The Brexit Gold Coin

Own one of the most historically significant commemoratives of the current generation by getting yourself the Brexit Gold Coin. The coin will with no doubt prove to be most relevant collectible of our time in many years to come. The coin representing one of the most notable events in the history of United Kingdom will lead to the currency being highly valued for years to come.

Be the owner of Brexit Gold Coin today to mark the momentous day of Britain Exiting the European Union. The coin is created with a reverse design that features the House of Parliament all along with the important decision date.

The Brexit Gold Coin is designed with Cupro- Nickel in the company of twenty-four Carat Gold- Plating. The coin is designed with a diameter of 38.61 mm and a weight of 28.28 g. The reverse of the coin characterizes Houses of the Parliament, and it has an observable Heraldic Symbols of the Great Britain.

The coin is delivered in a plastic capsule along with a certificate of authenticity. Its design displays the profile of the Queen Elizabeth II, face value, and the country of issue. The reverse features an outline of the United Kingdom along with the Union Jack opposite continental Europe. The coin contains a ½ gram of 0.9999 pure Gold and comes in a small size. It has an attractive design and mint conditions making unique. The coin can be delivered to you in some ways to many countries and cost effective parcel shipping.

Own a 5 dollar Brexit Proof Gold Coin that measures 26mm and made of pure gold. The coin has reverse features outlining the map of most parts of the Western Europe on the right side while to the left; the coin describes an enlarged representation of the United Kingdom. Colors of the Union Jack have been used to distinguish the union and the country. The coin contains the publication date “JUNE 23, 2016” inscribed down the rim on the left and a curved arrow that points in the clockwise direction. At the top of the reverse design, the coin contains the word “BREXIT” in large letters.

The coins are released in proof quality, and you can easily order one online or visit any collective holdings company in the country. Always remember the momentous day the United Kingdom exited the European Union by purchasing one or many Brexit Gold Coins. The coins are readily available at a low price.

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