EOS Lip Balms for All

There are a lot of places that you can get EOS lip balms or others that you might have seen. You may be wondering what the differences are and why EOS is a great option for your needs.

What is EOS Lip Balm?

EOS is a lip balm that contains Shea Butter to help your lips to feel soft and to get healthier. The Shea Butter is a good option because it’s natural and it makes the skind look and feel better.

Other lip balms contain things that are not natural and that are not as good for your lips as EOS is. They also have items that can damage your lips in a way that you won’t be able to fix easily.

Why EOS?

The biggest reason you might want to use EOS is that it’s more natural than some of the others on the market. You may notice that your lips will feel better and your lips will feel better than they ever have before.

Another reason you might want to look at what EOS can do is the container that it comes in. The container is unique and comes in different colors that match the flavor of the lip balm you are getting. If you like a different container, then this is a great idea for you.

When you are looking at lip balm, you should find a brand that will help your lips to feel better and to look better than it has before. Take your time and find the one that will be good for you and the needs your lips have. Then you will be sure to get what you want as well as make your lips beel that much better in the long run.

Check out the EOS Facebook page and website at evolutionofsmooth.com for more product information.

Read how EOS started here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick

ClassDojo Empowering Parent to Teacher Communications

In America, there is still an immense communications gap between teachers and parents; a gap that has traditionally been addressed with rounds of in-person or group parent/teacher gatherings sprinkled throughout the school year. This approach has always had its inherent limitations, such as:

  • teachers may be required to interact with groups of parents, reducing the personalized attention needed for individual assessment and counseling
  • many parents experience scheduling conflicts and miss out on these parent – teacher conferences, that often communicate problematic situations after the fact
  • the individual parent meetings will approach a general overview of the student’s academic progress, behavior and social activities, but lacks the spontaneity to address issues in real time

Effective teacher to parent communications is necessary for building community relationships and demonstrating an increased involvement of the school in the individual student’s progress. Imagine an educational system wherein teachers and parents could communicate in real-time, as needed, in the best interest of each and every student.

ClassDojo, an educational technology firm, has successfully raised $21 million in venture funding to roll-out its’ communications app which connects school educators with parents throughout the school day, during the entire school year. The benefits of teachers being able to keep parents aware of their children’s successes and missteps, in real time, include:

  • student motivation for academic achievement is increased, along with more regular attendance and improved behavior
  • parents have an enhanced quality of in-home involvement in learning, as information concerning bad behavior and student achievements act as guideposts
  • teachers can focus more on teaching, as parents are kept abreast of the student’s special needs; also reducing the amount of in-person time required

In over 85,000 schools across the nation, the ClassDojo app is being successfully utilized in public, charter, and private learning sectors. The software resembles the popular social networking apps like Facebook, yet the company’s leadership has placed a strong focus on data privacy and security, in addition to increasing student, teacher, and parent communications.

Future developments for the ClassDojo app could include online payments for student activities, school products like yearbooks or school photos, and other fees normally paid by sending cash or a check to school via the student. The firm is committed to setting its priorities to address the needs of the educational system, and not aim for monetization opportunities within the app.

Doe Deere’s Rise Claim To Fame

Doe Deere is the Russian born CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is an inspiration to millions of other young women that would like to achieve success on their own terms. Deere believes that inspiration is the key to ultimately achieving success or reaching your goals in life. In addition, Deere supports other women that are interested in starting their own business. She actively supports women in business through several organizations. She gives speeches on entrepreneurship at special events and loves mentoring young women entrepreneurs. Her rise to fame was a very steady climb and began with a vision to market a product that was unique.


Early Beginnings

Doe Deere’s favorite color is lime. In 2004, she registered the name Lime Crime on eBay for her fashion-line. Her clothing was unique and she longed for a makeup that would match her clothing style. The fact was that Deere could not find a makeup that fitted her very colorful style. Consequently, she struck out on her own and launched Lime Crime Cosmetics back in 2008. Deere relates that she is a very visual person and likes to work closely with other people in her organization creating and designing products for her cosmetic company. She also relates that she likes to test products on herself personally before releasing it to the public. She likes to touch the product, wear the product, and feel the product.


New Trends

Doe Deere is a successful entrepreneur that likes to keep her finger on the pulse of the public and current trends in makeup and business. Deere relates that she is very excited about all the new opportunities that are surfacing for young women and e-commerce. Online marketing is a very innovative way to sell products. It is also an extremely easy way for numerous ambitious women to get their start in business. Certainly, Deere was launching Lime Crime at the beginning of the e-commerce revolution. Now, her business has paved the way for future women entrepreneurs.


Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a businesswoman that likes to make things happen on her own terms. Deere also strongly believes success is making other people happy. Clearly, her makeup line is making a lot of people very happy. Her love for bright colors has captured the attention of the cosmetic world. She started out small, but now she is in competition with leading brand name cosmetic companies. The best part that she is winning over new fans every single day. Deere would like all her fans to know that her products are cruelty free and vegan based. This is a fact that remains true to her values and has led her to success. Doe Deere advises all young entrepreneurs to hold on to their values and they will eventually achieve success.

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Discover A Great Financial Opportunity With Online Banking Professionals

A recent PRN Newswire article was glad to report that NexBank, CEO and President, John Holt is creating strategic programs to improve the banking services and features for his clients and nationwide banking professionals. Holt was a keynote speaker at a recent National Banking Convention and is interested in hiring top banking executives to add innovative ideas to NexBank. They proudly serve over, 568,000+ client’s in the local area. They have been committed to the public and being a part of their financial future for over, 30 years. NexBank is a name that thousands of people know they can trust with their money.

They have enacted on a merger with New Jersey based, College Savings Bank to bring their clients a one of a kind opportunity to save more money than ever before, on college tuition. Thousands of students each year find themselves deep in debt with government student loans. In fact, their parents are finding it harder to help their children with college expenses. The NexBank and College Savings Bank merger will allow students and their parents to save through 1,500+ financial programs. They are proud to announce that College Savings Bank will continue business under their same name and likeness.

College Savings Bank

– Free checks
– Free direct deposit
– Free online bill pay
– Mortgage accounts
– IRA accounts
and much more…

Manage your money when you want with a friendly representative there to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check the status of your account from your smartphone and many other compatible devices. You never have to worry about your financial freedom when you have NexBank backing your money. They are inviting you to visit their official website for promotional offers and member services today.

Michael Zomber Trail Blazes In Antiques Collections

The art of collecting things is not synonymous with many people. Those who embark on the journey of collecting things are sometimes viewed as petty and show offs. It may be a favorite pastime for some people but there are others who are driven by passion to become collectors. Collection varies depending on one’s passion. Collectors may chose on anything like vintage things like cars, watches, books etc. others however collect historical things that are awesome to look at.

One person who is a collector is none other than Michael Zomber. He is an antique arms collector who have been plying his trade for the past forty years. His experience in arms collections has seen him get involved as a guest historian in several TV shows like “Guns of the Famous, Guns of the orient, Dueling pistols, Automatic pistols and Million dollar Guns.

Michael Zomber is well travelled. His search for antique amour have seen him tour various locations with rich heritage in arms usage all over the world. As a result he is well versed with people of different cultures of the world. His Zomber is considered an authority on the Japanese Samurai swords. His extensive research has helped him uncover so much about the swords. As a result, anybody who need information about them can get it from him.

He is considered a natural story teller. The role has landed him several big screen roles. He has also featured prominently in the writing of historical novels involving weapons. The experience he have acquired over the years is vital for anybody aspiring to write novels about historical events involving antique weapons. Many organizations sources his wisdom to come up with historical master pieces.

Zomber is a philanthropist. Having worked in war plagued areas during his research, he is way to aware of the effects of war. It is for this reason that he works closely with no governmental organization to sensitized people on the effects of war. He has partnered organizations like UNICEF to foster peaceful coexistence among people.

How Handy Ensured Survival And Profitability By Sacrificing Growth

In the past few years, the startup world ballooned with numerous startups and an equal share of venture capitalists. During the time, several promising startups including Handy launched and went on to dominate various markets within the country with some establishing regional presence. But then, the venture capitalists started clenching their resource fists by holding back on expansionary investments and concentrating on current profitability. Unlike most bubbles, the venture capitalist didn’t blast but contracted unexpectedly. In effect, the capital-reliant startups are not only shrinking, but some are closing up shop, the few that remain have also been forced to adopt rush moves.

Handy’s approach to the situation

Just like any other startup, Handy (https://www.handy.com/) was at first bent on acquiring maximum funds from venture capitalists that they aimed at spending in fast expansionary moves meant to strangle competition. Within the first four years of operation, the company had managed to raise over $110 million that they used to establish a local presence in over 28 markets across the United States. But when investors started questioning the company’s future profitability in relation to its accelerated expansion, the founding partners had to make critical survival decisions.

Hanrahan, one of the co-founders mentions that the fall of Homejoy, their biggest competitor, cast shadows of doubt on the sustainability of the industry on investors who questioned their cautionary strategies. In normal circumstances, Handy would have ventured out steadily to capture the new market, but the lack of funds and an uncertain future held the company back. With the financial advice of its current investors, the founding partners decided to hold back on any expansionary moves and concentrate on profitability.

In effect, the Handy resulted to improving service delivery in their 28 market dominations to maximize profitability and solidify their presence as opposed to maintaining a loose grip over a full yet unstable market. This fact also gives Handy time to accumulate enough funds that they can use to support their expansion while they await the startup funding freeze to relax.


A Look At Some Upcoming Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences

What Is The Wessex Institute Of Technology?

Wessex Institute Of Technology is a graduate school that conducts research and that hosts and sponsors conferences. It also publishes information from research conducted by its staff as well as presentations during it conferences. You can submit thesis or findings to the Wessex Institute of Technology for consideration to be featured at one of their conferences.

Upcoming WIT Conferences in 2017

The Complex Systems Conferences will be hosted directly by the Wessex Institute Of Technology at its campus in the New Forest National Park of England. This conference will look at problems that cannot be solved with a one sided approach. Instead it looks at how problems can be solved by incorporating multiple different technologies and scientific principles to reach a solution.

Two other conferences will directly hosted by the WIT in 2017. They are the timber structures conference and the boundary elements and mesh reduction methods mathematics conference.

ClassDojo Brings New Parent Teacher Communication To Schools

One of the most important things that any parent can provide for their child is a quality education. With a quality education, a child can take that education with him or her no matter where they go in life. The need for a quality education has become more and more important as each generation goes by because technology has become an integral part of modern society.

With the integration of technology, children need the core foundation of education even more so to have the opportunity to succeed in life. As technology has become more important in society, technology has also become more important in schools and school systems. One of the ways that technology has become more important in schools is through the use of technology to help in the education process. Currently schools use technology to enhance learning in the classroom in a wide variety of ways.

In addition, companies are constantly bringing new technology to the market that is geared towards schools and school systems. One company in particular that is providing new technology to schools is ClassDojo. The company recently received 21 million dollars in additional funding for its communication app that is designed to help communication between parents and teachers.

The communication app developed by ClassDojo is an alternative to the traditional parent and teacher meeting that has been conducted for many decades in schools regarding the progress of children. The communication app allows teachers and parents to communicate through the use of the app’s communication platform whenever desired. As a result, teachers and parents can stay in touch on a regular basis concerning the progress of students instead of waiting for a scheduled once or twice a year physical face-to-face meeting.

The communication app developed by ClassDojo is currently being used in many schools. Close to 80,000 schools use the app for teacher and parent communication and the number is increasing daily. The additional 21 million dollars in funding received by ClassDojo will be used to make enhancements to the app and the overall communication platform.

Technology has become a major component in many schools and school systems across the country. Technology such as the communication app developed by ClassDojo is fast becoming an alternative to traditional communication methods that have been used in schools for decades.

Parents have less and less time to come to schools for scheduled meetings and many teachers are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that is placed on them. The use of the ClassDojo app has been widely received in many schools across the country, and ClassDojo aims to make several new enhancements to the app in the upcoming year.