A Look At Some Upcoming Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences

What Is The Wessex Institute Of Technology?

Wessex Institute Of Technology is a graduate school that conducts research and that hosts and sponsors conferences. It also publishes information from research conducted by its staff as well as presentations during it conferences. You can submit thesis or findings to the Wessex Institute of Technology for consideration to be featured at one of their conferences.

Upcoming WIT Conferences in 2017

The Complex Systems Conferences will be hosted directly by the Wessex Institute Of Technology at its campus in the New Forest National Park of England. This conference will look at problems that cannot be solved with a one sided approach. Instead it looks at how problems can be solved by incorporating multiple different technologies and scientific principles to reach a solution.

Two other conferences will directly hosted by the WIT in 2017. They are the timber structures conference and the boundary elements and mesh reduction methods mathematics conference.

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