YouTube and Fame

YouTube has quickly become another medium that one could use to find recognition and achieve fame. While there are tons of YouTubers, there are a few that are very famous for the videos that they have produced. The common way they reach fame is through a viral video. Then there are others who slowly build a user base through the videos that they upload and the marketing that they do in order to bring viewers to their videos. Among the videos that YouTubers become famous through are reviews, reactions, and tutorials. However, they require a lot of creativity and work in order for fame to be achieved.

One famous Youtuber is Wendy Huang, also known as Wengie. She talks about beauty and how one could bring out the best in her looks. She uses YouTube in order to talk about many different trends and to give tutorials on beauty. She has a lot of advice for women at different stages of her life. She has started her site around four years ago during her job as a digital marketer. One of the things that she strongly urges businesses to do is to start a blog of their own.

Wengie’s passion is fashion and beauty. Sh was very young when she discovered that passion. This has inspired to learn everything that she can about beauty. In an interview, she has admitted that her mom has never worn make up. Her mother does not show any interest in fashion and make up. However, Wengie became so fascinated with the world of make up and fashion that she found herself learning tons about it from many different sources. Now she takes her passion and knowledge of beauty and creates pages and videos giving advice on how one could bring out the best beauty in herself.

One good thing about famous YouTubers is that they are not just entertainers, they are also people that could be easily reached. YouTube celebrities are very easily reached even though they have as much of a fanbase as Hollywood industry celebrities. However, with the creativity put into their work, they not only entertain, but inspire others who want to break in and get a good career going in a field that they are passionate about. The real advantage to YouTube is the variety of productions that could get views and recognition.