Shaygan Kheradpir Takes Up a Top Leadership Position at Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir is a talented technology executive, who has overseen several global companies. After his brief and eventful tenure as Juniper Networks’ CEO, Shaygan is now in charge of Coriant’s day-to-day operation and long-term growth plans. He is taking up a position formerly held by Pat DiPietro, who will become the vice chairperson of the company and resume to his previous role as Marlin Equity Partners’ Operating Partner. Marlin Equity Partner formed Coriant by merging optical units of Tellabs, Nokia, and a portion of Sycamore Networks.

Shaygan does not ascend to the top of Coriant’s leadership unprepared. He had a privilege of working and interacting with senior management team during his brief tenure at Marlin Equity Partners. He understands the missions and growth plans of the network vendor.

DiPietro opinions

Speaking on behalf of Coriant, DiPietro said that having Shaygan at the top of Coriant’s leadership was part of the company’s growth strategy. He is expected to implement a groundbreaking operation execution and differentiate Coriant from its competitors.

Shaygan is joining Coriant at a time when it is facing stiff competition from other vendors like Infinera, Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Huawei, and Cisco. Additionally, the company has about 500 clients and annual revenues of over $1 billion. Therefore, a lot is expected from Shaygan who previously managed GTE Corporations and Verizon Communications. Originally posted on LightReading:

Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is the Board Chairman and CEO of Coriant, a leading provider of innovative networking solutions to prominent network operators in more than 100 nations. He has executive, professional expertise across several industries such as technology, financial service, and telecom industry. He started his professional career at GTE Corporation, and eventually he was appointed as Executive Vice President and CIO of Verizon. He was instrumental in system modernization and automation of operation at Verizon.

Shaygan was hired by Barclays to serve as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. His role at Barclays included overseeing all bank operations in corporate, wealth, cards, retail, and investment banking in 50 countries. He was a member of Barclays’ Executive Committee. He played an integral role in the creation of an innovative program (TRANSFORM) that transformed the Bank and improved its operation. Next, Shaygan joined Juniper Networks as the CEO and implemented an Integrated Operating Plan for the firm. His focus was to drive strategic growth of High IQ Networking as well Cloud Builder markets. Later on, he joined Marlin Equity Partner to serve as the Operating Partner.

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