The Man Behind Solo Capital: Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is an England based global boutique institution founded by Sanjay Shah. The organization is believed to have been incorporated in September of 2011. The firm’s home offices are located in London so it is under authority of the United Kingdom. Since it’s inauguration Solo Capital has been involved in various positive projects and has gained a significant amount of success.

Sanjay Shah started the corporation after leaving an accounting job at a North London bank. Shah spent numerous years gaining experience while working in the finance industry but felt there was a lot of wasted time and had been feeling a lack of job satisfaction. At about the same time, there was the financial crisis of 2008-2009. This mandated the banking agencies to reduce expenditures and enforce cutbacks and Shah was included in the impacted individuals. He decided it was time to quit employment and become an entrepreneur.

With the crisis over, Shah started off by renting a small room just outside of London that would become his office. He started his own brokerage company with just a couple of employees. This single room would eventually grow into a consortium employing thousands of people and owning it’s own buildings. Shah now owns multiple businesses across the globe.

Shah’s parents lived in Kenya but moved to the United Kingdom when he was still a child. He attended school in London and started off studying medicine. After deciding a doctor wasn’t what he wanted to be, he stopped studying medicine and took a job as an accountant. The forty-three year old British millionaire now has offices in Dubai and London.

Shah also founded a charitable organization called Autism Rocks to support autism awareness and research funding after finding out his son has the condition. The organization hosts concerts to raise money for research and has had great success. He got the idea while sharing a cup of tea with Snoop Dogg and they held their first event in 2014. Shah is also a trustee of the Autism Research Trust. This institution provides donations to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre.


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