White Shark Media Making A Splash in the Marketing World

White Shark Media is a well-known Digital Marketing Agency. It was founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs. Together they have a large amount of online and offline marketing experience. All of that experience has lead this company to become one of the best marketing companies in North America.


While Shark Media is able to deliver great tailored online marking solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. This media company is currently one of the fastest growing agencies in the United States. Their rapid growth is from their cost-effective search marketing campaigns that is paired with their wonderful customer experience.


Over the years, they have helped thousands of companies grow their business by using different online marketing tactics. As they have grown, this media company has grown to span across three countries. They are able to do this by using many different marketing tools. Some of the tools that they use include Google Analytics, keyword tracking, and other reporting software. White Shark Media has over 150 employees and they have been able to master AdWords Search, Display Advertising, and Bing Ads.


With a rapid growth, this media company was invited to Google HQ in Mountain View California in 2012. The Google support team was able to help White Shark Media build a better customer service that was able to handle the rapid growth they experienced. This collaboration resulted in White Shark Media being awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in July 2014. The recipients of the partnership are a part of an elite group that meets the strict requirements of the Google award.


The way that White Shark Media treats their clients is way above most other marketing firms. They have helped numerous business create a positive online presence. Every single one of their client has seen massive business growth. White Shark offers their clients a wide selection of resources. Some of the resources that this marketing company uses are a free service. For instance, they do a free AdWords Evaluation, Local Listings Scans, and SEM Evaluations. To get a SEM Evaluation, business will get a live evaluation with a Digital Media Advisor. During this time the advisor will discuss other strategies that can be used and which ones will work the best for each business. The team at White Shark Media are always striving to continue their clients business success. This company is able to do that by offering tailored made marketing strategies for every client. Which means that no two marketing strategies are the same. The White Shark Media company is also able to create a one of a kind business logo. Every business is able to get three different logo concepts that can be used as they see fit.


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