Michael Zomber Trail Blazes In Antiques Collections

The art of collecting things is not synonymous with many people. Those who embark on the journey of collecting things are sometimes viewed as petty and show offs. It may be a favorite pastime for some people but there are others who are driven by passion to become collectors. Collection varies depending on one’s passion. Collectors may chose on anything like vintage things like cars, watches, books etc. others however collect historical things that are awesome to look at.

One person who is a collector is none other than Michael Zomber. He is an antique arms collector who have been plying his trade for the past forty years. His experience in arms collections has seen him get involved as a guest historian in several TV shows like “Guns of the Famous, Guns of the orient, Dueling pistols, Automatic pistols and Million dollar Guns.

Michael Zomber is well travelled. His search for antique amour have seen him tour various locations with rich heritage in arms usage all over the world. As a result he is well versed with people of different cultures of the world. His Zomber is considered an authority on the Japanese Samurai swords. His extensive research has helped him uncover so much about the swords. As a result, anybody who need information about them can get it from him.

He is considered a natural story teller. The role has landed him several big screen roles. He has also featured prominently in the writing of historical novels involving weapons. The experience he have acquired over the years is vital for anybody aspiring to write novels about historical events involving antique weapons. Many organizations sources his wisdom to come up with historical master pieces.

Zomber is a philanthropist. Having worked in war plagued areas during his research, he is way to aware of the effects of war. It is for this reason that he works closely with no governmental organization to sensitized people on the effects of war. He has partnered organizations like UNICEF to foster peaceful coexistence among people.