Andy Wirth Is Helping People Rediscover the Important Things in Life

When people think of rugged and down to earth people they usually don’t think of businessmen. But one man, often nicknamed the skydiving CEO, defies those preconceptions by being outright inspiring in his love of the natural world. Andy Wirth is a good reminder that the natural wonders of the world aren’t maintained simply by the fact that they’ve existed for so long.

If anyone sees a beautiful landscape, it’s important to remember that there’s some passionate men and women constantly working to ensure it stays that way. And there’s few more passionate on the subject than Andy Wirth. And the fact that he’s been quite successful at it is also a given when one looks at his professional record.

Wirth is well known to locals as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. And in that capacity he’s been able to help provide people with a number of ways to enjoy the thrill of the slopes. And of course he also provides the chance to really relax afterward as well. It’s hard to find anyone in the area who hasn’t had a chance to enjoy the slopes and then relax with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

But even many of the locals are unaware of the extent of Wirth’s positive influence on the natural beauty of the area. He’s obviously able to control that within the Squaw Valley Ski area.

But he’s also been able to extend that outward by fostering discussion and agreements with neighboring areas as well. This allows them to create an maintain a more unified and natural whole while also helping to foster enjoyment among visitors.

It’s this dedication to not only doing the right thing, but doing it amazingly well which has caught the attention of many groups who want to maintain and promote nature. One of these has created a great new opportunity for Wirth.

He’s the newest chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. And the position is one that will allow him to continue what’s rapidly becoming one of the defining traits of his life. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

It gives him even more chances to help him show people just how wonderful and amazing nature can be. Because the position isn’t so much about running an airport as it is about showing people why they’d want to use it to come explore an area. And there’s few people out there as prepared to showcase the region’s natural wonders than Andy Wirth.