Venezuelan’s Struggle With Rolling Blackouts

The people of Venezuela are suffering from a range of power and water outages that are backed by a government seeking the best ways to make sure they preserve the food and power needs of their people. According to report published by, many in Venezuela have questioned how the country, which is oil rich and a member of OPEC can find itself in such a difficult situation where public officials have been given five day weekends to preserve power.
Problems have been ongoing since 2013 and the departure of President Hugo Chavez, but Reuters reports the situation has been made worse by the slashing of oil prices and a sever drought striking the nation. Venezuela had played an important role in developing hydro electric power resources says expert Mr. Osio, but the El Nino weather phenomenon has lowered water levels to the point where power outages are now a part of everyday life.

The problems of lost power are just a small part of the issues facing Venezuela, which also saw power shortages in 2010 when weather problems were once again blamed for the issues the nation faced. Not only do the people of Venezuela face the burden of rolling blackouts, but according to, they also face growing humanitarian problems that began in 2013 when food shortages began to be seen; in recent months the blackouts caused by El Nino have added to food problems with spoiled meats and dairy products reported during periods without power.