Growth Through Client Satisfaction

President and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc. John Holt had the honor of serving as a panelist during the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference held in New Orleans, LA. The annual event is hosted by the Texas Banker’s Association.

The conference is to give bank leaders, advisors, and consultants the opportunity to share their vision regarding the principle opportunities and address challenges facing bank leaders. Panelists and participants had the unique opportunity to explore strategic opportunities through the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)activity. The event is essential in developing and maintaining not only strategies, but also relationships in the banking community.

With NexBank reaching assets of an astounding $5.3 billion, it’s clear that President and CEO John Holt knows the value of relationships, especially client relationships. NexBank provides three primary services to its clients: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Banking. All three services has seen steady growth over the past several years.

The steady growth of NexBank has earned them the National rank of #1 in the ROAA Subchapter S Bank, and #2 Residential Real Estate Lender. In 2016, NexBank’s Superior Bank Quality Rating was a perfect 300 in the 1st through the 3rd quarter and 299 in the 4th quarter. With numbers like these, it’s no wonder NexBank has grown to be the 4th largest bank in Dallas and the 13th largest bank in Texas. As long as hard work, dedicated leadership, and exceptional client relationships continue, the growth of NexBank will only be limited by the ambition of its leadership.


Discover A Great Financial Opportunity With Online Banking Professionals

A recent PRN Newswire article was glad to report that NexBank, CEO and President, John Holt is creating strategic programs to improve the banking services and features for his clients and nationwide banking professionals. Holt was a keynote speaker at a recent National Banking Convention and is interested in hiring top banking executives to add innovative ideas to NexBank. They proudly serve over, 568,000+ client’s in the local area. They have been committed to the public and being a part of their financial future for over, 30 years. NexBank is a name that thousands of people know they can trust with their money.

They have enacted on a merger with New Jersey based, College Savings Bank to bring their clients a one of a kind opportunity to save more money than ever before, on college tuition. Thousands of students each year find themselves deep in debt with government student loans. In fact, their parents are finding it harder to help their children with college expenses. The NexBank and College Savings Bank merger will allow students and their parents to save through 1,500+ financial programs. They are proud to announce that College Savings Bank will continue business under their same name and likeness.

College Savings Bank

– Free checks
– Free direct deposit
– Free online bill pay
– Mortgage accounts
– IRA accounts
and much more…

Manage your money when you want with a friendly representative there to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check the status of your account from your smartphone and many other compatible devices. You never have to worry about your financial freedom when you have NexBank backing your money. They are inviting you to visit their official website for promotional offers and member services today.

Martin Lustgarten Offers Financial Opportunites For Clients

Martin Lustgarten knows a lot about investment banking. His Florida-based agency has made a great deal of money for a lot of happy clients.

As a whole, investment banking is a financial program that helps businesses obtain capital. The program isn’t singular, but in most cases, a trained professional in the banking industry can give you a simplified overview of how it works. A company, such as Martin Lustgarten’s, can provide suitable options.

Lustgarten helps clients learn the fine art of investing and how to protect your capital. Many financial remedies are available, it’s just a option of finding what is best.

Martin Lustgarten’s financial/investment/hedge fund business has ties all over the world. His corporation is one of the most highly-respected in the state if not U.S. Lustgarten was born and raised in the Miami area. After college, he jumped directly into finance and continued to hone his skills over the years.

Lustgarten has led a number of global projects, mostly in Asia. His business continued to thrive over the years and he earned a great deal of respect from his clients and peers. His diverse knowledge and leadership has helped bridge a number of gaps.

Lustgarten has used his firm to help open doors for individuals who would not ordinarily get financial backing. Lustgarten believes that global support will help the banking situation in the U.S. Lustgarten says that his clients are his first priority. “Finding the best opportunities for the individuals who trust me is what I do,” said Lustgarten. He also has an active Soundcloud page, for those interested in his musical tastes.