IAP Buys Two Operation Units from DRS Technologies

In what could be termed as efforts to increase the company’s portfolio and solutions to the government and other organizations, IAP Worldwide has announced that it has purchased two business units from DSO Technologies. The defense contractor, who is based in Florida, bought the aviation and logistics division and tactical communication unit for an undisclosed amount.

This purchase will double the company’s market size, according to the CEO. The two units will work with its national security programs together with a new aviation and engineering unit. The aviation and logistics unit is located in Oklahoma while its communication and networking counterpart is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The communication and network solutions unit on kayescholer.com is expected to re-engineer a new approach that includes training services for the Afghanistan army in the Last Tactical Mile Program. The aviation and logistics unit will work to streamline aircraft repair, logistics and mission support services.

IAP Worldwide Services is looking forward to cementing its relevancy in business, especially in the government segment. It wants to create growth through tailored services that focus on discipline, lean operations and innovations. Its CEO Douglas Kitani believes that the company will achieve its business plans with the help of the new business units.

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More about IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a big company that provides logistics and management services to government divisions and organizations. The company spans back to 1953 under Pan Am World Services Inc., a military service provider linked to America’s first space launch complex on Career Builder. Pan Am World Services went through a lot of branding and changes including a complete overhaul of its structure and a new board of directors in 2014 to become IAP Worldwide today.

The company has operation outlets in more than 20 countries with over 110 locations. However, the company concentrates more in Southwest Asia to support more than 175,000 people at various military camps controlled by the US army. It’s widely known for its well-designed techniques geared at helping clients focus on their mission including environmental protection and improving healthcare.

The company generates its inspiration from two principles, ingenuity and purpose. IAP Worldwide Services’ ability to solve things quickly and in a transparent way is something to reckon. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Florida. However, it has other operational headquarters in Washington DC, Middle East, United Kingdom and Oklahoma. The company is currently working with NATO as part of its five-year deal to offer services to the Afghan citizens.