James Dondero Helps The Dallas Zoo Get Hippos

Philanthropist Extraordinaire James Dondero is always lending his support to some worthwhile cause or the other. This time he has come forward to help the internationally renowned Dallas Zoo which had been without hippos for a while get that popular animal back.

Dallas denizens are overjoyed that hippos are back in the zoo after a decade and a half thanks to the help rendered by Dondero. This was made possible by a very generous donation of $1 million made by Dondero through his investment firm Highland Capital Management. This helped construct the large Highland Capital Lodge to serve as the hippos’ habitat as well as provide a fantastic viewing area for visitors to the zoo.

Additionally, there is provision for organizing private event facilitations there, the proceeds from which go to further improvement of the zoo. The sterling philanthropic efforts made by Dondero haven’t gone unnoticed with his company finding pride of place amongst the 2015 list of Best Places to Work.

Apart from the Dallas Zoo contribution which has rightly caught national attention, Dondero and his organization contribute a whopping $3 million to various charities throughout the country. Prominent among them are American Heart Association, the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, American Heart Association, the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Centre of Brain Health and the Centre of Brain Health.

Dondero does not stop at just giving money, he gives his personal time too and mentors and guides many of the charitable efforts that he is involved in. It is not surprising therefore to find that he is a very highly regarded member of the community, much loved for his untiring efforts to serve as many people as he can.

James Dondero is an inspiration not just to the people working for him, the charitable organizations that he is associated with, but also by the rest of his countrymen. It is the untiring efforts of people like him that make America the truly great nation that it is. Dondero and his ilk will of course untiringly continue with their good work.