Eva Moskowitz Strives to Reform New York City’s Education System

Eva Moskowitz is a committed reformer and a passionate educator. She is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Success Academy. Through Success Academy, Dr. Moskowitz has managed to bring together parents of charter school students across the United States to support education reforms and school events. Eva served at the New York City Council as the education committee chair. This was where she started working towards improving education. Her leadership at the city council earned her recognition countrywide. Eva Moskowitz attended the University Pennsylvania, where she earned her B.A degree. She also holds a doctorate in American History from the Johns Hopkins University.


Dr. Moskowitz has had remarkable success with underprivileged children. Many parents and teachers support Eva Moskowitz‘s work because she fearlessly advocates for high education standard and accountability. Eva once said in an interview that backlashes would not stop her from defending her work. Part of Eva’s goals is to improve the performance and leadership of public schools. She believes that the government, as well as the society, need to work together to give all kids a better education. Eva Moskowitz established her first school in 2006 using the funds she got from donors.


Success Academy includes 34 schools that have more than 11,000 students. The institution ranks highly in terms of performance. It’s a good example of how good leadership can help a school grow and achieve at its bests. In May 2016, Eva Moskowitz was awarded the 2016 Savas Award. The Reason Foundation gave her this award to honor her efforts as an academician and a reformist. After the award ceremony, Moskowitz had an interview with Reason Magazine to discuss the role of the media in education. She also touched on a few things about Success Academy and its leadership.


Eva Moskowitz believes she knows what New York City needs to boost the education sector. That’s why she founded Success Academy. According to Eva, the failures of 20 years ago are still affecting students in the state of New York. So, change cannot come from within the city council’s education committee. Ms. Moskowitz also believes that the best way to help children succeed academically is to develop a robust curriculum.