The Product That Really Does It All

Everyone wants a product that does it all, and WEN Cleansing Conditioner may just be that product. Consumers will be pleased with the all-in-one formula that WEN by Chaz has created. But first, what is a cleansing conditioner?

A cleansing conditioner is meant to essentially replace the traditional shampoo followed by conditioning method of washing. By using a conditioning cleanser, consumers will effectively remove the day-to-day debris and product build up, but will not over dehydrate hair. Not dehydrating the hair is crucial because the natural oils produced by the scalp are by far the most nourishing and hydrating. A conditioning cleanser is meant to preserve these natural oils, and still leave the consumer feeling fresh.

The hairstylist, Chaz Dean, birthed the idea of the conditioning cleanser and created the WEN product line. He did this because he realized how shampooing actually breaks down and weakens hair, causing consumers to have to invest in even more products to try to equalize the damage. So, what is so special about the WEN Conditioning Cleanser in particular?

WEN Hair product has full capability to replace not only the shampoo and conditioner duo, but also any other maintenance hair-care products. This means no more deep conditioners, detangler solutions, or leave-in conditioners! Consumers will be able to cut down the time of their hair-care routine to just the time they’d normally spend in the shower by simply using the 5-in-1 WEN Conditioning Cleanser.

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