How the Elements of Creativity, Passion and Determination Led to Doe Deere’s Success

As founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, Doe Deere is often asked to provide insights into the world of business. Ms. Deere often talks about how she turned her passion for creativity into a successful enterprise. As one of today’s top female entrepreneurs, she is often asked to give advice to other women looking to find their own niche in the business world. She stepped into the spotlight herself by creating an innovative line of makeup products that includes lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes and even hair dyes. All of these products were inspired by Doe Deere’s personal desire to express her unique personality. Learn more:


Although Doe Deere turned her love of creativity and personal expression into a profitable business, there is more that goes into the equation for a successful business. Discovering what someone feels passionate about is just part of the journey to success. The other part consists of making a well thought out business plan. Ms. Deere saw that there was a need in the beauty market for new shades of makeup, which led her to form a business model through which she could successfully market her line of products. Ms. Deere chose to launch her line of Lime Crime cosmetics through the Internet, which helped reduced the amount of money needed to get her business off the ground. The financial aspect of starting a new business is an important part of developing a sound business plan. Learn more:


Starting a new business also requires a certain amount of time and dedication. This is made easier when people choose to follow their passion. When a business is just getting off the ground a lot of the time spent managing it is unpaid. Being dedicated to the goods or services a business is going to provide helps people get through the lean start-up period. A well-structured business plan also helps new business owners stay on track with what they need to accomplish. A business plan should include marketing, which could branch out into subsections for the type of target audience the goods or services would appeal to the most. Learn more:


When Doe Deere chose to create her own line of cosmetics, she had no idea how much of an impact it would make in the field of beauty. She originally intended the makeup to be used in combination with her own line of fashions, which she modeled herself. When she posted photos of herself wearing her rich shades of eye shadow and lipstick, other women were immediately drawn to it. Even though Ms. Deere surrounds herself with a team of professionals she still tries out every new idea personally to make sure it feels right for what she wants her company to represent. Learn more:


Julie Zuckerberg – A Talent Acquisition Virtuoso

In an age of cutthroat competition across various sectors and industries, Julie Zuckerberg has managed to shine brightly among the many talent recruiters out there. Currently, Julie is employed as an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. At Deutsche Bank, she is responsible for laying the outlines and provisions for various talent recruitment procedures of companies. Her work has led to a number of collaborations with various companies across different sectors. She has worked in industries which deal with finance, asset management, technology and global communications.


At Deutsche Bank, she is also responsible for handling the negotiations of various agreements and is involved with the managerial and high-level activities of the company. She advises the executive committees of the company regarding the measures to be taken while recruiting.


Julie currently leads her own team of expert recruiters who undertake the tasks of on-site recruitments for various companies. Over the years she has had the privilege of working with some of the best professionals in the field. As a person who is always looking for opportunities to grow and expand her knowledge, Julie was able to take these experiences and implement them into her own work, making her what she is today.


Julie Zuckerberg didn’t initially plan to enter the world of recruiting. When in college, Julie pursued a degree in philosophy from the City University of New York. She then decided to seek a major in Law from New York Law School. Her knowledge about the world of talent acquisition is solely based on experience and a keen urge to learn. Julie is also a firm advocate of the research and implementation of technology that can be used to help make recruitment processes more efficient.


Prior to being appointed as a talent acquisition lead, Julie was the executive recruiter for Deutsche Bank. Through her role, she was responsible for the hiring process of various managerial and top level positions in companies across various sectors like Finance, Investments and Risk Management.


With a career spanning over fifteen years, Julie has had a large amount of work experience which has helped shape her career. Before she was employed at Deutsche Bank, she worked as a Corporate Vice President and Recruiting Lead at New York Insurance Company. There she worked with numerous companies and helped out with their recruiting seasons. Before this, she worked as an executive recruiter for Citi.


Through countless instances and demonstrations of her sheer brilliance in her field, Julie has risen to the position as one of the top talent acquisition leads in the country. When she isn’t too busy achieving the goals she sets for herself, Julie focuses her energy on some of her many passions. She is a firm advocator of human rights and believes in helping people from underprivileged portions of society. She also loves partaking in various cultural programs that New York has to offer, as well as standing up for the protection of wildlife and helps out animal shelters in whatever way she can.


Doe Deere’s Rise Claim To Fame

Doe Deere is the Russian born CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is an inspiration to millions of other young women that would like to achieve success on their own terms. Deere believes that inspiration is the key to ultimately achieving success or reaching your goals in life. In addition, Deere supports other women that are interested in starting their own business. She actively supports women in business through several organizations. She gives speeches on entrepreneurship at special events and loves mentoring young women entrepreneurs. Her rise to fame was a very steady climb and began with a vision to market a product that was unique.


Early Beginnings

Doe Deere’s favorite color is lime. In 2004, she registered the name Lime Crime on eBay for her fashion-line. Her clothing was unique and she longed for a makeup that would match her clothing style. The fact was that Deere could not find a makeup that fitted her very colorful style. Consequently, she struck out on her own and launched Lime Crime Cosmetics back in 2008. Deere relates that she is a very visual person and likes to work closely with other people in her organization creating and designing products for her cosmetic company. She also relates that she likes to test products on herself personally before releasing it to the public. She likes to touch the product, wear the product, and feel the product.


New Trends

Doe Deere is a successful entrepreneur that likes to keep her finger on the pulse of the public and current trends in makeup and business. Deere relates that she is very excited about all the new opportunities that are surfacing for young women and e-commerce. Online marketing is a very innovative way to sell products. It is also an extremely easy way for numerous ambitious women to get their start in business. Certainly, Deere was launching Lime Crime at the beginning of the e-commerce revolution. Now, her business has paved the way for future women entrepreneurs.


Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a businesswoman that likes to make things happen on her own terms. Deere also strongly believes success is making other people happy. Clearly, her makeup line is making a lot of people very happy. Her love for bright colors has captured the attention of the cosmetic world. She started out small, but now she is in competition with leading brand name cosmetic companies. The best part that she is winning over new fans every single day. Deere would like all her fans to know that her products are cruelty free and vegan based. This is a fact that remains true to her values and has led her to success. Doe Deere advises all young entrepreneurs to hold on to their values and they will eventually achieve success.

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Helane Morrison Brings Sanity in the Corporate World after Financial Crisis

Helane Morrison is a well-known individual in the corporate world. She is currently the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital partners, an institution that is considered to be the largest advisory company in San Francisco. Apart from being the COO, she is also among the institutions Executive Committee.

Hall Capital Partners is an institution that is trying to earn the trust of many people in the country who lost their trust in most financial firms during the financial crisis of 2008. Many individuals in the nations have started putting their finances in this institution too. This company has also tried to rescue the public by enforcing integrity, accountability and regulatory compliance in all the activities that take place there.

Helane Morrison is one of the women who have done very well in the male dominated industry. She has proved to be very sharp, firm, assertive and extremely hard working individual who has transformed the compliance industry. In her current position Helane ensures that all the investments made for their clients is ethical and solid. She works with a qualified team of individuals who work hard to ensure that every financial advisor, brokerage firm and mutual advisors the client chooses are vetted thoroughly before they can be finally trusted with the consumer’s money.

To make her dreams come true, Helane Morison has a good team of enforcement staff. When any type of anomaly is detected during their operation, the team is responsible for enforcing serious disciplinary actions. In some instances, criminal charges are also given to the untrustworthy companies or individuals.

Before getting this position, Morrison was working as the head of SEC. while in this institution; she was in charge of enforcing securities, regulatory compliance and litigation matters in North California and several other Northwest states. She was also responsible for representing her employer in all the legal matters, financial communities, business relations and government agencies. While working for SEC, Morrison handled many fraud cases that involved some of the top executives from institutions’ such as Google and HBO. She was also responsible for exposing the deceptive sale of the false securities in a company known as American Amicable.

Before working as the head of SEC, Helane was practicing law at different law firms in the US. She is also a respected speaker, especially in compliance or any legal matters that arise from investment advisories. She went for her university education in Northwestern University, found in Illinois.

Doe Deere: It Is Okay To Break Some Fashion Rules

It is very common for magazines and other publishers to print many articles for women, stating the rules of fashion they should stick to. The people who write these fashion rules only know the importance of following the rules, but they do not know that is not a crime to break some of them every once in a while. Someone can break these famous rules, rock something else different and still look great. It is very true that the magazines in the modern times want the best for the modern woman, and when people follow these rules, they look very classy and good too. They are also very helpful when an individual has a hard time trying to come up with the right makeup or the right clothes.

The fact that these rules were made for women doesn’t mean that they should remain slaves and follow them every time they are wearing makeup or choosing their clothes. Some individuals believe that a woman can only look good when all the rules are followed, but for people like Doe Deere, a beauty queen a founder of a Lime Crime, women can be beautiful without some of these rules.

Doe Deere is a famous person when it comes to the beauty industry. She is the founder of the well-known beauty company that is known as Lime Crime. She is very talented in beauty and make –up issues, and she has always proved that she can play around with colors and shades and still maintain a beautiful look that can impress anyone. She was born in Russia, but she moved to the United States, and this is where she has managed to raise her famous company.

According to the beauty queen, it is not a big deal or a sin to forget some of these rules and even break them once in a while. She is always breaking some of these rules in her own makeup line, and the world can clearly see that she remains beautiful. In her makeup line, the beauty queen has some cruelty free, colorful and glittering cosmetics that many fashion magazines do not advocate for. She advise all women and even encourages them to break some fashion rules and enjoy life.

Many women believe that it’s not ok to mix different colors when choosing makeup or clothes. Colors have a very crucial role in an individual’s look, and many people believe that wearing too many colors make people look scary. However, the lime crime beauty queen has a different opinion about this. She believes that it is ok to rock different colors, provided someone is doing the right coordination. She advises women to choose different colors and wear them together, just like her.