Rick Scott Closely Watched By End Citizens United

Florida Governor Rick Scott is being accused of campaign finance fraud by End Citizens United. Rick Scott, the weak Florida leader who dared not show his face in the aftermath of the Stoneman Douglas high school shooting, is now running for Senate in the Sunshine State. This election is incredibly important and that’s why End Citizens United has arrived on the scene.

A 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United has changed American politics for the foreseeable future. The decision essentially makes corporations “people” who can use money to influence elections and it’s all protected by the First Amendment. This absolutely jaw-dropping jump in logic came from a split 5-4 decision in a conservative-leaning court.

End Citizens United, based out of Washington, DC, was put together in 2015 in order to fight the disastrous consequences of the decision. They fight for clean campaign-finance laws at the local level, support Democratic candidates nationwide who will fight against the decision and are working towards a long-term cure.

The political action committee is closely examining the campaign of Rick Scott in Florida. In 2017, the tall, bald man with beady eyes became chair of the New Republican PAC. Suddenly, his political action committee began receiving more than $3 million in donations from “private equity executives.”

It turns out that these private equity executives were pouring money into his campaign after benefiting from one of his actions as the governor. Rick Scott had made a move to enrich fatcat investors with his state’s pension funds. In exchange, the fatcat investors began to pour money into his political action committee. Now he’s using that money to run for Senate in the state of Florida.

This election has tremendous consequences that could affect every citizen across the country. End Citizens United does not believe the people of Florida will trust Rick Scott and his political tricks. And the disastrous consequences of Citizens United must be stopped at every turn so that we can return to a normal democracy. After all, democracy is dead if someone like Rick Scott can take illegal donations then head to Washington.

Visit endcitizensunited.org for more details about the group.