Jim Tananbaum’s Revolutionary Inventions in Healthcare

In the recent results made by a neurological-focused device used in diagnosing and treating neuropsychiatric disorders, Mindstrong Health stated that its funds had risen to $ 14 million. The research which was termed as series A round was led by different companies including Foresite Capital done to support neuropsychiatric treatment.

Dr. Jim Tananbaum made news headlines from his speech during the release. Jim stated that Mindstrong Health founders support the medical community activities of taking care of the patients suffering from cognitive disorders. During the event, Jim Tananbaum appreciated the support of the other CEOs who supported the round. He stated that with their experience, leadership and modern techniques using the smartphones for diagnosis, medical centers that take care of patients would benefit because it will improve their caring activities.

Mindstrong technology founded by Paul Dagum was introduced to increase the chances of curbing mental disorders in the same way diabetes, and heart diseases measures are already in progress. The device works based on how the patient types and the pattern of scrolling a smartphone to measure the brain function. It then provides data including memory, function, processing speed and the patient’s mood. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Jim Tananbaum is the founding CEO of Foresite Capital management, a healthcare firm located in San Francisco. The company has another office in New York. Jim has led 21 healthcare companies such as Amira and Jazz Pharmaceuticals and founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals in 25 years. Jim graduated with three degrees namely: an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MD from Harvard Medical School and an undergraduate degree in Electrical engineering from Yale University.

Doctor Jim Tananbaum has also served on the committee and advisory board of the Harvard-MIT HST programs of the Yale School of Engineering. His company provides growth capital funds to healthcare activities and products in both public and private markets. Jim Tananbaum is an influential leader who uses any opportunity to enhance the healthcare business.

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