How Brian Bonar has Become a Giant in the Financial Industry

Dalrada Financial Corporation’s chairman and chief executive officer, Brian Bonar was recently named Executive of the Year in Finance by Cambridge Who’s Who.

This is an honorary and prestigious recognition and is based on the academic and professional achievements of the executives. Their leadership ability is also considered. Bonar was mentioned alongside another male executive and two female executives from each discipline. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Bonar has been working in the financial services industry for nearly three decades. In the past 10 years, he has been Dalrada Financial Corporation’s company chairman and chief executive officer. This position has put him in command of the firm’s operations, a duty that he has performed with incomparable gait and vigor.

As the CEO, he has been tasked with the mandate of overseeing the welfare of employees and employers. Under his watch, the company has created a platform that ensures that its clients are supplied with a variety of staff programs that are tailor made to build up business productivity.

Services offered by Dalrada include staff benefits, financial supervision and risk management indemnification, which includes employee compensation and corporate liability. These are comprehensive services that are designed to suit the needs of individual clients.

Whenever the firm is hired, its competent experts come to the ground to identify the specific needs of a client. An action plan is thereafter drawn to address those needs. All the services offered are modest, pocket friendly and have a general ease of implementation.

Brian Bonar’s Remarkable Profile

Brian Bonar is a force to reckon with in the financial domain. He has had unsurpassable success since he joined the industry nearly three decades ago. Mr. Bonar is an alumnus of James Watt Technical University where he graduated with a degree in technical engineering.

He also attended Stafford University for a masters degree in mechanical engineering. He began his career at IBM where he worked in the procurement department. He was also in charge of engineering at QMS, a position that put him at the in control of over 100 members of staff. All this time, he was working as a part time sales manager, something that proved pivotal when he formed Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar worked with numerous other firms and has been described by former colleagues as a lively workmate. Later on, he was appointed Trucept Inc.’s chairman and CEO. During this time, he was also the company’s treasurer, secretary and head of finance.

Brian cut a niche for himself by being among the sharpest minds in mergers and acquisition transactions. His creative and down to earth demeanor has won him many admirers within the corporate world.

Away from his corporate endeavors, he has been a board member at the Alliance National Insurance Agency among others. During his free time, Mr. Bonar enjoys golfing and boat trips.

Learn more about Brian Bonar:–inc./salary/470203

Street Protests Intensify in Venezuela

Tear gas was used and arrests were made during recent Caracas demonstrations. The protesters were calling for removal of President Maduro through a referendum.
In addition, several subway stations in central Caracas were closed for the so-called “operational reasons,” while the police blocked the streets. The demonstrators were reported to have thrown bottles and stones at the police.

The opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, was prevented by the police from reaching the headquarters of the National Electoral Council. The police forces were equipped with pepper spray.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan President called the calls for a referendum “not viable, according to Al-Jazeera report.

The petition for removal according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa has already gathered over 1.8 million signatures and referendum could happen. But, there are a couple of issues. First, President Maduro has gotten extra powers through a declaration of the State of Emergency. Second, the eventual referendum needs to get more votes in favor of removal than were cast for Maduro’s election.

As the economic crisis widens Velasquez Figueroa thinks, President Maduro said this adversity is due because the United States is working with Venezuelan “fascists” against the government. Yet, many blame low oil prices as well as economic mismanagement for the country’s woes.


FreedPop’s Amazing WhatsApp Strategy

To say WhatsApp is popular around the world would be a massive understatement. Well over a billion people use WhatsApp. FreedomPop sees a brilliant partnership arrangement by offering zero-rated access with WhatsApp. Even FreedomPop users whose data hits “zero” can still use WhatsApp.

The phone company has high hopes for Spain and is putting a lot of effort into the launch.

FreedomPop has built its company through understanding a very clear fact about the market. There are consumers who do want a product, they may even greatly need a product, but price keeps them from buying. FreedomPop came up with a simple concept designed to reach such customers in the mobile phone world. Refurbished versions of high-quality smartphones would be sold online at a dramatic discount. Phones costing upwards of $300 new would be sold at 60% to 90% discounts. In addition, a set amount of 100% free phone, data, and texting would be made available.

Once again, as reported in Venture Beat, Spain is now the new territory the company has its eyes on. WhatsApp is opening the door for the company in the Spanish market, a territory in which WhatsApp’s use is massive for messaging. In time, FreedomPop may seek to expand into other territories using the WhatsApp strategy.

FreedomPop recently raised $50 million to support a massive multi-country expansion. Likely, the company will repeat its success in each and every reason it debuts.

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Laidlaw and Company Is A Great Investment Bank

Laidlaw and Company is a successful and well known investment bank. There are numerous people that use their services every day. The company has an office in New York City. However, the company is actually an English company on They assist their clients with numerous different types of investments. They also work with a wide range of different clients. Some of their clients are part of large governmental or corporate institutions. Other clients are simply individuals with a large sum of money that are looking for someone to manage their investments. The company has shown excellent skill on in working with all of these types of investors. They also have been around for quite a while. In fact, the company dates back to the mid-1800s.

Clients can invest in different ways through Laidlaw and Company. It is possible for investors to invest in traditional stocks, through Laidlaw and Company. However, it is also possible for investors to use alternative means of investing. It is possible to choose an investment strategy to suit your specific needs. The experts at Laidlaw and Company will tailor the investment strategy based on factors such as the size of your investment, your risk tolerance, and the term of the investments. It also is possible for clients to view their portfolio through Laidlaw website. This allows them to be able to keep track of their investments, through the entire term of the investment.

The company has a number of different offices. In addition to the New York City office, they have an office in Boston. They also have offices in San Francisco, London, Fort Lauderdale, Melville, and Stamford. All of these offices on are staffed with investment experts that are highly skilled in handling investments. Additionally, it is very easy to get in touch with any of these offices.

Venezuelan’s Struggle With Rolling Blackouts

The people of Venezuela are suffering from a range of power and water outages that are backed by a government seeking the best ways to make sure they preserve the food and power needs of their people. According to report published by, many in Venezuela have questioned how the country, which is oil rich and a member of OPEC can find itself in such a difficult situation where public officials have been given five day weekends to preserve power.
Problems have been ongoing since 2013 and the departure of President Hugo Chavez, but Reuters reports the situation has been made worse by the slashing of oil prices and a sever drought striking the nation. Venezuela had played an important role in developing hydro electric power resources says expert Mr. Osio, but the El Nino weather phenomenon has lowered water levels to the point where power outages are now a part of everyday life.

The problems of lost power are just a small part of the issues facing Venezuela, which also saw power shortages in 2010 when weather problems were once again blamed for the issues the nation faced. Not only do the people of Venezuela face the burden of rolling blackouts, but according to, they also face growing humanitarian problems that began in 2013 when food shortages began to be seen; in recent months the blackouts caused by El Nino have added to food problems with spoiled meats and dairy products reported during periods without power.

White Shark Media Helps Smaller Business With Digital Ads

Online shopping is no longer an added luxury in fact it’s become routine for many people in the modern world. Though people still watch television regularly applications like Netflix and Hulu offer an ad free TV experience for a lower price than cable companies. Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints:

All these changes not only affect the way people purchase items but how they view sales and advertisements for other products and companies – Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints: White Shark Media has become one of the best known digital advertising services and was named one of Google’s 29 AdWords Premier SMB Partners in the US.

Their vast knowledge in online marketing campaigns targets small and medium sized business who need expert tips when navigating online marketing.

White Shark Media was founded in 2011 with a unified goal to conquer the US and Latin America SMB market with their noteworthy services. The three Danish men who co-founded and launched White Shark Media had a combination of years in online and offline marketing which made them the perfect team to tackle the digital advertising market.

After five years of service White Shark Media has taken into account their missteps in communication with their clients and vowed those few mistakes will never happen again.

The professionals over at White Shark Media know that they aren’t just providing SEM to their clients. In fact they understand what they offer is much more than just a service but a bridge between their clients and their client’s customers.

By giving clients their own personalized strategical marketing plan they are able to create the perfect ad campaign for each individual client based on their separate needs.

Instead of treating their clients like a business partner rather than just a customer buying their services they’ve created a welcoming environment and sense of dedication to each client.

Giving someone thousands of dollars of your hard earned cash requires a great amount of trust and the professionals over at the digital media firm understand they’re responsible for more than just money.

Since the company was founded by three entrepreneurs themselves they’re able to comprehend the amount of work that goes into running a business better than big chain advertising companies, and gives them the drive to continue providing a higher standard of services.

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Venture Beat Says FreedomPop Is Getting More User Friendly

Venture Beat is reporting that people who are getting FreedomPop phones are going to be able to use WhatsApp for free. This is a pretty big development from a company that already has the lowest prices in the industry, and it is something that is going to help people who are trying to save their minutes or their data. These people are going to be able to use their phones with the WhatsApp platform, and they are going to be able to keep that up for as long as they want.

These people do not have to use the minutes and data on their plans because they get enough from WhatsApp, and they can get in touch with people who use the app really easily. People can make sure that they are going to be able to use the system to save time, and they are going to keep their phones going for longer without paying into their plans. This is going to make it cheaper for everyone, and it helps people who already use the app to feel welcome when they come to the company. FreedomPop is trying to be as inclusive as possible, and offering Whats App for free is really helpful.

Everyone who signs up with FreedomPop is going to be able to get the benefits if this new system, and they are going to be able to run a new system that lets them talk as much as they need to. FreedomPop is already very accessible, and it is important for people to make sure that they are trying FreedomPop so that they can save money. This is the best way to save money, and it is a good way for people to feel like they are going to be able to get a cell phone.

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