Does Wen By Chaz Really Work On All Types of Hair?

Have you ever watched the QVC infomercials of women of all sizes, shapes and colors who all have one thing in common? Great hair. We all have and if you have seen these commercials chances are you are familiar with Chaz by WEN Hair products. As we have all watched these infomercials we have all wondered if these products really do work for everyone. It seems almost hard to believe that one product could work on thin, kinky, straight and tangled hair. What’s the secret behind this product? Does it really work or does it only work for the models who use it on television? One beauty blogger recently put the products to the test.

Wen Hair Care products are most commonly known as an all inclusive hair system that combines shampoo, condition and treatment.While there have been a few negative reviews floating around a popular beauty blogger decided to risk it all on her very thin hair.

After trying the sephora marketed product for 7 days the beauty blogger reported that while the product did not give her the best hair she has ever had it did in fact work and probably would have worked better had she spent more time on her hair each morning.

Day by day analysis of the bloggers journey with the hair product can be found here:

About Wen Care

Wen Hair is the inspiration of hair icon Chaz Dean. Chaz is no stranger to the industry. He has been studying cosmetology for several years after walking away from his career in photography.His stellar products can be purchased nationwide.


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