OSI Industries is the Place for Bulk Food Orders

OSI Industries is a place where people can place bulk food orders, and they will find that they can place an order that will come to them fresh. They will get excited to have food that can be served fresh because of the OSI Industries delivery schedule. They always deliver fresh, and they deliver fresh from the closest location.

  1. OSI Industries And Their History

OSI is a company with a long history that goes back to when they were a father and son business. They started providing foods to people that needed them, and they became one of the biggest suppliers for the old McDonald’s. They were made famous by this partnership, and they have remained in the limelight because they have grown their business thereafter.

  1. Where Are Their Facilities?

The facilities of OSI Industries are spread all over the country, and they have expanded across the world so that they could have the freshest food delivered to each client. They prefer to deliver quickly in their fleet of refrigerated trucks, and they will deliver directly to the customer when the order is placed.

  1. They Offer Online Ordering

They offer online ordering for all customers, and OSI processes these cases as fast as possible. They will ship to the customers on a schedule that works for the customer, and they will show the customers their savings when they check out. They sell all sorts of food products, and they do this at a savings for every order.

  1. Who Needs OSI Industries?

OSI helps schools, churches, and large cafeterias. They sell to companies that must make their food fresh for the customer, and they work with food service companies that sell at retail. This is a wholesale operation that offers people the lowest prices, and they will help their customers learn how to save money on each item. They allow for menu planning on their site, and they will talk their clients through the process of ordering if that is necessary, and they will set up a schedule that is best for everyone.

  1. Conclusion

Someone who wants to have a much better food delivered to their location can do so with help from OSI, and they will have that food delivered for much less money. They can get bulk discounts, and their food is delivered from the nearest plant to their location so that the food is always fresh.

OSI Industries; the Admired Global Food Provider

OSI Industries; the Admired Global Food Provider

Globalization is the term used to describe companies and businesses that are interconnected across the world. These units often share different forces like technology, media, global finance, as well as transportation. The benefits of globalization include providing tremendous chances for the economic growth of a country including improving people’s quality of life. Aside from that, globalization can be quite challenging since it requires an individual to shift the company’s operations between different sectors. Like in the case of OSI Industries, globalization can be rewarding to the company, its employees and consumers alike.

Background Data

In 1909, a German immigrant dared to dream of starting a new business. Although small, the butcher shop was pretty instrumental in providing food products to the residents of Chicago. At the same time, the demand for meat products was escalating thereby requiring the owner of the shop, Otto Kolschowksy, to regroup and think of how to supply substantial food to the residents. It was at that moment that he decided to move his shop to Maywood, a luxurious estate in Chicago. While at it, Otto brought in his sons to the business. It was now a family business ran on the basis of providing clients with high quality of food.


Over the years, Otto and Sons rebranded to OSI Group. It was at this time that they also adopted new technology and started preserving their food through liquid nitrogen. Also, the company started venturing into major global expansion projects thereby giving birth to OSI. Today, OSI Industries is the main food provider for meat –based products across the world. The company thrives in its belief to offer clients the best services in the industry. Some of the notable global expansion projects include;

Global Expansion

OSI Industries has been focusing on reaching out to different clients across the world. For that reason, the company acquired Baho Food from Germany, and Tyson Foods from Chicago. Both projects were intended to increase the food production capacity of the company. Today, OSI Industries has branches in about 17 countries. these branches rely on high quality food production to satisfy the needs of their consumers.


PSI-Pay-Making Contactless Payments Safe

Contactless payments are increasingly becoming popular, owing to the drastic rise in the number of consumers who prefer to make payments devoid of having to swipe their cards or carry cash. In fact, recent data shows that most payments throughout the UK are made via contactless payments. Nevertheless, the great majority of consumers are wary of underlying security concerns involved in this mode of payment.




PSI-Pay is awake to this fact and thus as a principal provider of payments solutions globally, the firm is wholly dedicated to making contactless payments safe for consumers. The advanced technology utilized by PSI-Pay makes contactless payments very secure. Contactless payments solutions offered by the firm are ultra-protected and they meet the standards set by prominent global payment firms such as MasterCard, Visa, and Europay. That means consumers’ cards are adequately protected by chip technology, hence ensuring their card details remain safe even after swiping their cards at any payment terminals.




The most crucial part of the defense of contactless payments solutions offered by the firm is the near-field-communication. It is securely designed to protect consumers from making accidental payments. The other notable security precaution is the limitation on the number of transactions consumers can transact via contactless payments. Almost all sale terminals are programmed to restrict spending to specific amounts. Payments exceeding these spending limits are hence not accepted. These contactless payments technologies have been endorsed by industry leaders such as the Alliance of Smartcard Payments Council.




PSI-Pay is an e-Money firm that is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. It provides e-Money solutions globally. The firm is authorized to issue prepaid and debit cards, among them MasterCard, Europay, and Visa. The firm thrives under the philosophy of empowering their partners to achieve what they strive to do best. The firm’s partnership model is quite flexible in regards to their partners’ requirements, which help safeguard cardholder funds.








PSI-Pay has ultimately shaped the way contactless payments are done in the world over. Most importantly, the payment solutions provider has really made contactless payments quite safe for consumers worldwide. It is hence devoted to offering reliable payments solutions for individuals and companies globally.

You Need Financial Help? Visit Infinity Group

Infinity Group is a financial institution in Australia that is well-spoken of by many people. If you go through Infinity Group Australia reviews, you will see that each comment gives praise to the group. Perhaps you are asking why. It is simple. Graeme Holm, the co-founder of Infinity Group, sheds some light into why everybody is happy about the service.


“When I started Infinity Group, I had one aim in my mind: I wanted to help thousands of Aussies that suffer. Remember I have been in the banking and financial sector for 17 years now. Even before then, when I was an indoor soccer rep, I had a passion for helping people. But now when I went to the banking industry and saw how people are downtrodden by various banks, I felt for them. I said to myself that I am the only person to help them,” Holm says.


He points out that Infinity Group does not impose hard and stringent rules on clients when the company is aware that people need help. According to the CEO, when a client approaches them, Infinity Group quickly arranges for a meeting. “At times, we can do even three to four meetings. The aim of scheduling such meetings is to help our bankers get to the core of the problem. Before we actually decide to lend a client, we look at ongoing family needs, household expenses, and several other details surrounding the family. These are things that you cannot know if you give the whole issue a hasty approach,” Holm adds.


This approach has helped many people get loans and paying them without any major challenges. According to the Infinity Group Australia reviews, the company gives you a report each month. You are updated on how you’ve been paying, the remaining amount and time to repay. This, according to clients is a good customer service that allows for one to do any repayment changes if need be.


Anybody in need of financial help can easily approach Infinity Group for the help. Mr. Holm says that all the years since 2012, he has not seen a single case that Infinity Group was not able to handle. He says that the group serves all sorts of clients whether their problem is big or small. He says,”The latest person I can remember that we have served is a young many, a Navy Officer who is only 22 years.”


Infinity Group Australia is now a company that is helping clients manage their personal finances and allowing them to save more than they would expect. By assigning personal bankers to their clients, the company is ensuring that the clients get maximum support. So far, the company has worked with many clients who are happy with the results. Learn more: https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/contact-us/

OSI Industries: The Company That You Didn’t Know Was Feeding You

Have you eaten McDonald’s, Papa Johns, or Subway over the last ten years? If so, chances are you have eaten products produced by OSI Industries. What is OSI Industries? OSI Industries is one of the largest meat packaging companies on the planet. OSI focuses on servicing the foodservice industry and has worked with some of the biggest names in foodservice. In fact, in 1955, OSI was chosen to be the first supplier of ground beef to a rising McDonalds franchise. OSI has played a part in feeding almost every American, but little is known about the company.

OSI Industries is aggressive. It expands fast, swallows the competition, and generally creates a dynamic shift in product capital wherever it arrives. However, the ways in which OSI expands are interesting. Let’s take Germany as an example. In Germany, the company Hynek has been producing meat products for years. It has ties with local farmers. Its management knows the meat slaughterers around them by name, and the company as a whole has deep German roots. In 2016, OSI acquired Hynek. However, instead of absorbing the company and its vision, OSI left the leadership and employees intact. Instead, OSI decided to let the company continue on producing quality meat like they always had.

See, what OSI was doing was interesting. By leaving the structure in place, OSI breeds product confidence, retains loyal customers, and gains insights into the German market for all of their other products. Something similar happened with OSI Industries acquisition of Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a major producer of deli meats and snacks. OSI scooped them up in 2016 as well. Once again, OSI left their employees and leadership intact. Instead, OSI gained a foothold in the Netherlands and a broader range of products to offer their customers.

This unobtrusive acquisition behavior has helped shape OSI into the giant of industry that they are. It helped a small meat shop become a global force of food. OSI practices are interesting to observe. It shows that the company is concerned about longevity, and is playing aggressively on the market while also playing it slow post-acquisition. This leads to some important power dynamics that seem to be working for OSI. So, the company that you didn’t know was feeding you, is actually the company that you didn’t know was feeding the world.

For details: www.kununu.com/us/osi-industries

Bob Reina: You Can Feel Safe Again

Bob Reina wants people to feel safe and secure again in their lives. He has heard all of the stories about people that have felt unsafe at their jobs. They fear they are going to get fired at any moment because they have a boss that has a fiery temper. It is only a matter of time before they are going to explode and unleash their fury on them. No one wants to hear that and no one wants to deal with that type of negativity. Positivity is the way to go and that is how Bob Reina runs Talk Fusion for his customers and also for his employees.

He wants people that work for him to feel comfortable coming up to him and talking to him about anything that they are thinking about in terms of the company. He wants to hear ideas. He knows that he has hired talented people and because they are talented, they have a lot to offer and a lot to say. They can really come up with a fresh and new idea that Bob Reina was previously unfamiliar with in the past. He will use it and he will give credit to the person that came up with the idea.

A lot of bosses love to hog the spotlight and have it all to themselves. They want to get all of the awards and all of the praise. When they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, Bob Reina was quick to praise his IT team for their work in making sure Talk Fusion was growing and headed in the right direction. It is why they won the award as it recognizes companies that are changing for the better and improving each and every time they introduce something to the public.Learn more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3051273/bio

As far as the customers, when he is at a speaking event, he loves to interact with them and find out what they are thinking and how they are feeling about a particular topic. He wants them to feel like they can talk to him and share their success story.







Are You Ready To Become A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide?

Traveling Vineyard offers a great and flexible part-time work opportunities to its wine guides. In fact, several wine guides made a recent visit to the Napa Valley area and reported back to the NorCal News website. The article focuses on some insider info from the wine guides on how to spend your time while visiting the Napa Valley area.

There are suggestions from a visit to the Historical Society, to spending some time tasting farm fresh olive oils. The article is a great way to get a better understanding of Napa and all of the activities available in the area that are not focused on wine. Even the hardiest of wine lovers need a break from the endless tastings at some point!

The opportunity available to the wine guides is so great that some even opt to do it full-time after they have tried it out for a bit. And if you are looking for a fun way to earn some extra cash on the side, there is no doubt that becoming a wine guide will suit your needs. The business model is based on private, in-home wine tastings that allow the wine guides to explain more about each wine, its origin and a little bit about how it is made. The information never gets too technical, it is at the perfect level to not get too involved but just add to the overall enjoyment of drinking wine. The wine guides can also discuss various food pairings and what type of tastes go best with each wine varietal.

Traveling Vineyard is a company that wants its wine guides and their guests to have fun. There are no fussy or snobbish attitudes here! The company has a very robust social media presence and you can see just how much fun everyone is having! Wine guides are encouraged to submit photos from their tasting events and it really does look like the events are a lot of fun. Traveling Vineyard offers commissions, bonuses and special promotions such as all expenses paid vacations to popular wine destinations. Learn more about wine guides today.

Nationwide Title Clearing Company Revamps Website, Online Ordering Now Available

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the most popular providers of support services for the real estate industry. Despite the fact that they always strive to offer excellent services, there are times when issues like title defects happen. The company is trying to address this issue using the best ways they can manage, and one of the ways has been creating an online portal where ordering takes place. The issue of title defects has been thorny for some of the clients because it has led to consequences such as foreclosures. The title defects have also complicated the efforts of transmitting property from one person to another.


The Nationwide Title Clearing Company has responded to the claims by revamping their website. They stated that it is vital for proper records on the property to be kept especially where the conveyance of the title will have to be done at some point. They added that when the buyer gets all the relevant documents, such as the title deeds, issues such as foreclosures and buybacks will not happen often. The website, which went live a few months ago, has made it possible for customers to access all these documents.


Combinations of factors usually lead to defects on the titles. There are cases where people try and lay a claim on property that does not belong to them at all. The second case scenario is where a person makes a mistake when writing the document. In yet another case, the document may fail to comply with the standards of the particular area and lastly, there are those cases where documents need more than one signatory, but one of them does not append their signature to the document.


These issues have been common in the past. There have also been cases whereby the property had previous liens and encumbrances. The creation of the online portal is to not only provide these relevant documents but to also offer information on the entire history of the property. Other information accessible on the site includes tax status reports, verification reports after assignments and information regarding the current owner of the property. The company states that all the information shared on their site is verified.


Nationwide Title Clearing


Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately held company. It mainly deals with the processing of real estate documents. The company has been operation since 1991 and has their headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida. They are a great asset to property owners.


How Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory are Improving Startup Businesses

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur who is on a mission of helping young and willing Swiss to start their Startup ideas with a vision of transforming them into big corporation and companies in Switzerland.He emphasizes on the digital transformation and encourages small business to incorporate the modern business model into their businesses to facilitate growth.

Baur attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern in 1997 and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Banking and Finance in 2000. In 2007, he enrolled at the University of Rochester and graduated with an MBA. He joined the Universität Bern in 2007 and graduated with an Executive Master of Business Administration (E.M.B.A) in 2008.

His career in the banking industry lasted for over 20 years. He has worked with both UBS and Clariden Leu, which are Swiss leading financial institutions. He started off as a commercial apprentice and worked his way to top level management. He later joined the executive board of the Swiss Private Bank.

In 2014, he ventured into a different path by co-founding Swiss Startup Factory. The company’s objectives are to help finance and advise new startups in Switzerland. The company has been involved in several startup projects ever since its formation.

Through their pre-accelerator services, they offer professionally taught pitch training and coaching. They also provide assistance regarding marketing team, IT and account support, product development and introduces your business to an ecosystem of global startups. Through the Growth Accelerator Service, they mainly focus on matured startups. They help them get access to finance through investors, and business development process where they help a business to build, measure and learn from its experience, throughout the process. Through this service, they help a company attain its goals and identify any barriers that might hinder its progress.

Baur’s belief in startup businesses has fueled his ambition of spreading awareness and importance of starting, owning and operating a business. Through Swiss Startup Factory, he envisions a future Swiss economy that will be run by sharp and dedicated entrepreneurs. He invests a lot of his time and skills on the Swiss Youth Entrepreneurship. He is also known to support numerous Swiss startups by offering his knowledge as a mentor, and by providing financial assistance. He co-founded the Swiss Startup Association and is serving as its Director.

He hopes to use the knowledge he acquired in the financial industry to mentor and help transform ideas into businesses.

Robert Santiago Model of Success

Robert Santiago is a multitalented and passionate go-getter. He has produced over 9 films, 27 books, and ten theaters. He has worked as a film director, Spanish writer, and playwright. Robert attended Complutense University where he studied Image and Sound. He has also earned a degree in literary creation from the School of Letters of Madrid. Robert has a long history in directing films, which makes him a highly experienced icon in the world of film. He started his career in 1999 where he directed the film called Roulette. He also came up with another classic film that brought him, even more, fame from across the world. The film Happy Men made it to the Spanish Premier Festival in 2001. His screenplay labeled the longest penalty in the world also attracted more than one million viewership. He has also directed other films such as the club of suicides, at the end of the way, are you there and the harvest.

Robert has also touched the hearts of many through his creative mind and passion. He has worked tirelessly to ensure every piece of work he puts together brings a clear message to the society. He has remained creative in the ideas he selects about his films. The idea has seen him attract the sponsorship of Unicef due to the El sueno de Ivan film he released. Over the years he has also produced content worth the attention of television stations. Robert has previously made humor programs, which has increased his popularity.

Visit: http://robertosantiago.blogspot.com/

Nurturing Novelist

Over the years of exercising his talent and passion, Robert Santiago has written books for children and the youth. His focus is to nurture them to understand different aspects of life when they are still young. The different collections for young people include; the thief of lies, Jon and machine fear, the world according to Claudio, and Alexandra and the seven test. As a best-selling author in Spain, his books have been translated into different languages to serve the demands of the people.

Investment Portfolio

Robert is the owner of Manaira Shopping center in Brazil located in Joao pessoa. It is the largest commercial place and mall in Brazil. It started in 1989 and it was later expanded in 2013. It has a food court, 8 cinemas, gym, banking halls, college, golf strike and a park where parents can relax with their children during a weekend out. It has a space that can hold eight thousand people. The shopping complex has also been used for different events and exhibitions.

Read more on Polemica Paraiba