Drumpf. He claims that when Trump’s grandfather came over to America, he changed their surname to sound more American. As Trump’s campaign slogan goes “Make America Great Again”, Oliver wants to “Make Donald Drumpf Again”. Of course, Trump hasn’t taken too kindly to this joke. However, audiences sure have.

Last month, fans of Oliver’s decided to take the joke even further. They created a Wikipedia page for the parody character filled with bios and pictures of Trump’s grandfather.  That just shows the power of Wikipedia.

It’s clear that Wikipedia plays a huge part in how people get their information today, whether it’s about entertainment or business matters. That’s why so many companies decide to put their business’ reputation in the hands of professional Wikipedia editing services. In fact, there is a company out today called Get Your Wiki.

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It’s very important to have an online presence, especially when you’re a company that is just starting out. However, many companies don’t have an ample amount of time to dedicate to their Wikipedia page. With Get Your Wiki, companies can make sure that they stay relevant at all times. All you have to do is visit their website, and you’ll see directions on what to do next to get started working with them. Give it a try now.

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FreedomPop Focuses on European Expansion

For a couple of years now we’ve seen FreedomPop grow into one of the most important MVNOs in the industry. FreedomPop got their start as a small start up out of California but it didn’t take long for the company to begin making some serious waves. FreedomPop’s unique take on cell phone plans and expected customer prices has changed the industry in a fundamental way. Now, FreedomPop is focusing on their European expansion with CEO Stephen Stokols leading the charge.

At the end of 2015 we saw that Stokols was announcing a foray into up to 25 different European carriers. While that sounded optimistic and ambitious, quite frankly, it ended up working out. By the end of February, 2016 we will see FreedomPop up and fully running in all 25 of those markets with a customer base rapidly expanding in order to fill out their numbers. This expansion is coming on the heels of some of their most successful funding campaigns: bringing in nearly $200 million in funding total with about $50 of that solely for the European push.

FreedomPop has never shied away from the reality that they are a ‘freemium’ service and that has ultimately served the company well. Most companies try to hide the fact that they are freemium oriented, with customers not trusting the services completely. Instead the MVNO is proud of how they are changing the game. Head of international operations Nicholas Constantinopoulos has been forward with the company’s position, “FreedomPop ultimately is a platform to sell digital services.”

If you aren’t familiar with the core of what FreedomPop offers then you likely will be surprised. The company offers their core service completely free: unlimited talk, text, and data.

Darius Fisher Wants You to Keep Your Employees

As the head of Status Labs, Darius Fisher knows all about maintaining a happy employee base. He exercises everything he preaches to customers and clients of his own business. After all, he knows it is far too expensive to continually replace employees and to train these new workers. In order to avoid this kind of a situation, it is very important to keep employees happy. But how should other business owners do this? Darius Fisher has a few suggestions.

Darius Fisher is not only the head of Status Labs, he created the company from the ground up. He has seen the importance of putting in hard work and why it is necessary to award employees for this hard work. One way he has gone about doing this, which he also recommends other business owners do, is to set reachable goals for employees and then to reward them when they reach these goals. Going into work every single day and performing the same kind of work can become tiresome and often times individuals are going to struggle with completing this kind of work simply because there is no end in sight. However, with a goal and the possibility of a reward, they are more likely to put in more time and stay more productive than without this kind of reward. It also keeps them happy.

First, they can offer up incentives. This isn’t just benefits, but actually give them things to look forward to at work. Maybe this is the boss bringing in food for everyone every Friday, or allowing well behaved pets to come to work. There are so many little things a boss can do that will make their employees feel so much more welcomed. All of this is important to consider and is why someone needs to just take a few different aspects into consideration. All of this can go a long way in helping employees feel happy. Visit his personal website for more information and news.

Fine Dining for Man’s Best Friend


There is a growing trend in the dog food market for high quality, premium food for your furry friend that is so close to what you would actually serve your family for dinner, you could actually eat it. A recent article in the Daily Herald describes how the increased demand for quality dog food is tracking some of the same trends for healthy eating and lifestyle that seem to be all the rage these days. Healthy eating and lifestyles are not just for infomercials trying to sell you exercise equipment or a new blender anymore. As humans begin to have more awareness of what we actually put in our bodies, it makes sense that we start giving the same consideration to what we feed our pets. This translates to big sales for the $23.7 billion pet food industry, which is making the shift to health conscious, premium dog food.

Purina Beneful is one of the dog food brands in a great position to capitalize on this trend. In 2014 alone, Beneful was served for over 1.5 billion dog meals. Beneful currently offers eight dry dog food varieties and four wet dog food options. Available nationwide in grocery stores and online, Beneful offers plenty of dog food options to match the specific needs of your beloved pet. Depending on the age and breed of your dog, its nutrition needs will vary widely, which is why Beneful does not subscribe to the one size fits all mentality when it comes to feeding your best friend.

As one of the premier providers of incredibly healthy dog food options, Beneful completely stands behind its products. In fact, Beneful offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with your dog food purchase, within 60 days of the purchase date, you can mail the necessary information to Beneful for a full refund of your purchase. Beneful options of vegetable, grain, or meat based food options are the perfect way to keep your furry friend just as healthy as you are striving to be.