Julie Zuckerberg – A Talent Acquisition Virtuoso

In an age of cutthroat competition across various sectors and industries, Julie Zuckerberg has managed to shine brightly among the many talent recruiters out there. Currently, Julie is employed as an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. At Deutsche Bank, she is responsible for laying the outlines and provisions for various talent recruitment procedures of companies. Her work has led to a number of collaborations with various companies across different sectors. She has worked in industries which deal with finance, asset management, technology and global communications.


At Deutsche Bank, she is also responsible for handling the negotiations of various agreements and is involved with the managerial and high-level activities of the company. She advises the executive committees of the company regarding the measures to be taken while recruiting.


Julie currently leads her own team of expert recruiters who undertake the tasks of on-site recruitments for various companies. Over the years she has had the privilege of working with some of the best professionals in the field. As a person who is always looking for opportunities to grow and expand her knowledge, Julie was able to take these experiences and implement them into her own work, making her what she is today.


Julie Zuckerberg didn’t initially plan to enter the world of recruiting. When in college, Julie pursued a degree in philosophy from the City University of New York. She then decided to seek a major in Law from New York Law School. Her knowledge about the world of talent acquisition is solely based on experience and a keen urge to learn. Julie is also a firm advocate of the research and implementation of technology that can be used to help make recruitment processes more efficient.


Prior to being appointed as a talent acquisition lead, Julie was the executive recruiter for Deutsche Bank. Through her role, she was responsible for the hiring process of various managerial and top level positions in companies across various sectors like Finance, Investments and Risk Management.


With a career spanning over fifteen years, Julie has had a large amount of work experience which has helped shape her career. Before she was employed at Deutsche Bank, she worked as a Corporate Vice President and Recruiting Lead at New York Insurance Company. There she worked with numerous companies and helped out with their recruiting seasons. Before this, she worked as an executive recruiter for Citi.


Through countless instances and demonstrations of her sheer brilliance in her field, Julie has risen to the position as one of the top talent acquisition leads in the country. When she isn’t too busy achieving the goals she sets for herself, Julie focuses her energy on some of her many passions. She is a firm advocator of human rights and believes in helping people from underprivileged portions of society. She also loves partaking in various cultural programs that New York has to offer, as well as standing up for the protection of wildlife and helps out animal shelters in whatever way she can.


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