How The ClassDojo App Is Creating a Revolution is the Classroom

For Jill Smith, it wasn’t hard at all to find out how her son, who was in the fifth grade in Berry Intermediate School, was doing in class that day. All she had to do was flip open her phone, and she immediately saw that her son’s teacher, Emily Linsley, who taught him math, had given him a plus one for working hard. How did she do this? She used the ClassDojo app.


ClassDojo is an app that is all about empowering parents. It is about connecting teachers, parents, and students together in real time. It empowers students by rewarding them for positive behavior. When students are good, they will earn points, but they can lose points if their good behavior does not keep up.


But the greatest part of Class Dojo is that it helps parents connect with the classroom in real time. Parents can see how many points their child earned and for what good actions they earned these points for.


Jill Smith is proud of her son, and believes that it has helped him tremendously. She says that she sees a new maturity in her son this year, and she credits it to the Classdojo app.


The ClassDojo app is pretty well used. It is used in ninety percent of United States school districts, and it is used in one hundred and eighty countries around the world.


The great thing about the ClassDojo app is that is can be customized to fit each teacher’s needs. Not all children are alike, and every child, and every classroom setting, will require its own ways to empower the students. Teachers can put in which skills should be strived for, and are able to decide how many points each skill and good action is worth.


For parents who do not have the technology at home that is necessary to access the reports on the app, there is also an option for the teacher to print out the reports and give them over to the parents on paper.


Another teacher, Nicole Brown, who works at Dennis Elementary School, says that the app has helped create a positive environment in the classroom and improve the connection between students, teachers, and parents. She says that she has seen a total transformation among her students and in her classroom.


Nicole Brown uses a point system that can be traded in for prizes. Every 25 points can be applied towards a pride.


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