The Slyce and Shoe Carnival Partnership Reveal The Future Of Shopping

Slyce has developed one of the best apps for online shopping. Buyers and sellers of retail merchandise find the process of using visual recognition search programs to be hugely beneficial. Buyers do find the ability to use an image to match a product on a website to make shopping a lot easier. Sellers do appreciate the increased sales this type of program delivers. Slyce truly did a great job with the venture capital raised to create this app, an app that builds on original work of the Amazon Flow program.

Slyce and Shoe Carnival have launched a partnership that shows the mutual benefits to be found among the relationship between the app provider and a top retailer.

The partnership focuses on the release of “fully automated 3D visual search technology” to take an image from anywhere and use it to search through the entire product line of Shoe Carnival. Customer can take a digital photo of footwear or copy something off a website. No matter where the image comes from, the image can be used to search through the online catalog.

Things become a lot easier for the consumer with a program of this nature. Taking a picture of a pair of shoes in a window and running a search is a lot easier than trying to type a prose description based on memory.

Shoe Carnival is a massively huge retailer. Likely, the company sells what the buyer wants. The trouble is the buyer may have a hard time actually being able to locate an item. Through using the outstanding mobile app produced by Slyce, things become a lot easier.

Slyce has acquired and developed other apps. A recent NASDAQ article covered a host of the new programs slated for release. All of the programs such as a universal barcode scanner and a coupon app reflect the future of online shopping. The Toronto-based startup is sure to be changing the face of online shopping.