Makari Addresses the Unique Skincare Needs of People of Color

Noticing that the skin care needs of men and women of color have been neglected by the cosmetic industry, Makari de Suisse was designed specifically to fit the unique needs of that demographic. Combining natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Caviar, and Carrot Oil, Makari de Suisse reduces dark spots, acne, and even stretch marks while providing the hydration your skin needs to glow.

Makari de Suisse offers 60 different products to meet the skin lightening needs of men, women, and even babies; including a line of ten scented body lotions. With Makari you can have the complexion you’ve always wanted without the chemicals most cosmetic companies use in their products. There is no Hydroquinone used in Makari de Suisse products. With their clinically proven formula, Makari offers products that will fight the signs of aging and give you the radiant skin that boosts confidence so you can put your best face forward.

Men and women of color sometimes have to deal with the embarrassment of uneven pigmentation which results in dark spots, not to mention the sun’s overall damaging effects on skin. Makari’s luxury line of over twenty skin lightening products can help reduce and even eliminate altogether those unsightly blemishes.

The company offers up its best-selling product for the last ten years: Body Beautifying Whitening Milk. 100% Hydroquinone free, this lotion will deeply hydrate your dry skin while maintaining its lightweight feel. It reduces the appearance of discolorations and signs of premature aging. It works wonders whether you have normal or oily skin.

For those with dry skin Makari offers a Caviar-infused Clarifying Glycerin gel-cream to instantly reduce the discoloration while giving your skin a silky, clear, and luminous complexion. This gel-cream is infused with caviar, mulberry, and licorice root extracts so you can use it with the assurance that you are using a natural product free of harsh chemicals and faux fragrances.

Regardless of how discolored your skin is or how deep your stretch marks, Makari de Suisse has a skin lightening cream that is right for you. Once only available to professional salons and the medical industry, Makari de Suisse is now available in local beauty stores.

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