Nationwide Title Clearing Company Revamps Website, Online Ordering Now Available

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the most popular providers of support services for the real estate industry. Despite the fact that they always strive to offer excellent services, there are times when issues like title defects happen. The company is trying to address this issue using the best ways they can manage, and one of the ways has been creating an online portal where ordering takes place. The issue of title defects has been thorny for some of the clients because it has led to consequences such as foreclosures. The title defects have also complicated the efforts of transmitting property from one person to another.


The Nationwide Title Clearing Company has responded to the claims by revamping their website. They stated that it is vital for proper records on the property to be kept especially where the conveyance of the title will have to be done at some point. They added that when the buyer gets all the relevant documents, such as the title deeds, issues such as foreclosures and buybacks will not happen often. The website, which went live a few months ago, has made it possible for customers to access all these documents.


Combinations of factors usually lead to defects on the titles. There are cases where people try and lay a claim on property that does not belong to them at all. The second case scenario is where a person makes a mistake when writing the document. In yet another case, the document may fail to comply with the standards of the particular area and lastly, there are those cases where documents need more than one signatory, but one of them does not append their signature to the document.


These issues have been common in the past. There have also been cases whereby the property had previous liens and encumbrances. The creation of the online portal is to not only provide these relevant documents but to also offer information on the entire history of the property. Other information accessible on the site includes tax status reports, verification reports after assignments and information regarding the current owner of the property. The company states that all the information shared on their site is verified.


Nationwide Title Clearing


Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately held company. It mainly deals with the processing of real estate documents. The company has been operation since 1991 and has their headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida. They are a great asset to property owners.


How Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory are Improving Startup Businesses

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur who is on a mission of helping young and willing Swiss to start their Startup ideas with a vision of transforming them into big corporation and companies in Switzerland.He emphasizes on the digital transformation and encourages small business to incorporate the modern business model into their businesses to facilitate growth.

Baur attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern in 1997 and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Banking and Finance in 2000. In 2007, he enrolled at the University of Rochester and graduated with an MBA. He joined the Universität Bern in 2007 and graduated with an Executive Master of Business Administration (E.M.B.A) in 2008.

His career in the banking industry lasted for over 20 years. He has worked with both UBS and Clariden Leu, which are Swiss leading financial institutions. He started off as a commercial apprentice and worked his way to top level management. He later joined the executive board of the Swiss Private Bank.

In 2014, he ventured into a different path by co-founding Swiss Startup Factory. The company’s objectives are to help finance and advise new startups in Switzerland. The company has been involved in several startup projects ever since its formation.

Through their pre-accelerator services, they offer professionally taught pitch training and coaching. They also provide assistance regarding marketing team, IT and account support, product development and introduces your business to an ecosystem of global startups. Through the Growth Accelerator Service, they mainly focus on matured startups. They help them get access to finance through investors, and business development process where they help a business to build, measure and learn from its experience, throughout the process. Through this service, they help a company attain its goals and identify any barriers that might hinder its progress.

Baur’s belief in startup businesses has fueled his ambition of spreading awareness and importance of starting, owning and operating a business. Through Swiss Startup Factory, he envisions a future Swiss economy that will be run by sharp and dedicated entrepreneurs. He invests a lot of his time and skills on the Swiss Youth Entrepreneurship. He is also known to support numerous Swiss startups by offering his knowledge as a mentor, and by providing financial assistance. He co-founded the Swiss Startup Association and is serving as its Director.

He hopes to use the knowledge he acquired in the financial industry to mentor and help transform ideas into businesses.

Mike Baur Success

Starting a business is a lot harder than a lot of people realize. Over the long term, you need a plan in place to take you from one area to the next. Mike Baur has done a great job of helping people get to the next level in their life and career. Over the past couple of years, he is a great example of what it takes to work on your career and help others during the process as well. If you are someone who is interested in starting up a company, you need to learn how to build a strong foundation.


Mike Baur


From the time he was young, Mike Baur is someone who has worked to grow his companies to the highest level. He is not the type of person who is interested in moderate success. If you want to invest in your future, you need a plan in place to do so. A lot of people today just want to make small sacrifices and think that they are going to get ahead in life. This is simply not the case when starting up a small business. You need to learn to scale your time for maximum benefit. This is what Mike Baur can teach you in his start up factory classes. This is designed to give you as much education as possible in a short period of time.


Building a Business


Dreaming of starting a business and actually executing that dream are two completely different things. A lot of people want to grow their business over time, but they are not sure where to start. Mike Baur is someone who is doing a lot of good in the world right now. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, he is a great person to role model. There are a lot of people today who are trying to take things to the next level in their life through their business. Starting a business is hard, and you need as much knowledge and wisdom during this process as possible. One of the great things about Mike Baur is that he is always willing to help other people get to the next level. This is something that he has always believed in and will continue to do. Over time, he has helped hundreds of people with the process of starting their own business.

FreedPop’s Amazing WhatsApp Strategy

To say WhatsApp is popular around the world would be a massive understatement. Well over a billion people use WhatsApp. FreedomPop sees a brilliant partnership arrangement by offering zero-rated access with WhatsApp. Even FreedomPop users whose data hits “zero” can still use WhatsApp.

The phone company has high hopes for Spain and is putting a lot of effort into the launch.

FreedomPop has built its company through understanding a very clear fact about the market. There are consumers who do want a product, they may even greatly need a product, but price keeps them from buying. FreedomPop came up with a simple concept designed to reach such customers in the mobile phone world. Refurbished versions of high-quality smartphones would be sold online at a dramatic discount. Phones costing upwards of $300 new would be sold at 60% to 90% discounts. In addition, a set amount of 100% free phone, data, and texting would be made available.

Once again, as reported in Venture Beat, Spain is now the new territory the company has its eyes on. WhatsApp is opening the door for the company in the Spanish market, a territory in which WhatsApp’s use is massive for messaging. In time, FreedomPop may seek to expand into other territories using the WhatsApp strategy.

FreedomPop recently raised $50 million to support a massive multi-country expansion. Likely, the company will repeat its success in each and every reason it debuts.

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The Slyce and Shoe Carnival Partnership Reveal The Future Of Shopping

Slyce has developed one of the best apps for online shopping. Buyers and sellers of retail merchandise find the process of using visual recognition search programs to be hugely beneficial. Buyers do find the ability to use an image to match a product on a website to make shopping a lot easier. Sellers do appreciate the increased sales this type of program delivers. Slyce truly did a great job with the venture capital raised to create this app, an app that builds on original work of the Amazon Flow program.

Slyce and Shoe Carnival have launched a partnership that shows the mutual benefits to be found among the relationship between the app provider and a top retailer.

The partnership focuses on the release of “fully automated 3D visual search technology” to take an image from anywhere and use it to search through the entire product line of Shoe Carnival. Customer can take a digital photo of footwear or copy something off a website. No matter where the image comes from, the image can be used to search through the online catalog.

Things become a lot easier for the consumer with a program of this nature. Taking a picture of a pair of shoes in a window and running a search is a lot easier than trying to type a prose description based on memory.

Shoe Carnival is a massively huge retailer. Likely, the company sells what the buyer wants. The trouble is the buyer may have a hard time actually being able to locate an item. Through using the outstanding mobile app produced by Slyce, things become a lot easier.

Slyce has acquired and developed other apps. A recent NASDAQ article covered a host of the new programs slated for release. All of the programs such as a universal barcode scanner and a coupon app reflect the future of online shopping. The Toronto-based startup is sure to be changing the face of online shopping.