Whitney Wolfe Makes Dating Online Fun

Whitney Wolfe knows that innovation is going to be the best way for her to build a successful app. She has been able to successfully bring an app like Bumble into the mainstream because she focused on something different. She wanted to put some time into creating an app that was going to get the attention of women.

The great thing about Whitney Wolfe is that she is not afraid to take risks. She decided to add a Snapchat like feature to her Bumble app in 2017. This is something that is going to give her even more of an edge in the dating app world. What she has been able to do thus far is give people the ability to make connections quickly through the Bumble app. She implemented a 24-hour period for matches to come together once a woman decides to respond to a message. This was already something that was new and innovative, but Whitney Wolfe is taking things even father with this SnapChat type of feature call the wheel.

“The founder of a popular dating app wants to see more people committing the ‘ultimate sin’ in romance”
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This is what makes Whitney Wolfe such a great CEO for Bumble. She is someone that has stepped into the dating app world and instantly realized that it was too routine. There were no differences between most of the apps that were out there. So many executives would create new dating platforms but there was never any marketing expertise put in place to differentiate one app from another. That may be the thing that has led Bumble to gain the attention of more than 10 million users. Whitney Wolfe knows how to conduct business and bring this app into a place where it actually shows that it is different from other applications in the dating app industry. Whitney Wolfe has actually made the concept of dating fun.

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