Class Dojo– Bringing Teachers, Students and Parents Together

ClassDojo is a new communication platform making it easy for students, teachers, and parents to share what’s taking place at school. ClassDojo facilitates this through the usage of messages, photos, and videos. With this platform, classrooms, schools and parents become close-knit communities that are connected through the common and shared belief that together, education can be improved.

ClassDojo also aids teachers to introduce the most progressive and emerging ideas in education, such as personalized learning and SEL to their classrooms easily via methods students love.

ClassDojo Development

According one of the co-founders, the ClassDojoproject was developed out of observations made in the classroom whereby teachers with limited amounts of free classroom time would occasionally play a number of instructional YouTube videos. It was noted that teachers were also struggling hard to introduce the growth mindset approach into the classrooms.

Growth mindset promotes the highly appealing education theory that the abilities and intelligence of students can be positively developed over time, partly through suitable encouragement.

How does it Work?

Teachers make use of the ClassDojo platform to plan a schedule of activities with the knowledge of parents, usually on a daily basis. Throughout the day, using the app, they can snap and dispatch videos or photos to the parents of the student’s latest work or participation in class/school activities.

Communicating during the entire course of the academic year, and even possibly throughout the whole school day, implies that the parents are getting constantly updated on the type of experiences their children are going through. This way, they will not get surprised by school incidents that they only come to learn about during a parent-teacher meeting held once in a semester.The outcome is teachers, parents, and student connection as well as empowerment for better outcomes.

Who is using the Application?

Today, the ClassDojo platform developers report that it is actively being utilized by teachers in some 85,000 schools spread across the United States. These range from charter and private schools to some of the largest public schools.The majority of DojoClass users are those teaching kindergarten classes through to 8th grade. It is expected that soon, 2 in 3 schools will be taking advantage of ClassDojo.


The mission of ClassDojo is creating a community of teachers, students and parents, with the goal of developing a positive culture with classrooms and schools for empowerment. This is education through ground-up change in each classroom across the world. For the time being, the ClassDojo communication platform developers are focused primarily on the app distribution to reach even more parents and teachers. This 25-employee startup company has far not yet entered into the revenue generation phase.


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