FreedomPop Has All Kinds Of Services To Offer

FreedomPop has so much to offer. One service that they are currently offering is the Wi-Fi service, which is incredible on its own. The Wi-Fi service has been a great bonus to those who have cell phone service but lack of data on that phone. Those who want to get additional data at 4G speeds can purchase the Wi-Fi service for only five dollars per month. There’s unlimited access to the Wi-Fi service once the fee is paid, and the application for the Wi-Fi service is free to download from an app store.

It’s even possible to get Wi-Fi service to use it on a laptop or tablet if it’s needed. Those who are in need of a portable hotspot can get one of the several types that are available from FreedomPop for a low-cost with 500 MB of free data on the hotspot. Once the hotspot is purchased, the user must choose a plan that allows them to get Internet service when they need to use the hotspot. Since a hotspots are so small in size, they are very compact and can be taken anywhere, even in one’s pocket.

FreedomPop is even offering home Internet service that comes with 1 GB of data for free, and a data plan can be chosen for the home service to allow for more data that’s needed to run the service. The FreedomPop Hub that is used for the home Internet service has Wi-Fi capabilities, which means that the user can allow up to 8 different people to use the Internet at one time through Wi-Fi. Those that want cell phone service from FreedomPop are in for many different treats because they have over 30 kinds of phones available as well as name brand tablets.

The phones that can be purchased from FreedomPop’s website are immediately available for activation. Those that want to bring over a Sprint phone can do so if they want to keep their phone and not have to purchase another one. Anyone who has an unlocked cell phone can also feel free to use it on FreedomPop’s network. Great cell phone service is available for those who choose to use a CDMA phone or a GSM phone. Those who use a phone that needs a sim card must order the 3-in-1 sim card from FreedomPop to get their service activated.

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FreedPop’s Amazing WhatsApp Strategy

To say WhatsApp is popular around the world would be a massive understatement. Well over a billion people use WhatsApp. FreedomPop sees a brilliant partnership arrangement by offering zero-rated access with WhatsApp. Even FreedomPop users whose data hits “zero” can still use WhatsApp.

The phone company has high hopes for Spain and is putting a lot of effort into the launch.

FreedomPop has built its company through understanding a very clear fact about the market. There are consumers who do want a product, they may even greatly need a product, but price keeps them from buying. FreedomPop came up with a simple concept designed to reach such customers in the mobile phone world. Refurbished versions of high-quality smartphones would be sold online at a dramatic discount. Phones costing upwards of $300 new would be sold at 60% to 90% discounts. In addition, a set amount of 100% free phone, data, and texting would be made available.

Once again, as reported in Venture Beat, Spain is now the new territory the company has its eyes on. WhatsApp is opening the door for the company in the Spanish market, a territory in which WhatsApp’s use is massive for messaging. In time, FreedomPop may seek to expand into other territories using the WhatsApp strategy.

FreedomPop recently raised $50 million to support a massive multi-country expansion. Likely, the company will repeat its success in each and every reason it debuts.

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Venture Beat Says FreedomPop Is Getting More User Friendly

Venture Beat is reporting that people who are getting FreedomPop phones are going to be able to use WhatsApp for free. This is a pretty big development from a company that already has the lowest prices in the industry, and it is something that is going to help people who are trying to save their minutes or their data. These people are going to be able to use their phones with the WhatsApp platform, and they are going to be able to keep that up for as long as they want.

These people do not have to use the minutes and data on their plans because they get enough from WhatsApp, and they can get in touch with people who use the app really easily. People can make sure that they are going to be able to use the system to save time, and they are going to keep their phones going for longer without paying into their plans. This is going to make it cheaper for everyone, and it helps people who already use the app to feel welcome when they come to the company. FreedomPop is trying to be as inclusive as possible, and offering Whats App for free is really helpful.

Everyone who signs up with FreedomPop is going to be able to get the benefits if this new system, and they are going to be able to run a new system that lets them talk as much as they need to. FreedomPop is already very accessible, and it is important for people to make sure that they are trying FreedomPop so that they can save money. This is the best way to save money, and it is a good way for people to feel like they are going to be able to get a cell phone.

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FreedomPop Focuses on European Expansion

For a couple of years now we’ve seen FreedomPop grow into one of the most important MVNOs in the industry. FreedomPop got their start as a small start up out of California but it didn’t take long for the company to begin making some serious waves. FreedomPop’s unique take on cell phone plans and expected customer prices has changed the industry in a fundamental way. Now, FreedomPop is focusing on their European expansion with CEO Stephen Stokols leading the charge.

At the end of 2015 we saw that Stokols was announcing a foray into up to 25 different European carriers. While that sounded optimistic and ambitious, quite frankly, it ended up working out. By the end of February, 2016 we will see FreedomPop up and fully running in all 25 of those markets with a customer base rapidly expanding in order to fill out their numbers. This expansion is coming on the heels of some of their most successful funding campaigns: bringing in nearly $200 million in funding total with about $50 of that solely for the European push.

FreedomPop has never shied away from the reality that they are a ‘freemium’ service and that has ultimately served the company well. Most companies try to hide the fact that they are freemium oriented, with customers not trusting the services completely. Instead the MVNO is proud of how they are changing the game. Head of international operations Nicholas Constantinopoulos has been forward with the company’s position, “FreedomPop ultimately is a platform to sell digital services.”

If you aren’t familiar with the core of what FreedomPop offers then you likely will be surprised. The company offers their core service completely free: unlimited talk, text, and data.