Western Union Now Part Of The PSI Pay Network

In 2018, Western Union and PSI Pay became partners, incorporating Western Union into their platform, which allows clients that hold an ecoAccount online wallet to send and receive money, both domestically as well as internationally.

Western Union started out as a small company in 1851, responsible with sending telegraphs, and expanded rapidly, being one of the first 11 American companies to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, it is the biggest global network responsible for money transfers, allowing customers to send and receive money with ease. The company is currently present in over 200 countries and territories, and has more than 550,000 retail locations throughout the world, having moved more than $300 billion in 2017. With 32 transactions every second, Western Union has a global reach, being a worldwide financial institution that supports economic growth with the help of its 167 years of experience in the business.

PSI-Pay is an e-money institution, being licensed to issue virtual payment cards, and provides payment services to their customers, that are instant and secure. E-Money, while similar to cryptocurriences and often confused with being one, does not have the same characteristics as Bitcoin, making it a different form of currency. As opposed to Bitcoin, E-Money relies on central regulations set by the government in order to operate and is equal to the amount of fiat currency exchanged in electronic form.


The services offered by ecoAccount, which operates under PSI-Pay, are available non-stop, and the unique partnership with Western Union will offer customers more options suited to their needs. Clients will be able to add funds to their online wallet using Western Union’s website, their mobile app, or by going to their retail agents. Additionally, customers in the United Kingdom now have the option to send money directly from their ecoAccounts into bank accounts or for cash payouts, both domestically and internationally.

The connection between Western Union and PSI Pay unlocks new growth opportunities for both companies and offers its clients new ways to transfer money in the digital age. The Western Union President, Odilon Almeida noted that the link between them and ecoPayz marks the first time they have enabled access of a UK non-bank online wallet provider to their unique model of 24/7 money transfer. At the same time, the Operations Director at PSI Pay mentioned that the partnership provides them with a platform to grow and to reach new customers.





Eva Moskowitz Strives to Reform New York City’s Education System

Eva Moskowitz is a committed reformer and a passionate educator. She is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Success Academy. Through Success Academy, Dr. Moskowitz has managed to bring together parents of charter school students across the United States to support education reforms and school events. Eva served at the New York City Council as the education committee chair. This was where she started working towards improving education. Her leadership at the city council earned her recognition countrywide. Eva Moskowitz attended the University Pennsylvania, where she earned her B.A degree. She also holds a doctorate in American History from the Johns Hopkins University.


Dr. Moskowitz has had remarkable success with underprivileged children. Many parents and teachers support Eva Moskowitz‘s work because she fearlessly advocates for high education standard and accountability. Eva once said in an interview that backlashes would not stop her from defending her work. Part of Eva’s goals is to improve the performance and leadership of public schools. She believes that the government, as well as the society, need to work together to give all kids a better education. Eva Moskowitz established her first school in 2006 using the funds she got from donors.


Success Academy includes 34 schools that have more than 11,000 students. The institution ranks highly in terms of performance. It’s a good example of how good leadership can help a school grow and achieve at its bests. In May 2016, Eva Moskowitz was awarded the 2016 Savas Award. The Reason Foundation gave her this award to honor her efforts as an academician and a reformist. After the award ceremony, Moskowitz had an interview with Reason Magazine to discuss the role of the media in education. She also touched on a few things about Success Academy and its leadership.


Eva Moskowitz believes she knows what New York City needs to boost the education sector. That’s why she founded Success Academy. According to Eva, the failures of 20 years ago are still affecting students in the state of New York. So, change cannot come from within the city council’s education committee. Ms. Moskowitz also believes that the best way to help children succeed academically is to develop a robust curriculum.



Nationwide Title Clearing Company Revamps Website, Online Ordering Now Available

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the most popular providers of support services for the real estate industry. Despite the fact that they always strive to offer excellent services, there are times when issues like title defects happen. The company is trying to address this issue using the best ways they can manage, and one of the ways has been creating an online portal where ordering takes place. The issue of title defects has been thorny for some of the clients because it has led to consequences such as foreclosures. The title defects have also complicated the efforts of transmitting property from one person to another.


The Nationwide Title Clearing Company has responded to the claims by revamping their website. They stated that it is vital for proper records on the property to be kept especially where the conveyance of the title will have to be done at some point. They added that when the buyer gets all the relevant documents, such as the title deeds, issues such as foreclosures and buybacks will not happen often. The website, which went live a few months ago, has made it possible for customers to access all these documents.


Combinations of factors usually lead to defects on the titles. There are cases where people try and lay a claim on property that does not belong to them at all. The second case scenario is where a person makes a mistake when writing the document. In yet another case, the document may fail to comply with the standards of the particular area and lastly, there are those cases where documents need more than one signatory, but one of them does not append their signature to the document.


These issues have been common in the past. There have also been cases whereby the property had previous liens and encumbrances. The creation of the online portal is to not only provide these relevant documents but to also offer information on the entire history of the property. Other information accessible on the site includes tax status reports, verification reports after assignments and information regarding the current owner of the property. The company states that all the information shared on their site is verified.


Nationwide Title Clearing


Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately held company. It mainly deals with the processing of real estate documents. The company has been operation since 1991 and has their headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida. They are a great asset to property owners.


Welcome to Wine Country

Become your own boss by starting your own Traveling Vineyard. Everyone loves a wonderful meal complemented by an equally exquisite wine. Well become the center of all these conversations your friends are raving about by hosting some of the best wine parties your friends and neighbors have ever seen. Your top of the line Success Kit has everything you need to get started and it won’t cost a fortune. Plus the more wine parties you host, the more free wine you earn. Who doesn’t like free wine?

When you are the boss, you work as little or as much as you like. One of the benefits with the Traveling Vineyard (@travelingvineyard), there is no sales quota to meet. Most people have found that they have earned the start up cost within the first 60 days. Since wine is a consumable product, your customers are going to run out. Traveling Vineyard can make reordering easy and painless for you and your repeat customers because everyone loves wine!

Follow @travelinvinyard on Twitter to connect with other wine guides and for wine tasting party ideas.

The number one thing to remember is the Traveling Vineyard is one big team. From the beginning, there are team members placed along the way to help you be successful. Then there are training sessions in the online Tasting Room that introduce you to the wines and so on. Lastly, there are the Harvest conference and the Regional events that help you network with other like-minded people, share ideas and help you continue to grow.

Traveling Vineyard may be the perfect work experience for you if you want to be your own boss, if you love to mingle, if you love wine and if you have some team spirit.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/travelingvineyard/


Why is a Cashless Society Simply Silly?


You might have heard a couple of political campaign slogans, like “We promise to provide a chicken in every pot.” That was Herbert Hoover’s campaign slogan in 1928. Now, Sweden is promising to “create a cashless society.” But isn’t that just silliness?


“Utopian Dreams”


There is a difference between “public hopes” and “public policy.” Unfortunately, the government of Sweden has confused the two, by being the primary proponent of the “Cashless Society” on Planet Earth. The Guardian noted that “Swedes are blazing a trail in Europe, with banks, buses, street vendors and even churches expecting plastic or virtual payment.”


We shall be fair and discuss the advantages of not having coins and bills. A cashless society might be more efficient, if all could use a plastic card to pay for anything and everything. Taxes would be easier to collect. But besides those, there are very few other advantages.


“Key Disadvantages”


Is Sweden no longer a democracy? Obviously, the Swedish government is not respecting the people’s freedom, when it prohibits them from being free to make purchases, as they wish. Also, not everyone can afford a plastic credit card.


The poor are just fine using gold and silver coins to pay for their merchandise. What if the technology does not work? Purchasing card readers, requires investment in new machines. Not everyone wants to learn how to use the new credit cards.


“International Trade”


Can Sweden force all nations to go “cashless?” No. Sweden is trying to force its own banks to suspend usage of gold bars for transactions. Will this succeed? No.


One day, Sweden might rue their decision. While “encouraging certain types of money is laudable,” going to extremes is foolish. People want to be free – Brexit shows that the Swedish “Cashless Society” is a “pipe dream.”


“Gold Investment Wisdom”


Do most central banks around the world have little plastic credit cards in their vaults? Of course not. They have gold bullion bars.


When Sweden needs to purchase on the international markets, they will need gold bullion bars or cash. US Money Reserve puts gold coins and bars in your hands. This allows you to be free to control your fate.


Of course, you want to be free to make your own choices about which money you use. US Money Reserve gold coins diversify your portfolio. Don’t be like the “Silly Swedes,” gold satisfies your money needs.


The Truth About Donald Drumpf

With the election season in full swing, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of Donald Trump. Between the television debates and interviews in magazines, he’s honestly everywhere. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that HBO host John Oliver decided to poke some fun at him recently. On his show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, Oliver called out Trump for really being Donald Drumpf.

What does this mean exactly? Well, Oliver believes that there was a time when Trump’s ancestors had the last name of Drumpf. He claims that when Trump’s grandfather came over to America, he changed their surname to sound more American. As Trump’s campaign slogan goes “Make America Great Again”, Oliver wants to “Make Donald Drumpf Again”. Of course, Trump hasn’t taken too kindly to this joke. However, audiences sure have.

Last month, fans of Oliver’s decided to take the joke even further. They created a Wikipedia page for the parody character filled with bios and pictures of Trump’s grandfather.  That just shows the power of Wikipedia.

It’s clear that Wikipedia plays a huge part in how people get their information today, whether it’s about entertainment or business matters. That’s why so many companies decide to put their business’ reputation in the hands of professional Wikipedia editing services. In fact, there is a company out today called Get Your Wiki.

For those who don’t know, Get Your Wiki is a company that connects Wiki experts for hire with budding businesses. Hire Wikipedia writers to do everything from producing content for your Wikipedia page to updating Wiki pages that are already on the site. After all, Wikipedia pages have a tendency of changing often as anyone can alter what they see. The staff at Get Your Wiki will make sure that everything found on your company’s Wikipedia page is accurate.

It’s very important to have an online presence, especially when you’re a company that is just starting out. However, many companies don’t have an ample amount of time to dedicate to their Wikipedia page. With Get Your Wiki, companies can make sure that they stay relevant at all times. All you have to do is visit their website, and you’ll see directions on what to do next to get started working with them. Give it a try now.

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