ClassDojo Empowering Parent to Teacher Communications

In America, there is still an immense communications gap between teachers and parents; a gap that has traditionally been addressed with rounds of in-person or group parent/teacher gatherings sprinkled throughout the school year. This approach has always had its inherent limitations, such as:

  • teachers may be required to interact with groups of parents, reducing the personalized attention needed for individual assessment and counseling
  • many parents experience scheduling conflicts and miss out on these parent – teacher conferences, that often communicate problematic situations after the fact
  • the individual parent meetings will approach a general overview of the student’s academic progress, behavior and social activities, but lacks the spontaneity to address issues in real time

Effective teacher to parent communications is necessary for building community relationships and demonstrating an increased involvement of the school in the individual student’s progress. Imagine an educational system wherein teachers and parents could communicate in real-time, as needed, in the best interest of each and every student.

ClassDojo, an educational technology firm, has successfully raised $21 million in venture funding to roll-out its’ communications app which connects school educators with parents throughout the school day, during the entire school year. The benefits of teachers being able to keep parents aware of their children’s successes and missteps, in real time, include:

  • student motivation for academic achievement is increased, along with more regular attendance and improved behavior
  • parents have an enhanced quality of in-home involvement in learning, as information concerning bad behavior and student achievements act as guideposts
  • teachers can focus more on teaching, as parents are kept abreast of the student’s special needs; also reducing the amount of in-person time required

In over 85,000 schools across the nation, the ClassDojo app is being successfully utilized in public, charter, and private learning sectors. The software resembles the popular social networking apps like Facebook, yet the company’s leadership has placed a strong focus on data privacy and security, in addition to increasing student, teacher, and parent communications.

Future developments for the ClassDojo app could include online payments for student activities, school products like yearbooks or school photos, and other fees normally paid by sending cash or a check to school via the student. The firm is committed to setting its priorities to address the needs of the educational system, and not aim for monetization opportunities within the app.

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