Starting your Commercial Print Modeling with the Brown Modeling Agency

Some aspiring models get lucky when they are discovered by modeling scouts that roam around the country in search of talent but for some, it is all about creating your own luck. Becoming a print model who appears in magazines, print ads, and billboards can be tricky for a newcomer in the field. Commercial print modeling does not have as many restrictions as runway modeling, which is one reason some people prefer it. So, if you have that fresh face and a dream, where do you start?


Putting together a portfolio will help you get started, but it is not a strict requirement as with fashion modeling. Take pictures that highlight your best features with shots in different angles. If you can get a professional photographer, that is even better because it is the perfect way to get comfortable in front of a camera, certainly an aspect that will work for your modeling career.


Networking is very crucial, and the internet makes that easy for aspiring models. Find a website like that offers networking opportunities with different professionals in the field such as photographers, agents, models, and makeup artists. Communicating with the right people will go a long way in establishing contacts that can be useful because these websites are a good place to find projects and collaborate with other models, which help build your résumé.

Find an Agent

Finding the right agent is the next step in furthering your commercial print modeling dream, and that can be less complicated when you have the right networks. One option is to have a friend or colleague who is a model to give you a referral to their modeling agency. Alternatively, you can search for firms online and submit your photos or drop them off personally if it’s possible. Be careful though when finding an agent because a lot of aspiring models get scammed online.

Brown Agency

The Brown Agency in Austin has been representing talents since 2010. In that short time, it has built a credibility for taking the time to prepare their models before sending them out into the world. The dedication of the staff at Brown has resulted in some of the best talents to come out of Texas. Brown Agency’s models work with big brands such as L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, and Dell. Also, models appear in runways at the Miami Swim Week, NY Fashion week, and Austin Fashion week.

The modeling firm was founded by Justin Brown, a former model who started working in the field since he was in college. He saw the potential in Texas and decided to invest in the local talent, a move that has so far worked out quite well. He even bought out Heyman Talent South, one of his competitors. For more information, visit our Facebook page.