Fighting the Fine Hair Issue

If you’re a female you may be fighting an all too common fight against fine hair. One pro stylist named Emily McClure, did a great review in Bustle Magazine about her fine hair issue and how well Wen by Chaz did. In case you aren’t familiar enough with Wen we’ll give you some background. Wen is a total conditioning, non-lathering hair care system created by Chaz Dean, It’s only available online and comes in several scents. It’s a system that’s clear of harmful chemicals that leave the hair clean but without heavy residue. Emily stated that she used a lot of product in her hair simply because it’s so fine. After all, she’s a pro hairstylist and has to keep an image at the salon. She said that her hair also tended to break a lot and fall into the tub. She saw a marked difference immediately. This can be due to the shampoo not having the chemicals that can cause hair to break.

What can Women do for Fine Hair?

There’s not a lot you can do for fine hair without harsh chemicals. The shampoo you choose is important. The less that weights the hair down the better it will fluff up. Straight hair should be cut into layers for the best results. This makes the hair appear thicker and will swing freely when you move.

Mousse can be used but in a golf-ball sized amount to prevent a sticky residue. The Fig variation of WEN by Chaz Dean is the type of formula that Emily used and is certainly worth trying. If for nothing else but to strip away the product you’ve been using and allow the hair to breathe so that it’s not weighted down and thinned out by styling product we take for granted each day.

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Results of a Seven Day Trial of Wen by Chaz

A recent article sharing the one-week experiment Emily McClure did with Wen by Chaz, was published in Emily has fine hair that sometimes gets greasy and frizzy. She wanted to see how the product would work on her hair, so she used it, for seven straight days.

One the first day, she said that she was surprised at the large amount of the product she had to use. It was a lot more than when she used regular shampoo During her shower, she massaged it into her hair. She said her hair felt a bit thicker the first time she applied it. She let it sit for short time and rinsed it out. After blow-drying her hair, she was pleased with how shiny her hair looked.

She continued using Wen by Chaz each day. Some days she had to wash her hair later in the day rather than in the morning, and she noticed her hair was a bit oily when she washed it late. She claims that her hair is typically oily, so washing it regularly each morning seemed better.

By the end of the seven-day test, she was getting compliments from her friends about how shiny and healthy her hair looked. She says that she would definitely use it again and thinks it helped improve the condition of her hair.

Wen by Chaz cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 product. It serves as your shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. It also serves as a detangler and leave in conditioner. The product does not produce lather like a traditional shampoo. The natural oils in your hair will not be stripped out. You will notice that your hair has more moisture and is not dried out after using it several times. Check out the YouTube ads for Wen and learn more about their products.

After you finish rinsing your hair, you might want to apply just a little bit of the conditioner to the ends of your hair. It can help prevent split ends and make your hair more manageable. Need Wen? place you order on today.

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YouTube and Fame

YouTube has quickly become another medium that one could use to find recognition and achieve fame. While there are tons of YouTubers, there are a few that are very famous for the videos that they have produced. The common way they reach fame is through a viral video. Then there are others who slowly build a user base through the videos that they upload and the marketing that they do in order to bring viewers to their videos. Among the videos that YouTubers become famous through are reviews, reactions, and tutorials. However, they require a lot of creativity and work in order for fame to be achieved.

One famous Youtuber is Wendy Huang, also known as Wengie. She talks about beauty and how one could bring out the best in her looks. She uses YouTube in order to talk about many different trends and to give tutorials on beauty. She has a lot of advice for women at different stages of her life. She has started her site around four years ago during her job as a digital marketer. One of the things that she strongly urges businesses to do is to start a blog of their own.

Wengie’s passion is fashion and beauty. Sh was very young when she discovered that passion. This has inspired to learn everything that she can about beauty. In an interview, she has admitted that her mom has never worn make up. Her mother does not show any interest in fashion and make up. However, Wengie became so fascinated with the world of make up and fashion that she found herself learning tons about it from many different sources. Now she takes her passion and knowledge of beauty and creates pages and videos giving advice on how one could bring out the best beauty in herself.

One good thing about famous YouTubers is that they are not just entertainers, they are also people that could be easily reached. YouTube celebrities are very easily reached even though they have as much of a fanbase as Hollywood industry celebrities. However, with the creativity put into their work, they not only entertain, but inspire others who want to break in and get a good career going in a field that they are passionate about. The real advantage to YouTube is the variety of productions that could get views and recognition.