OSI Industries; the Admired Global Food Provider

OSI Industries; the Admired Global Food Provider

Globalization is the term used to describe companies and businesses that are interconnected across the world. These units often share different forces like technology, media, global finance, as well as transportation. The benefits of globalization include providing tremendous chances for the economic growth of a country including improving people’s quality of life. Aside from that, globalization can be quite challenging since it requires an individual to shift the company’s operations between different sectors. Like in the case of OSI Industries, globalization can be rewarding to the company, its employees and consumers alike.

Background Data

In 1909, a German immigrant dared to dream of starting a new business. Although small, the butcher shop was pretty instrumental in providing food products to the residents of Chicago. At the same time, the demand for meat products was escalating thereby requiring the owner of the shop, Otto Kolschowksy, to regroup and think of how to supply substantial food to the residents. It was at that moment that he decided to move his shop to Maywood, a luxurious estate in Chicago. While at it, Otto brought in his sons to the business. It was now a family business ran on the basis of providing clients with high quality of food.


Over the years, Otto and Sons rebranded to OSI Group. It was at this time that they also adopted new technology and started preserving their food through liquid nitrogen. Also, the company started venturing into major global expansion projects thereby giving birth to OSI. Today, OSI Industries is the main food provider for meat –based products across the world. The company thrives in its belief to offer clients the best services in the industry. Some of the notable global expansion projects include;

Global Expansion

OSI Industries has been focusing on reaching out to different clients across the world. For that reason, the company acquired Baho Food from Germany, and Tyson Foods from Chicago. Both projects were intended to increase the food production capacity of the company. Today, OSI Industries has branches in about 17 countries. these branches rely on high quality food production to satisfy the needs of their consumers.


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