Eric Pulier’s Approach to Entrepreneurial Work

Eric Pulier is the founder and CEO of the mobile micro transaction company, vAtomic Systems. vAtomic Systems has been a game changer because it brought disruptive tech to marketplace, allowing micro transactions to pick up steam and become commonplace — a huge industry in and of itself. The man behind vAtomic Systems, Mr. Pulier, has been active as an entrepreneur for decades. His work has become increasingly focused increasingly effective. Eric Pulier has done a lot during his time in the industry and he has a lot of advice to offer to entrepreneurs willing to hear it.

Eric Pulier has worked in a host of different organizations throughout career, spanning from 1992 to the present. Pulier has founded fifteen different companies while raising millions of dollars through various business ventures. Along the way Pulier has also established himself as someone with a very real and very focused philanthropy focused life. Pulier has worked closely with different charities in order to bring about funding and relief to children suffering from chronic illness.

To find this kind of success Pulier has needed to stay focused on the things that he does well and that includes approaching all of his work in meticulous fashion. Pulier knows that keeping track of his concepts and his ideas is the best way to stay ahead of the curve with his work as an entrepreneur and an innovator. Pulier keeps a phone or a notebook with him at all times in order to jot down notes. At the end of the week Pulier looks through these notes and finds common trends, ideas, and sees which ones can contribute to one another. For more info about us: click here.

Eric Pulier also knows how to stay healthy and stay focused. Pulier focuses on getting a full nights rest before waking up nice and early. Pulier likes to get up ahead of his family in order to have a quiet time to focus. Pulier uses this time to organize the tasks that he has need of completing for the day. Once this quiet time is over Pulier takes care of his kids before getting to work knocking out his tasks.

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