Tips From A Party Planner On Hosting A Stress-Free Event

Hosting an event is supposed to be fun rather than stressful, and you do not want the tasks that come with hosting a event to feel overwhelming. This is why a professional party planner is sharing several secrets to hosting a stress-free event.


Make Lists: Stay organized by making a shopping list, guest list and to-do list for your event. It is best to update the list throughout the planning process, from adding supplies to crossing off tasks.


Come Up With A Theme: It is easier shop for supplies, decorations and even food when you are basing it on a theme. A theme sets the tone and increases the festive vibe of your event.


Mail Out Invitations: Mailing out your invitations instead of sending them online is a great way to set the mood for your event. Your guests are sure to feel excited when they receive their invitation in the mail. You can use pre-made invitations or create your own with card stock.


Keep The Tables Simple: You do not have to go overboard with your table settings to make a splash. Handwritten place cards, colorful napkins or natural elements are just enough for your tables.


Serve Simple Appetizers: You can also keep it simple by serving appetizers to your guests. The appetizers may include cherry tomatoes with basil, bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella or toasted pita wedges with hummus. Your guests are sure to enjoy sampling the different flavors at your event.


When hosting a party becomes overwhelming, it is best to hire a professional event planning company such as Twenty Three Layers. You can find the company right in New York City, just steps from the Ground Zero Museum Workshop. The team has been planning successful events since January of 2011.


Twenty Three Layers specializes in planning, design and production for various events, from gorgeous weddings to corporate banquets. The services include printing the invitations, building a menu, taking photographs and selecting the venue. The company also offers branding, production and workshops.


It is easier to plan an event when you get organized, keep it simple and enlist in help when you need it.