Robert Santiago Model of Success

Robert Santiago is a multitalented and passionate go-getter. He has produced over 9 films, 27 books, and ten theaters. He has worked as a film director, Spanish writer, and playwright. Robert attended Complutense University where he studied Image and Sound. He has also earned a degree in literary creation from the School of Letters of Madrid. Robert has a long history in directing films, which makes him a highly experienced icon in the world of film. He started his career in 1999 where he directed the film called Roulette. He also came up with another classic film that brought him, even more, fame from across the world. The film Happy Men made it to the Spanish Premier Festival in 2001. His screenplay labeled the longest penalty in the world also attracted more than one million viewership. He has also directed other films such as the club of suicides, at the end of the way, are you there and the harvest.

Robert has also touched the hearts of many through his creative mind and passion. He has worked tirelessly to ensure every piece of work he puts together brings a clear message to the society. He has remained creative in the ideas he selects about his films. The idea has seen him attract the sponsorship of Unicef due to the El sueno de Ivan film he released. Over the years he has also produced content worth the attention of television stations. Robert has previously made humor programs, which has increased his popularity.


Nurturing Novelist

Over the years of exercising his talent and passion, Robert Santiago has written books for children and the youth. His focus is to nurture them to understand different aspects of life when they are still young. The different collections for young people include; the thief of lies, Jon and machine fear, the world according to Claudio, and Alexandra and the seven test. As a best-selling author in Spain, his books have been translated into different languages to serve the demands of the people.

Investment Portfolio

Robert is the owner of Manaira Shopping center in Brazil located in Joao pessoa. It is the largest commercial place and mall in Brazil. It started in 1989 and it was later expanded in 2013. It has a food court, 8 cinemas, gym, banking halls, college, golf strike and a park where parents can relax with their children during a weekend out. It has a space that can hold eight thousand people. The shopping complex has also been used for different events and exhibitions.

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The Brazilian Legal System Is Assisted By Ricardo Tosto

The Brazilian legal system can be one of the most confusing in the world with its huge number of laws on the books at both national and regional level. Lawyers in Brazil face the difficult prospect of learning thousands of laws, which is why many decide to specialize in a specific area of law like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. The expert in Brazilian law has been specializing in the corporate area of the legal system, but has also branched out into various other areas that have included working in the best possible way to simplify the legal system for the Brazilian government.

Ricardo Tosto understands the difficulties of becoming a lawyer in Brazil, which has its system based in the code based laws of Europe. To begin his career the respected lawyer completed his undergraduate degree in law before sitting the bar exam, which is the common way to enter the legal system in Brazil; from here Tosto entered a small law office that was the first stepping stone he took in becoming a major force in Brazilian legal life as one of the most respected figures in the country.

Despite the success that led Ricardo Tosto to success early in his career and the establishment of his own legal firm the lawyer has never forgotten the fact he has had to fight his way to the top of the legal profession. Unlike many law firms who use interns as unpaid labor, Ricardo Tosto has made sure to accept the best law students as legal interns and give them the chance to continue their work with his company after they graduate. Many interns have moved on to become partners in Ricardo Tosto’s own law firm.

The chance to help every lawyer in Brazil has driven Ricardo Tosto on to even greater success as he has developed many legal mechanisms now commonly accepted as the standards within Brazilian law.