Jaime Garcia Dias’s Contributions to Literature Academy

Aside from managing a group of writers who have come for suggestions and advice, Jaime Garcia Dias blogs, and belongs to several educational groups that focus on literature including Carioca Literature Academy. On a regular basis, Jaime Garcia Dias attends several scheduled lectures and makes his talk useful for aspiring writers. These gatherings and seminars have given great insight into the world of literature and writing in general. Many writers have attended a myriad of such events and lectures conducted by Jaime. There are websites that have streamed live seminars from these events as well, and Jaime talks about it on Facebook.

Jaime Garcia Dias comes from a humble family with literature background. He worked for Carioca Literature Academy as a professor where he introduced many new techniques for teaching during his decade long tenure. Later, he went on to become the Vice President and then the President of the academy. Jaime likes to add perspective to the group discussions that are held at the academy and contribute to the quality of discussion. Writers have benefited a lot since he took the position at the academy. The academy now serves and supports many Brazilian writers.

There is a lot of beauty to literature, says Jaime Garcia Dias on his YouTube channel. He says writers can have the opportunity to be in the presence and participate in literature sessions with an eclectic gathering of past writers, artists and educators. This will not only improve their knowledge on the subject, but make their careers more interesting as well. These unique gatherings don’t seem to be happening everywhere but in Carioca Literature Academy. The group which now boasts more than thousand writers started out as a casual gathering for people who were passionate about writing. Lecture series and group communication created mission and outreach, eventually. Group members are all active participants here and often decide to work on projects together.

Jaime Garcia Dias encourages his students in every way possible. Many of his past students have become writers and are still attending many events conducted by Jaime. Having a successful group like this has its advantages for writers because of the creative aspects writing allows. Aspiring writers are not the only ones having fun writing and discussing at this academy. Other experienced writers also get to share their ideas and opinions. The same meticulous way Jaime Garcia Dias designed new techniques for teaching at the academy, other writers are encouraged to plan for the future of the academy as well. There was a time when writing was left to only big names in the industry. Today, anyone can express their views in the form of articles and blogs.