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Starting a business is a lot harder than a lot of people realize. Over the long term, you need a plan in place to take you from one area to the next. Mike Baur has done a great job of helping people get to the next level in their life and career. Over the past couple of years, he is a great example of what it takes to work on your career and help others during the process as well. If you are someone who is interested in starting up a company, you need to learn how to build a strong foundation.


Mike Baur


From the time he was young, Mike Baur is someone who has worked to grow his companies to the highest level. He is not the type of person who is interested in moderate success. If you want to invest in your future, you need a plan in place to do so. A lot of people today just want to make small sacrifices and think that they are going to get ahead in life. This is simply not the case when starting up a small business. You need to learn to scale your time for maximum benefit. This is what Mike Baur can teach you in his start up factory classes. This is designed to give you as much education as possible in a short period of time.


Building a Business


Dreaming of starting a business and actually executing that dream are two completely different things. A lot of people want to grow their business over time, but they are not sure where to start. Mike Baur is someone who is doing a lot of good in the world right now. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, he is a great person to role model. There are a lot of people today who are trying to take things to the next level in their life through their business. Starting a business is hard, and you need as much knowledge and wisdom during this process as possible. One of the great things about Mike Baur is that he is always willing to help other people get to the next level. This is something that he has always believed in and will continue to do. Over time, he has helped hundreds of people with the process of starting their own business.

How Did Securus Set Up The Best Calling App?

Securus has managed to set up the best calling app for people in prison, and I am very happy that I am using it to check in on my friend. I am really the only person who is still checking on him, and I know for a fact that I will not have to worry again abut this when I am trying to get in touch with him. Securus has an app that I can use to call, and I have gotten a couple of our other friends to use the app so that they can check on him, too. It has been very helpful, and it has been something that has made it easier for us to stay in touch.

The Securus app allows me to pick the person that I am going to talk to, and then it does the connection to the jail for me. It really is one of the easiest things that people have ever been able to do to keep in touch with others, and I am very excited to be sharing it with people as I make calls to my friends. I can see them when I want to, and I will know if they are actually doing well or not. It is really important for me to know if they are doing well, and it helps that I can see them.

I have gotten used to just pressing one button on the app to get results, and I have been able to use the app to talk to him when I need to. The app is so much faster than using the computer, and it allows me to make calls when I need to. It would just make a lot more sense for us to keep on the Securus video calls because they are simple.

A Look Into The Prestigious Life of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital lost one of its most reputable leaders on March 12, 2015. 52 year old Stephen Murray was their president and CEO and had not only been with the company for twenty years, he also co-founded the company.

A month before he passed away in his home, he stepped away from his position due to “health-related” reasons.

Murray’s life began on Aug 2, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York. According to his obituary, He grew up in North Tarrytown, NY. He graduated from Boston College with a BS degree in economics in 1984.

He later went on to marry his high school sweetheart, Tami, on September 21, 1985. In 1989, he received his MBA in business administration at Columbia Business School. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://xrepublic.net/2014/09/11/stephen-murray-the-great-investor-and-deal-maker-for-ccmp-capital/

He and his wife had four sons and resided in Stamford, Connecticut, which is located only thirty miles away from Manhattan. They were married for 29 years.

In 1984, Stephen Murray began his career as a credit analyst trainee and worked his way to become vice president of mid-market lending at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in New York. He later joined their private equity group in 1989. In 1991, Manufactures Hanover was purchased by Chemical Bank and MH Equity united with Chemical Venture Partners.

Chemical Bank went on to join Chase Manhattan Corporation and Chemical Venture Partners developed into Chase Capital Partners in 1996.

Manufacturers Hanover later became a part of JP Morgan in 2000. Murray became the lead of buyout business at JP Morgan Partners in 2005.

He then became the co-founder of CCMP Capital, which spun out of JP Morgan Chase in August 2006. He was named CEO of CCMP in 2007. CCMP concentrates leveraging the purchase of shares and expansion capital investments.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital served on the board of major companies like the Vitamin Shoppe and was also a huge philanthropist by supporting foundations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, among many others. He was known as being a generous and hardworking individual.

How Brian Bonar has Become a Giant in the Financial Industry

Dalrada Financial Corporation’s chairman and chief executive officer, Brian Bonar was recently named Executive of the Year in Finance by Cambridge Who’s Who.

This is an honorary and prestigious recognition and is based on the academic and professional achievements of the executives. Their leadership ability is also considered. Bonar was mentioned alongside another male executive and two female executives from each discipline. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Bonar has been working in the financial services industry for nearly three decades. In the past 10 years, he has been Dalrada Financial Corporation’s company chairman and chief executive officer. This position has put him in command of the firm’s operations, a duty that he has performed with incomparable gait and vigor.

As the CEO, he has been tasked with the mandate of overseeing the welfare of employees and employers. Under his watch, the company has created a platform that ensures that its clients are supplied with a variety of staff programs that are tailor made to build up business productivity.

Services offered by Dalrada include staff benefits, financial supervision and risk management indemnification, which includes employee compensation and corporate liability. These are comprehensive services that are designed to suit the needs of individual clients.

Whenever the firm is hired, its competent experts come to the ground to identify the specific needs of a client. An action plan is thereafter drawn to address those needs. All the services offered are modest, pocket friendly and have a general ease of implementation.

Brian Bonar’s Remarkable Profile

Brian Bonar is a force to reckon with in the financial domain. He has had unsurpassable success since he joined the industry nearly three decades ago. Mr. Bonar is an alumnus of James Watt Technical University where he graduated with a degree in technical engineering.

He also attended Stafford University for a masters degree in mechanical engineering. He began his career at IBM where he worked in the procurement department. He was also in charge of engineering at QMS, a position that put him at the in control of over 100 members of staff. All this time, he was working as a part time sales manager, something that proved pivotal when he formed Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar worked with numerous other firms and has been described by former colleagues as a lively workmate. Later on, he was appointed Trucept Inc.’s chairman and CEO. During this time, he was also the company’s treasurer, secretary and head of finance.

Brian cut a niche for himself by being among the sharpest minds in mergers and acquisition transactions. His creative and down to earth demeanor has won him many admirers within the corporate world.

Away from his corporate endeavors, he has been a board member at the Alliance National Insurance Agency among others. During his free time, Mr. Bonar enjoys golfing and boat trips.

Learn more about Brian Bonar:


Laidlaw and Company Is A Great Investment Bank

Laidlaw and Company is a successful and well known investment bank. There are numerous people that use their services every day. The company has an office in New York City. However, the company is actually an English company on stopbrokerfraud.com. They assist their clients with numerous different types of investments. They also work with a wide range of different clients. Some of their clients are part of large governmental or corporate institutions. Other clients are simply individuals with a large sum of money that are looking for someone to manage their investments. The company has shown excellent skill on sec.gov in working with all of these types of investors. They also have been around for quite a while. In fact, the company dates back to the mid-1800s.

Clients can invest in different ways through Laidlaw and Company. It is possible for investors to invest in traditional stocks, through Laidlaw and Company. However, it is also possible for investors to use alternative means of investing. It is possible to choose an investment strategy to suit your specific needs. The experts at Laidlaw and Company will tailor the investment strategy based on factors such as the size of your investment, your risk tolerance, and the term of the investments. It also is possible for clients to view their portfolio through Laidlaw website. This allows them to be able to keep track of their investments, through the entire term of the investment.

The company has a number of different offices. In addition to the New York City office, they have an office in Boston. They also have offices in San Francisco, London, Fort Lauderdale, Melville, and Stamford. All of these offices on wsj.com are staffed with investment experts that are highly skilled in handling investments. Additionally, it is very easy to get in touch with any of these offices.

Talk Fusion Announces the Launch of Its 30-Day Free Trials

One of the pioneers of video marketing, Talk Fusion, just announced the inauguration of their 30 day free trial offer.

Many people prefer to try things out before they buy. New snack foods, cars and software.

Now people who are curious and interested in having the ability to send videos to friends, clients and business associates can try Talk Fusion’s video services for free for 30 days. They don’t even need to supply personal details or payment information, so no credit card is required, just a name and email address.

That displays a high level of confidence in their product. Most companies would demand payment information upfront so they could begin charging on day 31 even if the prospective customer just happened to forgot to cancel the service. Talk Fusion is taking a higher road than that. They don’t want accidental customers. They want people and businesses who understand the value Talk Fusion’s emailed videos provide to them.

Talk Fusion is betting that once people try out the service for thirty days, they won’t want to go without it. Once they understand its effectiveness through hands-on experience, they’ll understand Talk Fusion’s charges are small in comparison.

Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina said as much in a statement from the company. When people try Talk Fusion’s video products, they want to buy them.

Once customers sign up on Talk Fusion’s website, giving just their name and email address, they have full access to the company’s full range of video marketing services: Video Email, Sign-Up Forms, Video Newsletters and Live Meetings. The Video Chat won WebRTC’s award for Best Product of the Year.

Bob Reina has felt driven to succeed all his life. He earned his degree from the University of South Florida despite having to work several jobs. He graduated first in his class at the police academy.

In 2004 Reina wanted to send a 10-second video of a house he toured to his family to get their opinion. However, AOL told him that was impossible. He decided to figure out how to do it, and that was the start of Talk Fusion.

Kyle Bass’ Philanthropy Could Be Skullduggery

Kyle Bass let slip information about a transaction between Goldman-Sachs and Bear-Stearns. The journalist he slipped this information to asked a leading question on CSPAN which indicated Bear-Stearns was considered unstable by Goldman-Sachs. This wasn’t the case; Bear-Stearns and Goldman-Sachs were two of the five most prominent investment banks on Wall Street at the time. But the way stocks work, by the end of the week Bear-Stearns had imploded and been absorbed by J.P. Morgan Chase. This was in March of 2008. By September, the sub-prime lending market had completely collapsed. Was this the first domino in the tumble? Well, maybe, and maybe not. What is absolutely sure is that it would not have happened that way had Bass not have let slip the information he did.

Kyle Bass had previously been employed with Bear-Stearns, making the information he gave to CSPAN even more suspicious. It seems like the kind of parting expletive a sub-par employee might level at an employer he’d been fired from. But it could be part of something much larger, and that’s what is concerning.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is the current president of Argentina, and she has financially defaulted the country two times in only thirteen years. That’s a remarkably bad track record, but Kyle Bass continually supports her. He himself is an Argentine, though his hedge fund is based in Dallas, Texas (front organization, anybody?). Bass as a financier should know better than to support Kirchner’s strange behavior in economic climes, but he does support her, and that’s really telling. Bass’ claim to fame is also quite telling. He predicted the sub-prime lending market would fail; after an off-hand comment he had made initiated the collapse of a major bank. It’s kind of like he set a line of dominoes running, then jogged around the corner and said: “They’re going to come falling down!” And lo-and-behold, the line collapsed right as he said it.  Of course the original article describing that event is available on UsefulStooges.

The worst thing about Bass’ underhanded tactics, though, is his false humanitarianism. His pseudo-philanthropy. Bass runs the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which is a front organization to a stock market manipulation scheme. Bass uses the group to pressure big-ticket pharmaceutical companies into lowering their prices on drugs, then short-sells his holdings with them when their stock value drops on Wall Street. Bass is lying to the sick so he can financially gut major economic American institutions, and he’s doing it in a way that is technically legal. That’s perhaps the scariest part of all of it.

The Debate on the Penny with US Money Reserve

The debate on the removal of the penny is getting to be an active debate. The interview with Philip Diehl that aired on Retail Menot has dealt with the topic on the elimination of the penny. People on both sides do make a convincing argument about the issue about US Money Reserve.

There is the concern that the lack of a penny is going to result in the rising of prices. However, there is the idea that eliminating the penny is going to save the government a lot of money. One would think that would allow companies to reduce their prices.

There is one point that people opposing the elimination of the penny make. They point out that while the penny costs a lot more than its worth to make, the nickel is also more costly to produce.

They suggest that if the government removes the penny from the press that they might as well remove the nickel from the mints in order to save more money. However, Glass Door states that the nickel is different from the penny. There is hope for the nickel. The penny has longed outlived its worth according to Philip Diehl. There are still things that could be done with the nickel.

It is true that it has gotten tot the point that the penny is losing its value. At this point, it is no surprise that they are looking elimination of the penny as a way to save money.

No matter how anyone looks at the issue, the penny has become too costly to produce. The fact that most products cost way too much to pay for with pennies has also presented a compelling point in favor of removing the penny from the mint. As to the consequences of taking such action, that remains yet to be seen.

Charles Koch Article Recap and Background

The billionaire donors Charles and David Koch are very involved in charities and political events. They are known for throwing parties, food drives, and free turkey for the small demographic regions. The political operation created by the Koch’s is put in motion to win over small government poor people.

The program does everything from collecting food to offer to immigrants to non tangible items such as teaching English to those that are struggling. All African American groups have access to training and language documents to better prepare them for the jobs around them.

The documents offered call for a more compassionate approach to politics of new members. Also the program works to tell the truth around the idea that only rich Republicans using politics for personal wealth and fame.

The program used by David and Charles Koch work to help individuals convert to a certain religion or beliefs. More options are available to help life those struggling out of poverty.

Koch’s largest team offers new ways to better drive freedom. This is why you will see the Prosperity Foundation going out of their way to reach out to neighborhoods that are struggling. The foundation does not just offer classes on teaching language and speech, but knowing your rights as well. The passion put into the foundations is used to help others people. The most selfless act. The idea is to not just show how an economy works, but show those how to thrive.

Recently, the Koch network has offered dozens of dinners to African American members attending a church in Miami and a community center outside of Orlando.

The government can’t hide the areas with no health care, dangerously low wages, and poor living conditions. The Koch teams works to expose all those areas that are not getting taken care of. Then help those that are struggling thrive.

Charles Koch is an American businessman and philanthropist. Charles is the CEO and his brother is the VP. They both own 42% of the company after it was inherited from their father Fred Koch. Charles Koch started out working in oil refining and chemicals. The Koch foundation now operates in pollution control equipment and technologies. Koch industries is the second-largest private company in the world in terms of revenue based of a 2010 survey.

Check out the full article below:

Coriant and the Leadership of Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is a telecommunication company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and Naperville, USA. The company also operates several R&D centers of excellence in US, Europe and Asia. Coriant was founded in 2013 as an independent company from Nokia Siemens, but under the Marlin Equity Partners ownership. Over the years, Coriant has built a reputation for staying at the forefront of supplying highly innovative networking solutions to leading telecommunication operators in more than 100 countries around the world. The telecommunication company is also focused on selling optical transmission software and hardware for transferring data and voice across various networks.

The huge base of Coriant clients includes large enterprises, government agencies, content service providers, cloud providers, fixed line and mobile service providers and electric utility companies. Today, Coriant boasts over 35 years experience in the networking industry. The products and solutions sold by Coriant include Packet Optical Transportation Solutions, Edge Routing Solutions and MPPS Solutions among others. The Packet Optical Transportation Solutions include 7610 Service Edge Platform, hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transportation Systems and 7100 Packet Optical Transportation Platform. The mainstream management and planning software solutions provided by Coriant include network planning Transnet and networking management (TNMS) products.

In terms of leadership, the board of directors at Coriant includes season executives and entrepreneurs such as Robert Leggett, Robb Warwick, Herbert Merz and Doug Bayered. Shaygan Kheradpir is the current CEO of the company. The Cornell University graduate, holds a doctorate, master’s and bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering. Kheradpir also remains a member of the Engineering Council of Cornell University. Prior to taking over as CEO of Coriant, Kheradpir held various executive positions at Verizon, Juniper Networks, Barclays and GTE. He began his career in the telecommunications industry at GTE in 1987. During his tenure at GTE, Kheradpir worked on network routing and management.

Kheradpir was very instrumental in structuring and expanding Verizon’s diversification efforts and automation program. He moved to Barclay’s in 2011 to become the COO of the bank’s Global Retail & Business Bank. Kheradpir was appointed the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coriant in recognition of his efforts as a global business and technology leader. His main objectives at Coriant are to drive growth and strengthen the company’s existing end-user solutions.