Skout Made All The Difference In My Life

I had a very life-changing event that happened to me years ago, and it’s kept me from opening up to others. A friend of mine was inside the car with me when we were hit by another car, and she died, but I lived. I’ve carried the guilt with me for years, and after recovering from the massive injuries I suffered from in the accident, I still never got over the shock of it all. I also secluded myself and wouldn’t look for any new friends. The only people I would see where my family members, who would come to check on me once in a while, but I had no friends.

It was years after the accident that my sister told me about Skout, and it made me a little bit curious. When she told me that I could go onto Skout to look for friends, I automatically told her no. She said it’s not as if the person would have to come over or even meet me in person, and she just told me that Skout would be a good way for me to socialize. I chose to go on the Skout network to see what they have to offer. I was impressed with what I saw when I went to Skout, especially seeing so many people in one place.

I speak two different languages, which is English and Spanish, and I was able to find others to speak to in Spanish on the network. That’s the first thing that opened me up to Skout; it’s the ability to speak in my native language. The next thing that helped me out was finding other people who had gone through a car accident that changed their lives, and this helped me to let down my guard. The more I went to the Skout network, the less shy I became.

Fast-forward to six months after using the Skout network for the first time, and I have an incredible amount of friends on my Skout list. I was even brave enough to leave my home finally to go and meet a few of the friends on Skout to go to the movies, dinner or bowling. I’ve made some real friends on the Skout network, and I’m proud that I finally have made a change. Skout has helped to change me from the person I was to the person that I am now, and I will forever love Skout for that.

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