Securus Is The Customer Service Leader In Prison Calling

Securus is the customer service leader in prison calling because they have created a system that offers better calling features, a video system and the clarity that we need. We would be lost without Securus, and I am very happy to use their services every day. The services that they offer help us reach out when needed because we work with inmates who are in trouble. They are going through a lot of things when they are in jail, and we want to make sure that we can help them get out of it. That is why we choose to talk to them and learn what it is that they need.


There are several options for all these inmates when they want to make a change, and we get on the video conference to talk to them through the Securus app. Securus is very good at helping us connect calls, and they have shown us how to get help when we could not find somebody. It takes a lot of time to get connected to each and every one of these inmates, and I need someone from Securus to help me a lot of the time because of the way that I pick up new clients.


We are doing good work as we talk on the video conferences with Securus, and they are BBB certified because of the customer service that they offer. I am a very proud Securus customer, and I want to know that I can get to these inmates at the moment that they need me. Waiting even a day is too long, and that is why I now trust in the people at Securus to help me when I want to place a call to the jails to talk to a new client who is ready for a new life.