FreedPop’s Amazing WhatsApp Strategy

To say WhatsApp is popular around the world would be a massive understatement. Well over a billion people use WhatsApp. FreedomPop sees a brilliant partnership arrangement by offering zero-rated access with WhatsApp. Even FreedomPop users whose data hits “zero” can still use WhatsApp.

The phone company has high hopes for Spain and is putting a lot of effort into the launch.

FreedomPop has built its company through understanding a very clear fact about the market. There are consumers who do want a product, they may even greatly need a product, but price keeps them from buying. FreedomPop came up with a simple concept designed to reach such customers in the mobile phone world. Refurbished versions of high-quality smartphones would be sold online at a dramatic discount. Phones costing upwards of $300 new would be sold at 60% to 90% discounts. In addition, a set amount of 100% free phone, data, and texting would be made available.

Once again, as reported in Venture Beat, Spain is now the new territory the company has its eyes on. WhatsApp is opening the door for the company in the Spanish market, a territory in which WhatsApp’s use is massive for messaging. In time, FreedomPop may seek to expand into other territories using the WhatsApp strategy.

FreedomPop recently raised $50 million to support a massive multi-country expansion. Likely, the company will repeat its success in each and every reason it debuts.

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