Doe Deere’s Rise Claim To Fame

Doe Deere is the Russian born CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is an inspiration to millions of other young women that would like to achieve success on their own terms. Deere believes that inspiration is the key to ultimately achieving success or reaching your goals in life. In addition, Deere supports other women that are interested in starting their own business. She actively supports women in business through several organizations. She gives speeches on entrepreneurship at special events and loves mentoring young women entrepreneurs. Her rise to fame was a very steady climb and began with a vision to market a product that was unique.


Early Beginnings

Doe Deere’s favorite color is lime. In 2004, she registered the name Lime Crime on eBay for her fashion-line. Her clothing was unique and she longed for a makeup that would match her clothing style. The fact was that Deere could not find a makeup that fitted her very colorful style. Consequently, she struck out on her own and launched Lime Crime Cosmetics back in 2008. Deere relates that she is a very visual person and likes to work closely with other people in her organization creating and designing products for her cosmetic company. She also relates that she likes to test products on herself personally before releasing it to the public. She likes to touch the product, wear the product, and feel the product.


New Trends

Doe Deere is a successful entrepreneur that likes to keep her finger on the pulse of the public and current trends in makeup and business. Deere relates that she is very excited about all the new opportunities that are surfacing for young women and e-commerce. Online marketing is a very innovative way to sell products. It is also an extremely easy way for numerous ambitious women to get their start in business. Certainly, Deere was launching Lime Crime at the beginning of the e-commerce revolution. Now, her business has paved the way for future women entrepreneurs.


Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a businesswoman that likes to make things happen on her own terms. Deere also strongly believes success is making other people happy. Clearly, her makeup line is making a lot of people very happy. Her love for bright colors has captured the attention of the cosmetic world. She started out small, but now she is in competition with leading brand name cosmetic companies. The best part that she is winning over new fans every single day. Deere would like all her fans to know that her products are cruelty free and vegan based. This is a fact that remains true to her values and has led her to success. Doe Deere advises all young entrepreneurs to hold on to their values and they will eventually achieve success.

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