Lovaganza Traveling Show Begins in 2017 to Promote Convoy Film Trilogy and the 2020 Celebrations

Lovaganza, an entertainment franchise will premiere the its Traveling Show in 2017 to promote Convoy Film Trilogy
and the 2020 Celebrations. Lovaganza’s Convoy Film Trilogy and Celebrations begin in 2020 during the month of May and ends in September. It will be a four-month extravaganza with the mission of uniting people from other countries together to celebrate world cultural literature, fashion, music and ways of life. The traveling show introduces guests to a bohemian journey through entertainment and sneak peeks of prior and recent films and documentaries. Three films leading up to the 2020 Celebrations will be released at the time of the grand festivities.

Footage of the films are being filmed in the United States, France and Spain; and will continue in Africa, India and other world countries. J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon are the writers, producers and directors of the films. They are joined by James Murakami, an American production designer and Patrick Sullivan, an American set designer. Murakami worked on production designs for motion pictures, including the American Sniper and Ground Hog Day. Sullivan is an Emmy Award winner and known for his set designs works in Man of Steel and Men in Black.

The Lovaganza Convoy is filmed using the latest Immerscope technology on huge 3D screens and modern 3D and 2D theatres. The films include scenes of suspense, drama, comedy and action of bohemian ventures. Watch a sneak peek of the Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations trailer on Lovaganza site to experience the culture. Past productions are also available online, including the 2015 master trailer and 2013 sunshine shop trailer. Other trailers available online for viewing are screen tests and a 2015 documentary.

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The Lovaganza Traveling Show begins with a caravan and entertainment before entering the pavilions. Eight flagship locations represent the nationalities of different cultures in America, Africa, Europe, Spain, France, Middle East, Oceania, and Asia. The opening scene for the convoy began at Warner Brothers Studios in Hollywood, California. Scenes are being filmed in other locations in California, as well as, locations in Utah.

Lovaganza has finalized the opening and closing dates of the 2020 Lovaganza Celebration. The mission of the franchise is to bring cultural groups together in the world for peace, harmony, and unity. A special event is scheduled on the closing day of each eight locations to demonstrate love for humanity by quests holding hands regardless of ethnicities.

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Dynamic Search Partners Co-founder And Managing Director Keith Man Career Trajectory

Keith Manna’s 15-year glittering career in the executive search industry and expertise in matters hedge fund compensation, recruiting and staffing has enabled him actualize his long term dream. He is the co-founder and present day Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, an executive recruitment and placement firm that centers on searching opportunities for highly qualified investment experts. The firm also works in conjunction with top level hedge funds across the country that are searching for industry experts.


Since Dynamic Search Partners inauguration in 2001, they have been able to successfully recruit and place over 2,000 client mandates. Through the years, they have also been able to widen their scope of operations way beyond only recruitment and placement.


Keith Mann’s ballooning career started with Dynamic Associates, holding the position of the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division, a division he created himself after discovering the fast-growing hedge fund industry. His hard working pedigree saw him rise through the ranks to become the Vice President of the firm.


In 2006, he branched out his practice into the private equity industry. His heights came in 2009, where he created the Dynamics Search Partners. Today, Keith Mann dedicates most of his time directing activities at the firm. With all the years in the industry, Dynamics Search Partners are able to comprehend the intricacies and sensitivities that come along with executive recruitment, and this allows the company to successfully match their treasured clients with top industry professionals.


The Dynamic Search Partners services go well over recruitment and placement. They partner up with their clients and recruited candidates, walk and progress with them in accordance with the financial service sector. With Keith Mann at the helm, Dynamic Search Partners is destined for even greater things in the future.


FreedomPop Has All Kinds Of Services To Offer

FreedomPop has so much to offer. One service that they are currently offering is the Wi-Fi service, which is incredible on its own. The Wi-Fi service has been a great bonus to those who have cell phone service but lack of data on that phone. Those who want to get additional data at 4G speeds can purchase the Wi-Fi service for only five dollars per month. There’s unlimited access to the Wi-Fi service once the fee is paid, and the application for the Wi-Fi service is free to download from an app store.

It’s even possible to get Wi-Fi service to use it on a laptop or tablet if it’s needed. Those who are in need of a portable hotspot can get one of the several types that are available from FreedomPop for a low-cost with 500 MB of free data on the hotspot. Once the hotspot is purchased, the user must choose a plan that allows them to get Internet service when they need to use the hotspot. Since a hotspots are so small in size, they are very compact and can be taken anywhere, even in one’s pocket.

FreedomPop is even offering home Internet service that comes with 1 GB of data for free, and a data plan can be chosen for the home service to allow for more data that’s needed to run the service. The FreedomPop Hub that is used for the home Internet service has Wi-Fi capabilities, which means that the user can allow up to 8 different people to use the Internet at one time through Wi-Fi. Those that want cell phone service from FreedomPop are in for many different treats because they have over 30 kinds of phones available as well as name brand tablets.

The phones that can be purchased from FreedomPop’s website are immediately available for activation. Those that want to bring over a Sprint phone can do so if they want to keep their phone and not have to purchase another one. Anyone who has an unlocked cell phone can also feel free to use it on FreedomPop’s network. Great cell phone service is available for those who choose to use a CDMA phone or a GSM phone. Those who use a phone that needs a sim card must order the 3-in-1 sim card from FreedomPop to get their service activated.

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White Shark Media Making A Splash in the Marketing World

White Shark Media is a well-known Digital Marketing Agency. It was founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs. Together they have a large amount of online and offline marketing experience. All of that experience has lead this company to become one of the best marketing companies in North America.


While Shark Media is able to deliver great tailored online marking solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. This media company is currently one of the fastest growing agencies in the United States. Their rapid growth is from their cost-effective search marketing campaigns that is paired with their wonderful customer experience.


Over the years, they have helped thousands of companies grow their business by using different online marketing tactics. As they have grown, this media company has grown to span across three countries. They are able to do this by using many different marketing tools. Some of the tools that they use include Google Analytics, keyword tracking, and other reporting software. White Shark Media has over 150 employees and they have been able to master AdWords Search, Display Advertising, and Bing Ads.


With a rapid growth, this media company was invited to Google HQ in Mountain View California in 2012. The Google support team was able to help White Shark Media build a better customer service that was able to handle the rapid growth they experienced. This collaboration resulted in White Shark Media being awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in July 2014. The recipients of the partnership are a part of an elite group that meets the strict requirements of the Google award.


The way that White Shark Media treats their clients is way above most other marketing firms. They have helped numerous business create a positive online presence. Every single one of their client has seen massive business growth. White Shark offers their clients a wide selection of resources. Some of the resources that this marketing company uses are a free service. For instance, they do a free AdWords Evaluation, Local Listings Scans, and SEM Evaluations. To get a SEM Evaluation, business will get a live evaluation with a Digital Media Advisor. During this time the advisor will discuss other strategies that can be used and which ones will work the best for each business. The team at White Shark Media are always striving to continue their clients business success. This company is able to do that by offering tailored made marketing strategies for every client. Which means that no two marketing strategies are the same. The White Shark Media company is also able to create a one of a kind business logo. Every business is able to get three different logo concepts that can be used as they see fit.


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How The ClassDojo App Is Creating a Revolution is the Classroom

For Jill Smith, it wasn’t hard at all to find out how her son, who was in the fifth grade in Berry Intermediate School, was doing in class that day. All she had to do was flip open her phone, and she immediately saw that her son’s teacher, Emily Linsley, who taught him math, had given him a plus one for working hard. How did she do this? She used the ClassDojo app.


ClassDojo is an app that is all about empowering parents. It is about connecting teachers, parents, and students together in real time. It empowers students by rewarding them for positive behavior. When students are good, they will earn points, but they can lose points if their good behavior does not keep up.


But the greatest part of Class Dojo is that it helps parents connect with the classroom in real time. Parents can see how many points their child earned and for what good actions they earned these points for.


Jill Smith is proud of her son, and believes that it has helped him tremendously. She says that she sees a new maturity in her son this year, and she credits it to the Classdojo app.


The ClassDojo app is pretty well used. It is used in ninety percent of United States school districts, and it is used in one hundred and eighty countries around the world.


The great thing about the ClassDojo app is that is can be customized to fit each teacher’s needs. Not all children are alike, and every child, and every classroom setting, will require its own ways to empower the students. Teachers can put in which skills should be strived for, and are able to decide how many points each skill and good action is worth.


For parents who do not have the technology at home that is necessary to access the reports on the app, there is also an option for the teacher to print out the reports and give them over to the parents on paper.


Another teacher, Nicole Brown, who works at Dennis Elementary School, says that the app has helped create a positive environment in the classroom and improve the connection between students, teachers, and parents. She says that she has seen a total transformation among her students and in her classroom.


Nicole Brown uses a point system that can be traded in for prizes. Every 25 points can be applied towards a pride.


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Reputation Fix Tools May Not Be Enough

The critical necessity for effective online reputation management is not lost on many business owners. After reading one disastrous Online Reputation Review, it becomes clear that “bad words” about a business can do a lot of harm. Even when the person promoting the negativity is “merely” a disgruntled customer or minor employee, the effects of negative commentary can reach far and wide. Brands suffer and money ends up being lost. To results no one would want to deal with.

Tools” seem to exist to help with fixing a harmed reputation. There is nothing wrong with trying to use these tools, but working with a professional reputation management firm might be the better plan.

The arrival of software designed to provide updates on when a company’s name is mentioned online definitely helps keep track of buzz. Knowing what positive and negative commentary is circulating definitely assists with knowing what others may be thinking.

Attempting to fix things on one’s own, well, this is where the ship could end up crashing into the rocks. A person without any experience in online marketing, public relations, publicity, or promotional psychology could end up doing more damage to the cause than helping things.

Case in point, a business owner who comes off as being too defensive in response to a negative review might lead others to believe the negative commentary is true. A defensive attitude rarely helps a cause in any way. Those who lack experience in such matters are absolutely prone to making disastrous mistakes of this sort.

Choosing to simply rely on search engine optimization and article marketing tactics probably won’t work all that well either. The wrong approach to these methods could even get a business owner in even worse reputation and marketing trouble than before.

Turning all duties over to a professional company does come with costs. The costs might prove to be the best investments a person makes. A damaged reputation has to be fixed or a professional career may end up ruined. Turning crisis and reputation fixing duties over to a professional firm may fix an seemingly awful scenario.