FreedomPop Focuses on European Expansion

For a couple of years now we’ve seen FreedomPop grow into one of the most important MVNOs in the industry. FreedomPop got their start as a small start up out of California but it didn’t take long for the company to begin making some serious waves. FreedomPop’s unique take on cell phone plans and expected customer prices has changed the industry in a fundamental way. Now, FreedomPop is focusing on their European expansion with CEO Stephen Stokols leading the charge.

At the end of 2015 we saw that Stokols was announcing a foray into up to 25 different European carriers. While that sounded optimistic and ambitious, quite frankly, it ended up working out. By the end of February, 2016 we will see FreedomPop up and fully running in all 25 of those markets with a customer base rapidly expanding in order to fill out their numbers. This expansion is coming on the heels of some of their most successful funding campaigns: bringing in nearly $200 million in funding total with about $50 of that solely for the European push.

FreedomPop has never shied away from the reality that they are a ‘freemium’ service and that has ultimately served the company well. Most companies try to hide the fact that they are freemium oriented, with customers not trusting the services completely. Instead the MVNO is proud of how they are changing the game. Head of international operations Nicholas Constantinopoulos has been forward with the company’s position, “FreedomPop ultimately is a platform to sell digital services.”

If you aren’t familiar with the core of what FreedomPop offers then you likely will be surprised. The company offers their core service completely free: unlimited talk, text, and data.

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