Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Campaign – Susan McGalla

When it comes to gear, Pittsburg Steelers fans want to be able to wear things no matter the occasion. Whether they are sitting at home, tail gaiting, going to the game, out running errands or even going to work. Fans want to show they support the team no matter what. And just before the first home game of the season, The Steelers organization has launched a new line of gear along with a new website with multiple ways to interact with the team and even other fans. Susan McGalla is the new Director of Strategic Planning for the Steelers. She says, With the newly launched website, you will find merchandise that suits your personal style. And we wanted to make sure if was quick and easy no matter what device you access it from. McGalla says on ireport you can dress up or dress down. McGalla has the knowledge of cutting edge styles that fans are looking for. With her background as CEO of Wet Seal and President of American Eagle, we are certain that Susan McGalla will bring our fans what they want in a manner they can utilize in their wardrobes. We have even teamed up with Pandora Jewelry this year with Steelers charms. Other big label companies include Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf and even Victoria’s Secret. We have even included a line for young ladies who love the Steelers, so we have lots of pink items plus neon yellow and metallic gold. We are always constantly innovating around our fans by bringing in focus groups to talk about how we can get the organization to become more vibrant. We are even including social networking in ways to make it happen seamlessly. However, many men we spoke to said they wanted something they can wear to work, and now those options are available. Women on the other hand want something a little different.

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  1. They are more interested in clothes that fit their figures and look feminine. Being able to wear your team’s colors and show pride is important no matter where you work or what you do, thanks to Susan. It is very right to help with dissertation writing and to ensure it is working for the best interest of everybody too.

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